Domestic terrorists

Posted: April 19, 2014 by mitchethekid in Current Events


  1. Marner says:

    Cliven Bundy is a freeloading grifter, but the people who flocked to his side are truly domestic terrorists. They are using the threat of violence to prevent the government from carrying out its responsibilities. They are advocating for the armed overthrow of the US government.

    • 02casper says:

      I’ve never been much of a Harry Reed fan, but I’m starting to like him more all the time. Finally, a Democrat that isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said.

    • mitchethekid says:

      Do they really think they can defeat the US Military? Or are they so delusional that they think the military will join them??

  2. mitchethekid says:

    I’ve been saying for a long time that there is very little difference between the Tea Party and the Taliban. From their focus on one religion to justifying the use of violence and being very cavalier in suggesting it.
    Talk radio and Fox News personalities are paid millions of dollars to promote what groups like Freedom Works or The Heritage Foundation tell them to say. The Koch Brothers are the primary source of funding for these and other organizations. They game the system and then whine that they are being persecuted. i.e. Darrel Isa’s magnificent failures. These people are not libertarians, they are anarchists.
    They do not believe that any government is legitimate unless it is comprised of people who’s race and ideologies are interchangeable with theirs. And to be blunt, they are to fucking stupid to realize that they are pawns in a Corporatocracy. Shills for the Koch Brothers and others who are doing a pretty good job at buying government by exploiting the fear of certain demographics. This has been especially easy with a Black president who has foreign sounding name. The SCOTUS decisions about Citizens United and corporate “personhood” hasn’t help much either. The good news is the age of these people and the ideas they carry. They are on the down side and younger people aren’t a steppin’ and a fetchin’ to the bullshit they are promoting as steak and eggs.
    The Republican party is now infested with a consuming conservative movement which has legitimized fringe extremism. Consequently they are now past the point of even being paid attention to, much less winning national elections. To me, one of the biggest tells is the attempt to disenfranchise voters. Can’t win on ideas? Game the system! How about this; have more appealing ideas. Don’t think people like Cain, Palin, Cruz, Bachman, et al have anything of substance to offer or have any fucking idea about what’s going on. Their stock and trade is being alarmists. Except they are deaf. Dumb and blind as well.
    It’s not so much being conservative that bothers me, heck I like a lot of conservative ideas just not lunatic ones. What bothers me is the emphasis on social issues, demonizing the poor and attempting to legislate Christian theology. Combine that with an ineffable attitude that it’s a forgone conclusion that the Christian god is the only “real” one and you get why I compare people like this to any other absolutist mind set. Their dismissiveness of anything else is galling. As is their unquestioning insistence on being correct; no matter the issue. Everyone else is just stupid.
    I was reading some rant about why certain posters get banned. The jist of it was that the blog operators are “afraid” to engage in debate. That they are intolerant of other ideas and points of view. No. That might be true for some, but it’s not true for me. What I won’t tolerate is someone who’s insistence that the viability of absurd claims are factual because they provided a link to another absurd claim. The entire exercise of engagement is preposterous and an utter waste of time. Here’s some examples. The President is a gay, heroin addicted felon Muslim who is not really a US citizen. There were WMD’s in Iraq. George Zimmerman was locked in his car when he was attacked by a kid eating Skittles in the rain. And it’s a know fact that this kid was a gang member who was “high”. But I’m not a racist even though I make outrageous racist statements. Nope. Not me. The books have been cooked to show the ACA is a greater than anticipated success. Occupy Wall Streeters are freeloading Communist hippies but this Bundy guy is the reincarnation of John Wayne and George Washington. The United States government is afraid of armed insane people who think they can defeat our military. Bundy’s right to graze his cattle on public property is OK because the property used to be in his family. Tell that to the Indians. Or better yet, explain to him why he can’t sell his cattle because their is a lien on them. Oh. And Larry Sinclair is as reliable as gravity.

  3. 02casper says:

    I’m ok with someone who really wants to debate an issue. I get tired of someone whose sole purpose is to attack others.

  4. 02casper says:

    “I was reading some rant about why certain posters get banned. The jist of it was that the blog operators are “afraid” to engage in debate.”

    I know the rant you are referring to. What neo doesn’t understand is how toxic he has become. Even Spook is sick of his act. It’s not that anyone is afraid of him, they are tired of him.

  5. The next step should be to frogmarch Bundy’s freeloading ass to court and confiscate assets equivalent to what he owes, plus fines and interest, if he refuses to pay the settlement. As for the rest of the redneck Rambo crowd, the article says they are:

    Energized by their success, Bundy’s supporters are already talking about where else they can exercise armed defiance.

    Well, I’m sure the inevitable outcome of turning a few of their heads into canoes will convince the survivors to go back to their old lifestyle of shooting tin cans and fucking livestock.

  6. 02casper says:

    “Well, I’m sure the inevitable outcome of turning a few of their heads into canoes will convince the survivors to go back to their old lifestyle of shooting tin cans and fucking livestock.”

    Killing them makes them martyrs and I doubt that there are very many conservatives that have sex with their livestock.

  7. They already think of themselves as martyrs, and killing armed terrorists, foreign or domestic, who are itching for confrontation and intent on killing you seems eminently reasonable to me.

    Why do you doubt conservatives fuck their livestock? Most man on animal congress happens in rural areas which are disproportionately Republican and conservative. It’s simple math, my friend. Now the real question is does bestiality lead to conservatism or the other way around?

  8. Meanwhile back at the puzzle factory, Cluster laments the way progressives respond to conservatives while calling us ‘brain dead”, “stupid”, “ridiculous”, “childish”, and “emotionally stunted” in the same paragraph. Funny! One is left to assume that Cluster’s very principled calls for civility between the two ideologies is meant to be observed by one side only.

    Also, add a lack of a sense of humor to his seemingly countless character flaws.

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