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Posted: May 18, 2014 by watsonthethird in Politics, Same Sex Marriage, Tweet Of The Day
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  1. bardolf2 says:

    I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there.

    • I won over bardolf with a Tweet Of The Day! 🙂

      • bardolf2 says:

        Not an anti-Bush guy as much as an anti-war guy. I am glad the wars are over, we still need to end Nixon’s war on drugs. One thing the GOP leadership doesn’t understand is the reluctance among most Americans to get involved in conflict after conflict.

        Playing along with the tweet, what the US media needs to do now is show gay marriage as essentially a potentially never ending conflict:

        Almost no coverage was given to the first openly Anglican gay bishop getting divorced from his husband! FOX could show that this gay man was previously married and divorced to a woman, and that marriage lasted longer than the gay marriage.

        If gay marriage was portrayed as shackling two, out of control men, into an antiquated institution thus killing off their quintessential behavior, which would then result in potentially unlimited mental anguish for the betrothed, conservatives would stay out of that conflict and let them get married.

  2. At bfv, Noonan’s solution for combating rogue armed militias in Nigeria is to, get this, create and give arms to brand new militias, you know, the ones that will put them to good use. What could go wrong? After all, it worked out well when we armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, didn’t it?

    And we all know it’s impossible for U.S. supplied weapons to ever wind up in enemy hands.

    If Noonan thinks himself a student of history, he must admit he gets an “F”.

    • mitchethekid says:

      The guy is a pontificating fool. A delusional egomaniac. He’s like the Shell Answer Man. He and he alone, has the answer for all of the worlds problems. Be it political, social or trying to “solve” Pi. He writes like he’s an authority on every subject imaginable and that the world awaits his next utterance. Have you noticed that his solution, no matter the problem, is military action or the invocation of Jesus? Just kill ’em or convert ’em. Simple and uncomplicated. I mean hey, he’s a guy who hero worships Frank Cappra.

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