More Good ACA News

Posted: April 11, 2014 by Marner in Current Events, Health Care

On top of the news that the ACA has enrolled even more people in health insurance than previously estimated, we have this story from Arkansas:

The Ninth Street Ministries – Medical Care Services Division only – has announced that after serving its community for over 15 years, it will no longer provide services as of April 24, 2014, and as the administrators explain through heavy hearts, “The mission is complete.”

The current Clinic Director, Stacey Bowser, explained there were many mixed emotions involved in the decision but said overall, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the need is no longer present – the patients that the ministry opened for are now being served.

The medical clinic served those found in the gap: Polk County citizens who were unable to obtain insurance but not eligible to receive Medicare or Medicaid. In January, Bowser explained, the clinic saw between 80 and 90 patients, dropping to 14 in February and only 3 in March.

I’m sure when Fox News covers the story it will be about how Obama took these volunteer workers’ jobs away.

  1. rustybrown2012 says:

    The hamster wheel is cranking out deep thoughts from Cluster’s noggin today. To address the problem of cost transparency in our health care system (which is a real problem) he proposes, wait for it…eliminating coverage for routine preventive care! Now, It’s a solid fact that paying for preventive care up front is one of the biggest ways to reduce overall health care costs, yet Cluster proposes eliminating it to reduce healthcare costs. And there’s no way making people pay for every single dime of their routine health care would disincentivize them from seeing their doctor and averting serious and costly illness, naahhh!

    Also in his post he seems to think that it is a “common problem” that people think health care is absolutely free. I’ll throw this out: has anyone ever met anybody older that 10 who thought health care was free? Mind numbingly dumb indeed.

    I think Cluster’s think tank might prove to be just as amusing as bfv.

  2. meursault1942 says:

    Sorry to go off topic with just the second comment, but this is just too hilarious: Noted Breitbrat Ben Shapiro has a wonderfully whiny column up about how Stephen Colbert’s character on The Colbert Report is “vile political blackface.”

    Yes, Ben. Making fun of conservatives is the exact same thing as systemic racism. Great minority outreach effort there, and a brilliant show of conservative logic. Definitely not another example of conservative whininess, wimpiness, and burning desire to be victims.

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