When All Else Fails – BENGHAZI!!!

Posted: April 8, 2014 by Marner in Uncategorized

John Boehner has been having a pretty rough time as Speaker of the House since the Republicans became the majority in 2010. Flush from victory, he thought he would be able to get some Republican policies passed by using his majority to negotiate with the Senate. Unfortunately for everyone, it didn’t quite work out that way because of the Tea Party Representatives that were also elected in 2010. They weren’t a large portion of the 435 House members, but the Republican majority was small enough that they could control the agenda. They have enough numbers to prevent Boehner from passing anything unless he relies on Democratic votes. That reality has been a big driver in this Congress being the least popular and least productive Congress in history.

The Republican-led House has spent the last three years doing little more than passing meaningless bills that are nothing more than political posturing for future elections. They have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 votes to repeal or defund the ACA, knowing full well those bills weren’t going anywhere. Boehner couldn’t even get enough Republicans on board to pass the Farm Bill, a normally non-contentious that usually sails through both chambers. They shut down the federal government in order to keep pushing their ACA repeal political point without any regard as to the cost of their foolish actions.

The latest headache for Boehner is the looming debt ceiling. He started off insisting that there would be no clean debt ceiling increase, but he couldn’t herd his cats into a coherent strategy. The Tea Party faction demands more ACA repeal votes, again without regard to the cost. They now want to eliminate risk corridors even though doing so would increase the deficit and cause insurance premiums and deductibles to skyrocket. Some don’t understand that fact, but most just don’t care.

It looks like Boehner has resigned himself to the unfortunate fact that he simply is not capable of accomplishing anything as Speaker. He trots out silly excuses to not address immigration reform, such as not being able to trust President Obama to enforce the law. The fact that border enforcement and deportations are way up under this administration doesn’t have any bearing on Boehner’s feeling, but it does expose it as bullshit.

Boehner doesn’t want to do his job as Speaker, but he doesn’t want to abdicate the throne. There are too many rounds of golf to play and too many open bars to attend. He knows his House is incapable of doing anything more than obstructing whatever comes out of the Senate, so he’s just going to ride it out until the next election. If the Republicans can win enough seats to take the Senate, then he can go back to passing meaningless bills that President Obama will just veto. Until then, he still has to do something to keep the Tea Party faction mollified. That thing is BENGHAZI!!!

Boehner threw the zealots a bone by putting up a website consolidating all of the documents produced by the House Republicans’ witch hunt. You now have a one-stop-shop for all of the crazy conspiracy theories put forth by their Party. You can read the joint report released by the Republicans on 5 House committees (no Democrats). You can peruse the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Republican (no Democrats) Staff report on Benghazi. You can read Darrell Issa’s (no Democrats) report on the Accountability Review Board. When you get to the bottom of the page you get a couple of bipartisan reports from the HPSCI and SSCI and the nonpartisan Accountability Review Board report. Well played, Mr. Boehner. I’m sure that will keep the Tea Party off your back for a while.


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