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Posted: April 17, 2014 by watsonthethird in Current Events, Health Care, Politics, Tweet Of The Day
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It was a rich day in Twitter-land, and I couldn’t restrict myself to just one. Enjoy!

  1. 02casper says:

    Love the Tweets. The success of the ACA is blowing conservative’s minds.

  2. 02casper says:

    The ACA has a lot of flaws and i would much prefer single payer, but it is succeeding better than I ever thought it would.

    Meanwhile, over at B4V, neo tries and fails to get reinstated. Poor baby.

    • meursault1942 says:

      “Meanwhile, over at B4V, neo tries and fails to get reinstated.”

      He’ll be reinstated soon enough. He’s their id. They can’t deny him.

      What’s funny to me, though, is how everything in the world is defined in terms of combat–an actual shooting war–for Retired Spook. He’s B4V’s very on Shoichi Yokoi. No wonder his family doesn’t want to be around him. It’s sad to see the crazy uncle unravel like that.

      • 02casper says:

        I was on Guam in 1968-69. I could have been 10 feet away from Shocii Yokoi a couple of times.

      • Sad indeed. Although I’ve always maintained his picnic basket is a few sandwiches light, he’s just about an official nutcase now. Like I pointed out, he indicated he regularly gets into verbal altercations where he has to inform his adversary he’s willing to die for what he just said, and question them on their own willingness to die for their desire to “punish” him. Maybe it’s just a reflection of my wholesome, sunny nature, but I can’t ever recall having a conversation like that with anyone.

      • 02casper says:

        As I’ve said before, I feel sorry for spook. At one time he was someone you could at least have a conversation with. Now, he’s closed himself off from anyone who disagrees with him. The perfect example of what years of propaganda can do to a person.

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