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Yeah, I think that describes the Bundy militias pretty well.

A Democratic congressman from Nevada said in a letter this week that his constituents have reported the armed militia supporting rancher Cliven Bundy have set up checkpoints to verify the residency of anybody passing through.

Not content with restricting freedoms, they go for the personal threats against a US Senator.

Capitol Police in Washington said they are investigating threatening statements made against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Sounds like domestic terrorists to me.


UPDATE: It looks like there’s trouble in paradise due to some personality conflicts on the front lines:

In a YouTube interview with some super-patriot named Blaine Cooper,* who asked Mr. Bear for a “sitrep.” That is SO AUTHENTICALLY MILITARY and COOL! The sitrep was that Booda Bear was not especially impressed by Rhodes’s “high value intelligence” — which turns out to have come from an anonymous tip line. Bear also emphasized that such defections are bad for the tactical situation, since “this is a battle front in some sense of the word and to remove them is kind of ah — that’s some yellow cur — ya know, spineless backbone, piece of shit maneuvering right there.”

Booda Bear does not hold the Oath Keepers in very high regard.


UPDATE 2: It just keeps getting better. I’m waiting for the shooting war to begin between the two nutball factions.

The Oath Keepers took to their website and accused Bundy’s top Security crew, Booda Bear, Ryan Paine & Jerry ‘somebody’ of being FBI infiltrators.  This happened roughly 24 hours after Bundy’s top security crew, Booda Bear & his two underlings, Ryan & Jerry, kicked the Oath Keepers off the ranch and accused them of: “stealing’ being “deserters,” “traitors,” committing “treason of the highest order” and learning that Ryan Paine said, on video, that the Oath Keepers were “lucky [they’re] not getting shot in the back’ for deserting the Bundy battlefield.”