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The nerve of these people, I tell ya. I mean, can you imagine the audacity of millions of previously uninsured Americans now become eligible for health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act — and actually following through?! Don’t they have any consideration for how their actions might affect the rest of us who already had health care? Sheesh.

In the latest example of their outrage, courtesy Hot Air, conservatives are citing a USA Today article about how doctors are having a hard time balancing profits and patients. To conservatives, this is just another negative consequence of ObamaCare. Our dear conservative friend Cluster called it just another example of the “unintended consequences of big government.”

What’s the problem again? Oh yeah, millions of Americans are getting access to health care that didn’t have it before. You might ask, this is really a problem? Well, apparently it is if you’re a conservative who already had health care, and therefore couldn’t care less whether other people have it.

Yes, this is really the issue with these people. Conservatives are afraid that their own doctors will spend less time with them because they will have to spend time with those undeserving ObamaCare patients. An outrage, indeed.

But let’s cut the sarcasm for a moment. Honestly, what kind of morality sees your friends, relatives and neighbors gaining access to health care as an inherently bad thing? These are Americans who were previously shut out of the health care system because they are sick (and therefore unprofitable), were once sick (and therefore potentially unprofitable), or simply don’t have the money to afford health care (and therefore obviously unprofitable).

There’s a telling paragraph in that USA Today article:

Physicians don’t like to be rushed either, but for primary care physicians, time is, quite literally, money. Unlike specialists, they don’t do procedures like biopsies or colonoscopies, which generate revenue. Instead, most are still paid per visit, with only minor adjustments for those that go longer.

Ah, there’s the real issue. The more patients these doctors see, the more money they make. And we’re surprised that medical offices are telling their doctors to shorten up the visits so that can see more patients and make more money? It’s just capitalism at work. Conservatives should rejoice.

And speaking of capitalism, it has always been true, and is still true, that the more money you have, the better health care you can get. I mean, if you have enough money, you can hire your own personal physician. So what’s the problem, conservatives? If you don’t like sharing your doctors, the way to fix that is to spend more of your money. Everyone wins. The doctor wins, you win, and the economy wins. Pretty simple, really.

Of course, the converse to having lots of money is being poor. And incredibly, the poorest 40% of American women — almost half of all American women — are seeing their life expectancies actually decline compared to the generation before them. What a country — the one with the greatest health care system in the world. Right? Right?!

Sometimes you have to feel a little bit of sympathy for Rand Paul. It must be really hard to go out every day and make statements designed to win votes in the 2016 primary without any regard for honesty. That is a dangerous minefield to navigate when you have no beliefs of your own and every position is politically calculated.

That, and being named Rand. At least his father didn’t name him Ayn.

Rand’s latest fail is deciding to jump into the debate over Cliven Bundy after Harry Reid called the armed protesters who set up sniper position and planned to use women as human shields domestic terrorists. Paul decided there were more Republican primary votes if he opposed Reid.

“I think there’s an opposite thing to what Harry Reid said, and that’s that the federal government shouldn’t violate the law. Nor should we have 48 federal agencies carrying weapons and having SWAT teams,” Paul asserted.”

Okay, now that’s appropriately wingnutty and right up Rand’s alley of taking all sides on any issue. Gun rights shouldn’t be restricted, but BLM employees shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns. After all, federal employees who work in the wilderness never face situations where they may need to protect themselves, right?

Anyway, Rand can’t stop there.

“Apparently, this is what I’m hearing,” he continued, “The family had a lease with Clark county for over 130 years, arbitrarily in recent years the federal government thought that they were going to override the county lease and they were going to assume control of it but they never asked for permission from the rancher.”

Where the hell did he hear that line of bullshit? I don’t think anyone is trying to make that entirely fact-free argument and Rand just pulled it out of his nether region. After all, what gets the wingnuts more riled up than the evil Obama coming to take their personal property at gunpoint? But that’s not Rand’s only recent statement that smells like it came out of a 1 year old’s diaper.

“When is the last time in our country we created millions of jobs? It was under Ronald Reagan … Did he say, “oh let’s just cut taxes for low-income people?” No, he said forthrightly, “let’s cut everyone’s taxes” … The top rate was 70% … he lowered it … to 28% … and 20 million jobs were created.”

I’m glad you asked, Rand. Bill Clinton was President the last time 20 million jobs were created in our economy (22.9 million). Unfortunately, Reagan fell a little bit short of 20 million at 16.1 million.

These are just a couple of examples where Rand makes stupid statements for political reasons. In this he differs from his father. Ron Paul is able to let his freak flag fly proudly because he is in a safe Texas district and will never be voted out of office. Ron also clouds his idiocy in normal sounding rhetoric. I’ve always said that Ron Paul sounds pretty good until you listen to what he’s saying. Then he sounds absolutely batshit crazy. Rand, on the other hand, does not have the conviction that his father has. Rand has a history of palling around with racists, like his father, but I’m not sure it’s because he’s racist; it’s because he’s using his father’s network to get ahead in politics. Rand opposes using drones against suspected terrorists, but he’s just fine with using them against someone who robs a convenience store here in the US. This is just an example of how he operates on every issue.

Now Rand has a big decision to make. The Kentucky Assembly has decided not to take up a bill put forward by Rand’s buddies allowing him to run for reelection as State Senator and run for President at the same time. Rand can no longer count on still receiving his government handout from the Senate when he loses the race for the Presidential nomination. Again, it’s hard to be Rand.

I can’t wait for the 2016 primary season to kick off because Rand’s opponents are going to have a ball kicking him around.