Weekly B4V Sucks Thread

Posted: July 11, 2014 by Marner in Open Thread

You guys pretty much wore the last one out, so here’s a fresh one for you.

  1. meursault1942 says:

    While it was fun destroying CSL (and then today’s late entrant, Noonan) just using the basic facts of human reproduction (and, of course, encouraging them to keep talking, which is about the meanest thing you can do to a conservative), it was also rather appalling to see the depth of their ignorance, which the thread shows is almost entirely intentional. This conservative ethos that ignorance is a good thing, knowledge is bad, and opinions trump facts is very harmful to the country.

    • meursault1942 says:

      In fairness to CSL and Noonan, at least they aren’t as full-on batshit as Bob Frey:

      Frey then explained his view: “When you have egg and sperm that meet in conception, there’s an enzyme in the front that burns through the egg. The enzyme burns through so the DNA can enter the egg. If the sperm is deposited anally, it’s the enzyme that causes the immune system to fail. That’s why the term is AIDS – acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.”

      • Marner says:

        Maybe, maybe not. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the belief that a pill magically transforms from a contraceptive to an abortifacient depending on whether or not the sex was consensual. Talk about moral relativism.

  2. 02casper says:

    CSL obviously doesn’t understand human reproduction, which isn’t a big surprise. One thing I don’t understand is why conservatives hate sex, other than for reproduction? Personally, I enjoy sex and hope to continue to enjoy sex, even though I am at a point in my life I don’t want to reproduce.

  3. I think it’s not that the hate sex, it’s that they hate the idea of other people having sex and enjoying themselves in the process. It’s as though these other people are putting one over on conservatives like Noonan and CSL. It makes them angry. They liken these people to underserving Americans supposedly getting free cell phones and other free stuff at taxpayer (read “conservatives”) expense. Same with those lowlifes getting away with having sex. Damn them!

    The other thing is, contraception is used more by married people than by unmarried people. Why on earth would married people use contraception? Um, because they don’t want eleven or twelve children? Because they actually want to plan their families and lives? That Guttmacher paper that Tired claims proves that more use of contraception leads to more abortions actually addresses the issue of family planning and who it evolves in societies as the use of contraception becomes more commonplace. He should read it more closely. (Speaking of Tired, he still has yet to respond to our previous comments.)

    • 02casper says:

      Interesting that Mark and CSL are the ones who don’t have kids.

    • mitchethekid says:

      There is something wrong with Noonan. Like mentally. He writes as if it’s a foregone conclusion that not only is he correct in his musings, but that masses of people listen to him because he has influence over world affairs.He’s an impotent, moralizing pip-squeak who probably abuses Collies.

  4. rustybrown2012 says:

    I think it’s not that they hate sex, it’s that they hate the idea of other people having sex and enjoying themselves in the process.

    That was also quite revealing in the conversation, their admitting they have a problem with people enjoying the most fundamental of biological imperatives, sex. A healthy, robust sex life bestows all kinds of physical and psychological advantages to human beings. What kind of cretin do you have to be in 21st century America to think consensual, recreational sex between adults must be conjoined with grave consequences?

    Interesting that Mark and CSL are the ones who don’t have kids.

    Shudder. Imagine the hellspawn they would produce.

    What a thorough ass-kicking we gave them. Lovely how they’ve locked their doors and are licking their wounds.

    • The thing that angers conservatives more than anything is the idea that someone else is getting away with something at their expense. This even applies to other people’s sex lives. Since they themselves are chaste (whether they really are or not is another matter), then those other people are getting away with sex seemingly at conservative’s expense. It’s a sad life they lead. Hopefully Cluster will address this in a post tomorrow morning.

      • rustybrown2012 says:

        Yeah right. Cluster is purging his memory banks of any compelling arguments, statistics and facts we’ve presented as I type this. He’ll emerge for the next round as ignorant and gullible as a new born babe with a predisposition for right wing bullshit. And like a babe, he will be helpless to argue his points.

