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Posted: April 23, 2014 by watsonthethird in Current Events, Tweet Of The Day
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of conservatism.

  1. 02casper says:

    So Cliven Bundy isn’t just a lying deadbeat, he’s a lying racist deadbeat. I’m sure the upstanding folks at B4V will end their support for him now.

  2. meursault1942 says:

    Dana Loesch is already trotting out the “OK, maybe he didn’t phrase it very artfully, but he’s totally right!” defense:

    First, to take the quote at face value it’s odd and sounds offensive. You’re talking about government overreach and you go into this story? Secondly, I hope no one is surprised that an old man rancher isn’t media trained to express himself perfectly. He seems to be decrying what big government has done to the black family — which big government has negatively affected not just the black family, but all families regardless of ethnicity — so perhaps he included that in his remarks against big government? I’m just trying to figure out how he even got to the point of discussing it and yes, it’s justified to have a healthy suspicion of the New York Times.

    Yup, it’s all the New York Times’ fault that Bundy bluntly expressed the conservative belief that black people were better off as slaves. Keep up that minority outreach, guys!

    • That’s funny–in Loesch’s world “Negros who never learned to pick cotton and may have been better off as slaves” (paraphrased, but all of those words and sentiments are directly from what Bundy said) is perfectly understandable because “an old man rancher isn’t media trained to express himself perfectly.” Talk about spin. I guess we all can now be forgiven for any horrible shit we say as long as you look at it in a certain light, squint your eyes or something.

      Given that Cluster is very concerned about racism and is also one to regularly wet his pants over verbal coarseness we should be seeing a Bundy bashin’ post from him very soon.

  3. I’m stunned I tells ya, stunned. The wealthy, white conservative welfare queen embraced by the right wing also turns out to be racist? Who could have seen that coming? Will conservatives begin to distance themselves from Ku Klux Cliven now? Of course not, he’s family. As long as we all remember: it’s the Democrats–you know, the ones who elected the black guy sitting in the Oval Office–who are the REAL racists.

  4. Media bias made him say these things.

    • meursault1942 says:

      And it’s all just a liberal distraction anyway, according to Very Deep Thinker Mark Noonan:

      “Liberal plan for #BundyRanch: make everyone hate Bundy for racist statement, take over his land. Don’t be suckered, folks.”

      “They are turning Cliven Bundy into a Kulak you are supposed to hate so that they can win the range war, folks.”

      “The issue was never Cliven Bundy; it was always federal land grabs; don’t be distracted by liberal attempts to make you hate Bundy.”

      Did you like how it suddenly became Bundy’s land? I sure did. They’re taking HIS land! That he totally owns! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  5. meursault1942 says:

    Ta-Nehisi Coates has a typically fantastic take on Bundy and how “the preponderance of evidence shows that modern conservatism just can’t quit white supremacy.” Most important, though, is to keep in mind just how grotesquely offensive the conservative belief that black people are better off the more disadvantaged they are–even going so far as to say they were better off as slaves and should thank whites for dragging them to this country even if it had to happen via slavery–truly is:

    Enslaved black people were, with some regularity, beat with cowhide whips, tongs, pokers, chairs, and wooden boards. Nails were driven through their palms, pins through their tongues. Eyes were gouged out for the smallest offense.

    When people like Cliven Bundy assert the primacy of the past it is important that we do not recount it selectively. American enslavement is the destruction of the black body for profit. That is the past that Cliven Bundy believes “the Negro” to have been better off in. He is, regrettably, not alone.

  6. Also, this throws Andrew McCarthy’s comparison of Bundy to Lincoln into a whole new, hilarious light. Wow, McCarthy certainly was ahead of the curve with this one, eh?

  7. 02casper says:

    Cliven Bundy is the gift that keeps on giving. The more he talks, the more conservatives look like idiots. Can’t wait for someone to ask him about Mexicans.

  8. 02casper says:

    Next thing you know, neo will be pushing for Bundy for President. A man who truly expresses Conservative thought.

    • Maybe, but not at bfv. They’ve been conspicuously silent about their poster boy for American freedom today. Ixnay on the ivenClay.

      • 02casper says:

        I noticed that. The way some of them tun on their own, I wouldn’t be surprised if CSL is calling for Bundy’s arrest by the end of the week.

  9. Rachel Maddow had a great opening segment. Megyn Kelly, not so much.

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