Keeping the Outrage Machine Going

Posted: April 8, 2014 by Marner in Uncategorized

With the IRS “scandal” having blown up in his face, our favorite car thief, Darrell Issa has decided to try another tactic to keep his investors’ outrage alive: Investigating the investigator.

After months of reviewing investigation of the IRS, the Justice Department’s investigator has reportedly concluded at this point that no criminal acts took place at the IRS and re-affirmed the original IRS Inspector General investigation’s findings. Both groups found that the IRS was not acting out of malice toward any groups, but was trying to make sense of a poorly written law regarding how much political activity disqualifies an organization for tax-exempt status and the ability to keep donor lists secret. The Justice Department also confirmed that the IRS scrutinized both liberal and conservative groups.

Now, that didn’t make Issa happy, because he saw one of his primary generated scandals slipping out of his grasp. That’s not good in an election year. So, to keep the outrage alive, Issa decided to go after the Justice Department lawyer leading the investigation, Barbara Bosserman. Issa has demanded that the Justice department IG investigate Bosserman for a conflict of interest in the investigation, claiming she is a partisan Obama lackey and citing as evidence the fact that she contributed to his campaign and attended a White House ceremony. Right wing blogs and media have picked up his charges and used them to attack Bosserman.

Issa’s charges are laughable, just as anything is that comes out his mouth. Bosserman is a career civil servant whose political contributions amounted to $6,750 over the last 10 years to Obama and the Democratic Party. That’s not exactly what I would call a major supporter. The ceremony she attended was for the signing of the hate crimes law, because she was a member of the Civil Rights Division and the Division’s entire team attended the ceremony.

I hope Issa’s hate for Obama and desire for reelection don’t lead to the destruction of an innocent person in this case.


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