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Posted: June 9, 2014 by Marner in Current Events, Guns, Politics, The Tea Party
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Coming on the heels of a “Sovereign Citizen” shooting up a Georgia courthouse, we have two people in Las Vegas who murdered two police officers in cold blood, then went to Wal-Mart, killing another person before they ended their spree in a murder-suicide pact. These two incidents are not isolated, but are the direct result of the hate-filled rhetoric that the rabid right wing has directed toward the government and President Obama in particular.

It turns out that the Las Vegas killers were ardent believers in positions espoused by the most extreme people on the right; the “Patriot” movement. They yelled, “This is the start of the revolution” and draped a Gadsden Flag (a symbol appropriated by extremist groups in recent years) over the body of one of the police officers. The couple’s Facebook page railed against anyone not 100% supportive of unrestricted 2nd Amendment rights and demonizes the federal government. Here’s an example of one of their statements on the 2nd Amendment:

“This is a declaration to all Americans. If you don’t agree with and hold dear the second amendment of the united states constitution (sic), then you ,need to self-deport yourself to someplace where people like you can congregate,” he wrote on Jan. 1, 2013. “We are already on our way to tyranny, and your corrupt evil ass needs to leave this country before you incite another civil war.”

“Your (sic) a traitor to this nation and its people who hold their rights dear to them and deserve to die a traitors death.”

And here’s one on the threat of the federal government:

“We can hope for peace. We must, however, prepare for war,” Miller wrote on June 2. “To stop this oppression, I fear, can only be accomplished through bloodshed.”

The rampage in Las Vegas is what happens when violent rhetoric is taken to the extreme. Right wing politicians have increasingly embraced this rhetoric in order to compete for the votes of the Tea Party and extremist conservatives who dominate Republican primaries without regard to how they are aiding and abetting attacks like the two that occurred in the past week. Joni Ernst talks about cutting off the testicles of big spending politicians and literally shooting Obamacare, other candidates shooting Obamacare, and even one candidate shooting a drone.

Since 2008, we have also seen the right attempt to delegitimize the President, and by extension any action he has ever taken and his entire party, by calling into question his citizenship and his religion. Their reasoning is that if can cast enough doubt on his legitimacy, nothing he does can be considered legitimate. The ones who are out there doing this in the public square are doing it for partisan political reasons (because angry people vote), but they aren’t giving any thought to how they are stirring up the masses.

Extremists use the rhetoric they hear from Tea Party candidates and take it to heart, not realizing they are being agitated. They, unlike the political candidates, actually believe what they are hearing. This gives rise to groups like Oath Keepers, who flocked to the Bundy Ranch in anticipation of being able to stand on the front lines of the coming civil war. Some of those people were salivating at the chance to put a bullet into a government employee and, in their view, start the campaign to free America from the tyranny of the left.

You would be hard pressed to put comments by the Las Vegas murderers, Tea Party candidates, and right wing bloggers and commenters side-by-side and determine who said what. Bloggers joyfully anticipate a Second American Revolution, but will deny that they mean anything that has to do with violence. Right wing commenters will talk about how they must prepare for the day when the left takes one step too far and they are forced to defend themselves and their property. They will talk about the jack-booted thugs oppressing Cliven Bundy and make comparisons between Democratic policies and Nazi Germany, then express shock and dismay when the Las Vegas murderers equate police officers with Nazis.

I’m sure we are all familiar with comments like this one from the Las Vegas killers:

There is no greater cause to die for than liberty. To die for that cause is easy, to live for it is another matter. I will willingly die for liberty. Death, in a sense is freedom from tyranny. Death, is the easy way out. Most notably is the “suicide by cop” routine. Yes, standing before despots is dangerous and most likely does not end well for you. I know this, my wife knows this. Soon they will come for us, because they don’t like what we think, and what we say. They don’t like the fact that we, simply will not submit to fascist rule. We don’t have much, but we are willing to sacrifice everything…….for you, for your freedoms. Even if you wouldn’t let us have ours. We know who we are and what we stand for, do you?”

The people who generate this type of rhetoric, whether they are politicians, pundit, bloggers, or anonymous commenters, need to own these violent acts. Their words are directly responsible. The only difference between the talkers and the doers is that one group actually means what they say, and I don’t know how to tell them apart anymore.

