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Yeah, that’s John McCain in 2010, gloating about Iraq. An, um, interesting contrast from what he’s saying today.

Can you imagine McCain and Palin in office? Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Once upon a time, I had respect for Senator McCain. That changed in 2008, when he revealed himself to have no principles at all other than a burning desire to be president of the United States. The longer his career goes on, the more he appears to be an American tragedy rather than a hero. The only thing he’s really good at any longer is getting himself on TV, which is richly ironic considering he once accused then Senator Obama of being nothing but a mega-celebrity in a 2008 campaign ad.

Why on earth does anyone give this man any credibility?

Joe Conason has a spot-on article at National Memo today. It’s worth quoting the entire thing, but just go read it. Aside from McCain and company’s faulty memory — “[W]hen Republican senators leap up and start barking about Obama’s refusal to leave troops on the ground, they either don’t remember what actually happened or – sadly but more likely – hope to deceive this country’s amnesia-addled voters” — Conason rightly reminds readers just how craven these people are.

Neither McCain nor any of the other trash-talking statesmen on the Republican side has much useful advice to offer the president. They say we shouldn’t have pulled our troops out, but they sure don’t want to send them back in. Drop some bombs on the jihadist camps, they suggest – knowing very well that won’t do much to clean up this horrific mess.

Still they insist on talking about Iraq, loudly and constantly, as if someone else created the mess and they have the answers. They need to be reminded just as loudly that it is their mess and they still have no idea what to do.

Americans should try to remember how this happened – even if the disgraced figures who promoted the invasion of Iraq will never accept responsibility for squandering trillions of American dollars, thousands of American lives, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives for what could most charitably be called a massive, irreparable blunder. Never mind the nonsense about the weapons of mass destruction – which nobody has yet found there, by the way. Absolutely none of the predictions about Iraq by the neocons in and around the Bush administration proved accurate. None of their strategies provided real development or security. And all of their grand schemes for regional stability and democracy simply crumbled.

Instead of serving as a sturdy bulwark against extremism, the Shia-dominated government of Iraq immediately allied itself with the neighboring mullah regime in Iran. The curse of sectarian warfare, famously dismissed by William Kristol as a chimera, has exploded into a continuous catastrophic reality that threatens regional security and may create a fresh haven for terrorism.

It is hard not to wonder why anyone still listens to McCain, Kristol, and company — especially on this grave issue. But if they insist on serving up blame, let them step up first to accept their overwhelming share.