AllPolyticsNow: Out of Business

Posted: April 12, 2014 by watsonthethird in Blog Administration
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I see that Cluster has put up a closed sign at AllPolyticsNow and he’s back commenting at B4V, just like the old days. This was his plan all along, even though he denied it when it was suggested to him.

AllPolyticsNow was born of noble intentions, as a place where there could be a free exchange of ideas from across the political spectrum. But as time went on, Cluster stopped participating. Then earlier this week, he reappeared from his sabbatical to suddenly declare a new day at AllPolyticsNow, unilaterally stripping his collaborators of the ability to post articles there. Hence, this place. Now it appears he’s closed up shop for good and has retreated to the comfortable confines of B4V, where he doesn’t have to mix it up with “the other side.” Just like we predicted he would. Adios, Cluster.

AllPolyticsNow Is Closed

  1. Marner says:

    We should have a moment of silence…There. All done.

  2. Cluster says:

    The 4 of you have your own sewer to play in all you want now. I am happy for you, and I don’t have to be associated with it.

    That was actually the plan all along and it worked out well.

    • Marner says:

      I have to say, Cluster, you are a man of so little character you have no room to talk about sewers.

      When Mitch asked me to start contributing to Allpolytics, I wasn’t sure about it but I decided to go ahead. My concern was about you. You have a habit of creating posts and comments that are easily proven false and when called out on it you immediately attack the challenger. When I was contributing I held back in responding to you because I did want to cause any problems between you and Mitch. A few months ago I even offered to resign as a contributor, but Mitch didn’t want me to. I believed at that time that you were up the very scheme you just admitted to, but Mitch wouldn’t believe it.

      Through everything, Mitch stood up for you and vouched for your character and integrity, never knowing that you intended to force him out. That’s shameful.

      Now you have your own personal listserv where you can pontificate to your heart’s desire and not have to worry about any dissenters pointing out your lies. I’m sure you and your 1 or 2 friends will be very happy there. I know I will be much happier without you having any control here.

  3. Really cluster? That was your plan all along? Wow, you are the master of deception, I tell ya.

    Regarding AllPolyticsNow, you once told me, “I have big visions and hope that someday this blog rivals the big boys with a handful of good conservative and liberal authors and a large following.”

    I understand that it didn’t work out that way, that you couldn’t find another conservative author, and that you felt ganged upon. But please, don’t try to rewrite history.

    Anyway, no hard feelings. I’m glad you’re back where you feel comfortable.

    • Cluster says:

      The tone and character of the posts, ie; the Warmonger post, devolved to a point that I didn’t feel comfortable anymore being the originator of that forum. I felt it was best that we all went our separate ways. I do wish you well and my mind is at ease.

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