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Weekly B4V Sucks Thread

Posted: June 6, 2014 by Marner in Open Thread

We are going to try something new here. It seems that people tend to go wildly off topic in the threads going off on something said over at B4V. In an attempt to try and keep the other threads clean, I present to you your one-stop-shop for everything B4V related. Feel free to vent to your heart’s content, but please keep it here rather than putting it in the other threads. I’ll provide you a brand spanking new thread every Friday.


While some conservatives wax nostalgically for the good ol’ days of war, journalist Christopher Dickey writes of the World War II veteran who sought out President Obama at today’s D-Day commemoration and “would not let him go until he had said his piece.”

Was the infirm old soldier, perhaps, taking Obama to task for the scandals in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs? Was he telling the president that American policy needed more spine? An old survivor has a kind of license to say whatever he wants, even to the president of the United States. Obama smiled warmly. But then, in front of the crowd and the world’s television cameras, he would. None of us in the crowd could hear.

When the ceremony was over, I made my way through the arrays of marble crosses to the stage and to the man in the blue hat who had taken Obama’s hand.

His name, it turns out, is Irving Smolens, and he was only 19 when he took part in the Normandy landing. Afterward he spent much of his life as a buyer of women’s and children’s clothing in Massachusetts, leading a quiet, peaceful life with his family.

“What did you say to Obama?” I asked him.

“I thanked him for keeping us out of war,” said Smolens.

FSM forbid anyone’s feeling should be hurt by calling people what they are.

Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper said the shooter, Dennis Marx, walked into Forsyth County Administration Building on East Main Street at about 10:30 a.m. and opened fire. He was armed with an assault rifle, according to authorities. Piper said Marx threw stop sticks on the road so that cars could not approach.

The station reports that Marx has identified himself as a sovereign citizen, part of an anti-government group that has been tied to violent attacks on law enforcement around the country. He was due in court today to plead out on drug and weapons charges.

How many of these “Sovereign Citizens” were setting up sniper positions at the Bundy ranch?