  1. Jerad Miller was one of the “nut jobs” out at the Bundy ranch, defending liberty, etc., etc. Truly a cowardly act to walk up to two police officers eating their lunch and shooting them in the back of the head in cold blood.

    I am waiting for the conservatives at you-know-where to acknowledge this act. And they wonder why the rest of Americans don’t trust the judgement of these clowns. Not only that, they actually think that the majority of Americans are on their side.

    So Spook, I’m waiting for your comment. You’re a political pendant at B4V. You’re preparing for armed violence with other Americans. You need to address this.

    • mitchethekid says:

      He’s a gutless coward who hides behind a keyboard. All Walter Middy and all. All of them are so entrenched in their own conservative bullshit that they probably will ignore it rather than be honest and admit to it.

  2. 02casper says:

    There is something wrong when you support a movement that inspires people to kill cops.

    • mitchethekid says:

      Couldn’t have said it better Casper.Great job at pointing out the obvious.

    • meursault1942 says:

      This is where the utter lack of self-awareness among movement conservatives stops being funny. It’s all fun and games to mock people like the B4V brigade for their complete cluelessness, but they should be legitimately disturbed that their rhetoric is indistinguishable from that of people who go on shooting sprees. But they aren’t. And they’ll deny that it’s the truth in the first place.

      By the way, remember when the Bush administration delivered that report about the threat that right-wing “patriot” groups posed, and all the conservatives started crying that “Obama called us all terrorists!”? Well, we can safely say that’s one thing the Bush administration got right: Far too many conservatives have become supporters, if not active participants, in domestic terrorism.

  3. Well, Spook and the other conservatives took the coward’s way out and deleted my comment other there. No one is surprised. Spook, you need to comment.

    • rustybrown2012 says:

      Honestly Watson, I don’t see why you’re so curious about Spook’s reaction to this. Is what he would say really a mystery to you? Here, I’ll help you: his answer would be simple, something along the lines of

      “A couple bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch”


      “MY heated rhetoric of the coming civil war is substantially different from the actions THEY took (something along the lines of they jumped the gun)”

      …with perhaps a smattering of…

      “Progressives have pushed Americans into a desperate corner, and we are now seeing some unfortunate overreactions from civil minded folks who have been pushed too far”

      …sprinkled with…

      “Hopefully liberals will begin to see the destructiveness of their plan to fundamentally change the fabric of this proud nation”

      …and of course…

      “I don’t support the actions of these few, but….”

      Combine all or part of the above and mix well with a reminder of the actions of a mythical or ancient liberal terrorist (Kosinski?) for a false equivalency to taste. Bake in a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes. You never really have to guess what the clowns at bfv are thinking. They are as ignorant as they are predictable.

      • lol. I’m going with, “Progressives have pushed Americans into a desperate corner, and we are now seeing some unfortunate overreactions from civil minded folks who have been pushed too far.” It’s pretty much what he’s already said.

  4. 02casper says:

    I’m not surprised they deleted your comments. The last thing they want to admit is that some on their side are capable of doing this.

  5. Marner says:

    I think you guys are missing the forest for the trees. B4V is an inconsequential blog populated by a half dozen inconsequential people. The bigger aspect is what is being said by people who actually have influence, like Palin, Cruz, Paul, And Beck. Those are the people who are filling the heads of killers, not some backwater blog that nobody reads.

  6. 02casper says:

    The Cop Killing Millers are from Indiana. I wonder if Spook knew them?

  7. 02casper says:

    Mark is thrilled that Cantor lost.. It is prof in his mind that the TEA party is back and a force. In his mind, it is the only thing that will save the nation. Of course, nobody there wants to comment about the TEA party members who are shooting cops.

  8. 02casper says:

    CSL published a list of reasons why people voted for Obama. I’d like to publish a list of reasons people voted for Romney.

    He’s white (and so am I and now I can have someone like me in the White House)
    He’s white (and so am I and now it’s our turn to s**t on all non whites)
    He’s white and now we can show the rest of the world that we are such an enlightened nation we can have a white president after a black president
    He’s white and if I vote for a white man I can feel good about myself because I have proved that I am not a racist (although I did just make a decision based on race but this kind of race-based decision doesn’t count)
    He’s white and I as a white or black person owe some cosmic psychic debt to all white people in this country going backwards hundreds of years and forward hundreds of years and this is a way to help me live with that guilt
    He’s white
    He’s not a “liberal” (whatever that is)

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