From the New York Times article:

The Boy Scouts of America, which voted last year to allow gay scouts but not openly gay scout leaders, has revoked the charter of a church-sponsored troop here for refusing to fire its adult gay scoutmaster.

The decision, which one gay rights organization said was a first since the policy change last year, essentially bars the Rainier Beach United Methodist Church and its 15 scouts from using logos, uniforms or names associated with the Boy Scouts as long as the scoutmaster and Eagle Scout Geoffrey McGrath, 49, remains in charge.

Given the concern conservatives showed towards Brendan Eich resigning his job as CEO of Mozilla, I’m sure they will waste no time leaping to the defense of Geoffrey McGrath and the Rainier Beach United Methodist Church.


Hmmm. Apparently no conservative opinion sites seem to care. I’m truly surprised. I did find an Associated Press article at, but no one felt compelled to comment. And another one on Town Hall from three weeks ago; still no comments expressing outrage that McGrath’s rights are being trampled. And we know you conservatives love Town Hall.

So then I turned to Breitbart. Ah. 52 comments. Lots of homophobic bigotry at Breitbart, but let’s sample a couple of comments that address the unfairness of it all, shall we?

The BSA are a PRIVATE organization. It is their RIGHT to refuse anyone. Let those of different moral value systems start their own organizations.

Unlike Mozilla, which apparently shouldn’t be allowed to choose its own CEO.

They are free to volunteer their time idiot. Just not with the BSA. If it bothers you, start the ?SA on your own. YOUR rights do not supersede the rights of others.

Anyone wants to start a gay version of the boy scouts and I’ll fight to defend that right! But I won’t support the GLBT lobby destroying other’s right to the same.

Take that, Eich! You are free to CEO somewhere else, idiot. YOUR rights do not supersede the rights of others. Oh, and conservatives will be sure to defend your right to start your own company for which you can name yourself CEO.

  1. meursault1942 says:

    It’s rather amusing that conservatives think anybody would see their support of Eich as some sort of grand “principle” and not just yet another manifestation of their bigotry and their desperate desire to be victims ( LOVED CSL’s claim that Eich had his first amendment rights taken away–for somebody who screams at the top of her lungs about the Constitution as frequently as she possibly can, she really has no actual understanding of it). It’s all very pathetic–and, of course, it’s based on a lie, as conservative positions these days are seemingly required to be.

    Meanwhile, a South Carolina police chief was fired for being gay. Can’t wait to hear the B4V crowd oppose this blatant act of bigotry and destruction of freedom.

    Ha! I’m kidding. Of course they’ll defend it. After all, in their world, bigotry isn’t bigotry; it’s only noticingbigotry that counts as bigotry–which is why they’re such suffering little sad-sacks. How unfair and divisive of people to notice their bigotry!

    • This is really beginning to be too much. We point out their blatant, irrefutable hypocrisy time after time and conservatives continue to churn out the same old bullshit. What a bunch of douches. It’s really too bad they’re afraid to debate their righteous nonsense; why don’t any conservatives want to post their opinions on this blog? Why do they feel the need to censor liberal opinion from their own blog? Because the sunlight of reason destroys their reactionary worldview, and they have no other recourse but to run, hide and spread their manure exclusively among those that like the smell. What a pathetic way to exist.

      And yes Meursault, Ama’s ignorance of the First Amendment is comedy gold, Jerry, comedy gold! It’s not like it was a slip of the tongue; she repeated the error several times. Just more uncontested bullshit that is absorbed as fact among the partisan oafs.

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