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Posted: April 15, 2014 by watsonthethird in Current Events, Tweet Of The Day
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So the fringe of the conservative right — and it is the fringe — rallies around a deadbeat rancher who thinks he’s entitled to use the public’s land like it’s his own private property. A stark contrast to the outrage when some protesters sat on sidewalks.

See, that was different. To the very same conservatives now rallying around Cliven Bundy, those sidewalk guys were “occupying public property then breaking laws to stay there.” The nerve. And the kicker: “Once these people are finally gone, how much taxpayer money is it going to take to fix the messes they left behind?” It’s always about money with these people, isn’t it?

  1. 02casper says:

    Great job of confronting the B4Vers with little things like facts and not getting kicked off and deleted.

  2. Actually, they did eventually kick me off. Yesterday they just started deleting my comments as soon as I wrote them. I guess it was important for Cluster, Little Amy, GMB, and turdoflibbs — er, I mean, tiredoflibbs, my spellchecker screwed that up — to get in their last juvenile comments without challenge.

    Pro tip for tired: Just add “watty” to your spellchecker dictionary so you don’t have to correct it every time you write it — which seems to be a lot. And you get one man point for admitting that “warty” wasn’t a result of your creativity, but a spellchecker correction. On the other hand, coming up with “warty” all by yourself would have been an impressive display of creativity given the level of creativity you normally display. I mean, making up more names for an already-made-up name… That’s impressive stuff!

    • Not a surprise. Along with the rest of them Cluster has always been more comfortable in venues that censor opinions different from his own. Indeed, it’s now obvious he can’t even survive in a forum where speech is truly free; he had to blow up his own blog and scurry back to the warm confines of bfv, where mamma Ama and her cohorts will protect him and his feeble intellect.

      • mitchethekid says:

        To clarify, the blog was my idea. As was the name. I wanted to call it ApoliticsNow but it was taken. But it was Clusters $ that paid for the use of the server, so he has first dibs on control. Age before beauty! You might be surprised though. After he goes through his Wusaw moments, it might return. And I know you’ll probably get a good laugh and guffaw or two when I say this, but his opinion of B4V and the miserable,condescending, mocking, intolerant afraid-of-anything-that-refutes-what-they-say-slugs who glorify themselves there (shwoo) is pretty much what we as a collective think of them. Collective. Strength in numbers. United. As in the United States which they pretend they are so in love with. They might love America but they hate Americans. Sometimes I wish Glen Beck was right about FEMA camps. Put them all in the left over formaldehyde infused trailers. Beginning with Amazona, $arah, Ted Cruz, Rush, Michelle Bachman and the rodeo clown in Nevada who’s a one man army against the USA. I love it when they refer to the BLM employees as “jack booted thugs”. Right. For 20 yrs they’ve used the legal system (as they should) to get this freeloader to pay what he owes. The collective mentality of the entire Teaparty is exemplified by this yahoo. Fighting a phantom and howling at the moon. It’s pitiful. They need to be put out of their misery and outlaw folks like Cruz; who gets these on toothed wonders all riled up.

      • After he goes through his Wusaw moments, it might return.

        And that’s the problem with Cluster. He goes through wild mood swings. Basically, you can’t trust him to have control over a joint project like AllPolytics was, because when he gets in his angry mood, he just blows things up.

        I also remember the effort to name the blog and gave Cluster lots of amusing suggestions, and a few real ones. It _was_ a joint effort. I still have the emails.

        If he was really your friend, Mitch, he would have reached out to you — if not me and Marner — and explained that he no longer felt comfortable “owning” the blog and offered to hand it over. Or at least he would have given his collaborators notice and allowed them to build a new blog with the content that they had already written. He did none of those things. He got into a snit and unilaterally shut it down without communicating with anyone. He could care less how if affected you. At least that’s the way his behavior appears. Maybe you and him have some buddy-buddy relationship that otherwise explains it. If so, please explain it.

