An example of many things. Free speech, lowest common denominators or great equalizers.

Posted: May 18, 2014 by mitchethekid in Current Events

I won’t participate for reasons I won’t bother to explain, but if anyone else might want to engage in a pointless cage match, have at it.  I think the odds are in your favor.

  1. Marner says:

    Reminds me of this one joke, “A racist, a religious bigot, and a Sovereign Citizen walk into a bar…”

  2. mitchethekid says:

    While they commiserate about the misery they share. Luxuriating in the gorgeousness and gorgeosity of how horrible things are and at any moment the fabric of society most surely will be torn apart. And then they will become vindicated!
    But to be fair, we’re not that much larger and the blogs genealogy does go back to Cluster.Although I will say that being a level headed progressive is a far better attitude to have than to say, a curmudgeon who’s stuck in the ’50’s who’s upset about Benghazi and who knows what else all. Like it was sunny today and it’s the final episode of Mad Men. Speaking of Benghazi, where was the outrage over Bush when 10 attacks and 60 deaths occurred under his Presidency. Or Reagan , with the Marine Barracks. Or the fact that the Republicans obstructed expenditures that would have gone to embassy security.

  3. Marner says:

    I saw that GMB has been reading this thread and wanted to clarify some things for him.

    1. No, I won’t be commenting on your site. The racist, neocon (AKA fmrmarine), has already used personal email addresses provided to him by a B4V moderator to threaten people. I don’t intend to volunteer my contact information to him.

    2. We’ve already established that neocon is the racist. I think you’ve figured out which of the remaining two categories you fall under.

    3. I don’t know what you mean by calling me GruenBERG or by accusing me of using sock puppets. The weird capitalization at the end of the name smacks a bit of anti-semitism, but regardless, I’m not Jewish. I also don’t use sock puppets. I’ve only posted and commented under two aliases: kmg or kmgtwo and Marner. I was completely open when I changed my alias from kmg to Marner, as I stated that I was changing it in a blog post.

    Anyway, enjoy the high caliber of company you’re keeping these days. Those comments by neocon just today show the content of his character and you shall be known by the company you keep.

    • mitchethekid says:

      I don’t know why, but when I read your response Marner, this came to mind.
      Like others at B4V or B4B,, there was a time when GMB had a throbbing, raging hard-on for me. And not in a loving way. When Cluster and I started Allpolytics, GMB was one of our first respondents and I did my best to be welcoming to him. He also posted on Watsons blog. In fact, I think I had an entire topic about welcoming him. I’m not sure if it was him or not, but (I think) he responded by comparing his experience at B4V in terms of a recovering alcoholic and how refreshing it was to participate on Allpolytics. And based on his interaction and the conversations we had, I think I did a pretty good job at proving my sincerity in being friendly and that I was not a one dimensional characture of someone with whom he has fundamental differences with outlook, ideology, values etc. We even had private email exchanges wherein I talked about my hobbies, or music or something other than politics and social issues. The point is we got along great. Until one day he said that he felt homeless. B4V was to conservative for him and Allpolytics was to liberal or progressive. So he went away.
      The confusing element in all of this is that GMB now proudly associates himself with one of the most obnoxious, ill-informed and conceited bigots on the planet. Or at least in Florida. I mean, if anyone takes Larry Sinclair as a reliable source, they should be laughed at and publicly mortified. Except they lack the mortification gene. So it’s just less time consuming to avoid the reprobate altogether. I mean this, this whatever it is misses no opportunity to make fun of everyone. He’s non discriminatory in that aspect. He must think it proves how “smart” he is. Its so smooth and the world is so rough. It’s low self-esteem is off the charts and its powers of delusional projection is spectacular.
      When it finally dawned on the brain trust at B4V that this its presence was even to sulfuric for them to try to breathe through, he was (so far) banished for good. But like a crafty tunneling shrew, it just popped up elsewhere to pick fights, harangue others and beat on its atrophied chest screaming “Better pay attention to me!! Or I’ll call you names and kick your pussy ass!”
      So now GMB has a Tar Baby and doesn’t seem to mind. Bully for him. And since historically the Germans hate the English, I’m sure my use of the word “Bully” is particularly irritating. Now I want to make it clear here that I am not making fun of GMB because he is a tenderer of the earth and lives a minimalist life style. Again I say, Bully for him for that is a very difficult thing to do and I admire his commitment to it. But that doesn’t excuse rampant, institutionalized paranoia. Suggesting buying survival kits, seeds and of course the gold Glen Beck hawks on a daily basis. And then offering techniques on what kind of metal makes the best knife blade and how to sharpen them is straight out of that dirty hippie tome The Anarchists Cookbook. Damn commies, they even slither their way into protected conservative lands! But as we all know, Neanderthals lived in that part of Europe not all that long ago and they sure knew how to sharpen things and draw on cave walls. The problem is, that the post apocalyptic nightmare scenario envisioned by folks who believe that wacked-out shit is so divorced from reality that it isn’t worthy of contemplating, let alone giving it credibility by recognizing that some people actually think it’s a viable possibility. And just who are these people? Well, they are the Bundy supporters. The self appointed “militia” who take a prone position on a highway overpass with a high powered, scope equipped assault rifle aimed at BLM officials. You know, the enemy. The enemy that were sent personally by Obama who gave strict orders to shoot the Christianist first. I’ve got an idea! If you’re that paranoid and your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself.
      The reason I made whatever its blog is named (I’ve honestly forgotten) is because I was challenged to participate; otherwise I’d be subject to a flurry of wrath induced name calling. Especially with dismissive comments about manhood. Boy, those are the torturous ones! I’d better comply! Or else!! But not being a Neanderthal, I opened a door for others to make entry. I’ve got far more pressing issues to deal with other than dancing with a professional heartbreaker who has two left feet.

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