Giuliani Turns on Darrell Issa

Posted: April 8, 2014 by Marner in Uncategorized

This past Sunday, “America’s Mayor™” Rudy Giuliani went on Meet the Press to defend his buddy Chris Christie over the ever-expanding scandals rapidly engulfing the New Jersey Governor’s new term. Now, I can’t argue with David Gregory’s decision to bring Giuliani on to discuss political scandals, because he has plenty of experience with them, from his secret love nest to his Police Commissioner going to prison for fraud, but Giuliani was not 100% on his game.

Gregory asked Giuliani if he thought the investigation was a political witch hunt and Rudy replied, “David, when you announce before you even investigate you don’t believe the subject of the investigation or the person who’s the ultimate focus of the investigation it would seem to me he has an ethical obligation to step down. He’s no longer an impartial arbiter of the facts. He’s announced he doesn’t believe Governor Christie.” Giuliani then went on to talk about scandals in an administration:

“That happens four or five times in every administration, every governor, every mayor, every president has his people do something wrong and then all of you rightly ask, did the culture create it, didn’t it. If the culture did the create it, you’ve got to change the culture. That’s different than saying you’re responsible for abusing power, you’re a bully, you’re terrible, you’re awful. The president says he didn’t know what happened with the IRS. I believe that’s true. The issue gets resolved if the president straightens it out and it doesn’t happen again.”

First, Giuliani said if an investigator says from the beginning he doesn’t believe the subject of the investigation, he has an ethical obligation to step down. Darrell Issa called the Obama administration one of the most corrupt administrations in history before he even took over as Chairman of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee. According to Giuliani, Issa must recuse himself from investigating the Obama administration. Giuliani also said he believes Obama didn’t know anything about the IRS and as long as it gets straightened out, it’s fine. As soon as the IRS discovered what some employees were doing to identify liberal and conservative groups who may be abusing their tax exempt status, they put a stop to it. Giuliani’s opinion is that the IRS investigation is a sham and should stop.

So, I’m waiting for Giuliani to go on Hannity or Limbaugh and directly call for Issa to step down, but that would require integrity and honesty. I expect that instead he’ll be tripping over himself to explain why the two situations are completely different and that Issa should drive on with his witchhunts.


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