      • mitchethekid says:

        Well, I don’t know how to explain it. Buddy Buddy? Not in the sense I understand the phrase. Internet friends? Yes. As far as the joint effort for the name, my memory isn’t what it was! You’re probably right. it was about the same time you started the anti B4V. Lastly, I don’t like contention so I tend to be more tolerant (oblivious?) and gloss things over. Diplomatic! Yeah, that’s the ticket. But we now have this blog that Marner started so lets try to make it whatwe had hoped Allpolyticsnow had in mind. I’d say “What are your thoughts Hobson” but you call yourself Watson. Close enough for me!

      • Some characters are easier to judge than others but I’ve had Cluster pegged from the beginning; he’s a loathsome person who fits in with the bfv crowd much more than in a forum of free opinion. Just about all of his actions and writing over the months have strengthened my impression. He simply doesn’t have the integrity or intelligence to swim in unmoderated waters to shelter him. It’s amusing that in parting he’s been using the phrase “self superior” as a pejorative toward me and others; it’s the closest he’s come to the truth for some time would he just leave out the “self” part. I think my initial negative assessment of him has been proven right.

      • mitchethekid says:

        You know what’s funny? For years my impression of him was the same. Until I suggested he contact me so we could duel off blog. I did so because I was so enraged over his suck my dick attitude. Turned out I was wrong about him. As was he with me. He maybe a lot of things but from my experience is is definitely not loathsome. He’s fun and funny! Many times after having an on line argument (with others as well as each other) we would contact one another and it was as if we were both actors in a play and in our real life we are great friends, laughing about the absurdity of our dialog behind the curtens . Both of us know that I am absolutely correct in everything I say! That’s why I have a quality of mercy. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self. A secretion of sensory experience and feeling. Programed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when, in fact nobody is anybody.

      • Glad to hear he’s not always the shitheel he presents himself to be on the blog; he must be quite the performance artist or classic bipolar. I’ve certainly never seen a different side of him. His immunity to facts and willful ignorance to the scientific process alone qualifies him as loathsome in my book. You can’t arrogantly and condescendingly argue against the basics of evolution and climate change in the face of volumes of scientific literature presented to you and not be a cretin, but that”s just my opinion.

        And in case you’ve forgotten my famous list, he was pretty fond of pulling shit right out of his ass and presenting it as fact to buttress his lame arguments, something nobody else on this blog does to my knowledge, and hardly behavior worthy of respect. But again, that’s just me. We all have our own standards of tolerance. Yet personally I believe that lowering those standards too far runs the risk of compromising and perhaps diminishing one’s own. The whole “lie down with dogs” trip.

      • mitchethekid says:

        My overriding point is that of all the mucus excreting slugs on B4V, he was the one that enraged me the most. More than Neo, more than the pontificating cunt and more than poor poor pitiful me Noonan. (Speaking of which, what ever happened to Margolis?) It’s far to easy to taunt someone whilst hiding behind the anonymity of a keyboard and conversely, those being the object of said mocking and disrespect tend to also react in a manner that they wouldn’t in a face to face encounter. What I am leading up to is, that after I made the gesture to Cluster to take our fight outside, he really surprised me by being welcoming, friendly and funny. His attitude was so contrary to what I was used to and therefore expecting, that he immediately disarmed me and I felt comfortable in releasing yrs worth of pent up pissed offivness.
        And for the most part, he concurred with my description of the subjective experience of dealing with those b4v morons. Talk about being shocked.
        So anyway, give him some slack. He’s going through a psychotic episode. Just like Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook.

      • Bully for you. For my part, having not been exposed to the beneficent, witty and jovial aspects of Cluster’s personality, I’ll rely on the evidence observable to me as any good scientist or rational person should do and stick to my opinion of him as a shitheel. He’s welcome to disabuse me of my notions anytime, but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe you should be encouraging him–it would be a shame if behind his ignorant, deceptive, hypocritical, dimwitted online persona there is a prometheus to be born.

      • mitchethekid says:

        Great myth, but the movie was horrid.

  3. 02casper says:

    I’ve always thought there was a different side to cluster than what he showed on the blog. He loves to argue and he never admits defeat, but he has made me think on many occasions. And while he can be nasty, that isn’t his first response.

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