  5. rustybrown2012 says:

    Tired chews the red meat. In a grammatically challenged post (Jesus, almost every sentence contains an error and he starts it off by misspelling ‘intellectual’) he tries to make a mountain out of a molehill:

    Now it is coming to light (predictably by non-progressive news agencies) that ISIS is seizing uranium and HUNDREDS Saddam [Sic] era CHEMICAL WEAPONS in Iraq.

    This story has been widely reported by every major news agency and offers absolutely zero vindication for the still-wrong WMD alarmists. The small amount of uranium is from a university, was known about, and is not weapons grade:


    The chemical weapons were also stockpiles left over from the 80’s that were slated for destruction and are nevertheless severely degraded and pose little threat.

    What a rube. His little weenie gets a stiffy every time the words ‘uranium’ and ‘Iraq’ appear in the same sentence.

    • Well, let’s run with this for a minute. In Tired’s world, the Bush administration was even more incompetent and bungling in Iraq that anyone knew. I mean, no serious Bush administration official, including Bush himself, claims that WMD were found. But to Tired, this is another sign of just how incompetent they all were: They couldn’t even find the WMD that was right in front of their faces!

  6. 02casper says:

    Bozo is doing a great job tonight spanking Tired and his talking points. I’m sure it will be gone before morning.

  7. So Spook is convinced that global warming is a hoax because his pond is colder than it used to be. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, the month of May was the warmest May globally since modern temperature record-keeping began in 1880.

    • April tied for the warmest globally on record.
    • March was the fourth warmest globally on record.
    • February was the eighth warmest globally on record.
    • January 2014 was the fourth warmest globally on record.

    The first five months of 2014 was Earth’s fifth warmest such period, with a combined average land and ocean surface temperature that was 0.66°C (1.19°F) above the 20th century average. With the exception of February (21st warmest), each monthly temperature in 2014 to date has ranked among the four highest for its respective month.

    You would think that Spook, as an intelligence specialist, would be able to grasp the difference between his local weather observations and global weather. My God, if the entire American intelligence community is as poor at analytical analysis as Spook is, then we are truly in trouble.

  8. In addition, Spook says, “Al Gore made that proclamation [his ‘prediction of complete global catastrophe,’ in Mark’s words] in January, 2006 at the Sundance Film Festival, during the promotion for his fantasy movie, ‘An Inconvenient Truth.'”

    Spook’s source is a transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show in 2006. Does Limbaugh quote the actual words of Al Gore? Of course not. He quotes Larry David of television comedy fame, saying, “You know, Al is a funny guy, but he’s also a very serious guy who believes humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.” So this is Rush’ basis for starting his ten year countdown, and this is Spook’s “source” of Al Gore’s “proclamation.”

    What did Al Gore really say? In an address at the NYU Law School in September 2006, he said in part:

    Many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several “tipping points” that could — within as little as 10 years — make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet’s habitability for human civilization.

    He didn’t say Earth would be a “total frying pan” in ten years. He said that we were moving to a “tipping point” that could, within as little as 10 years, make it impossible to avoid irretrievable damage to the habitability of the planet.

    Again, Spook, what kind of intelligence analyst were you? Do you have any ability at all to separate quips by comedians from the actual statements to which they refer?

    • rustybrown2012 says:

      We’ve been over this, but I’ll just note that the bfv idiots seem unaware that not all sources of information carry the same weight. For our contention that AGW is real and we’ve just experienced the 3 hottest months since they started keeping records in the 1800’s, we rely on the most prestigious scientific bodies in the world that cross-check independently gathered data using different methods. For their contention that this information is a grand hoax they use Rush Limbaugh, a regional cold spell, and reports on the temperature of Spook’s chilly pond. And then they wonder when we will finally admit we were wrong. Jesus.

  9. 02casper says:

    From tired
    “This was characterized as a “spanking” by the lefty public school teacher.”

    Wow, thanks for the nice compliment. I am all those things and proud of them.

    “A “spanking” now means to regurgitate dumbed down talking points without being distracted by facts and common sense logic, since that is all the creepy clown did.”

    Let’s look at all of the verifiable facts tired listed.

    ” ”

    Now let’s look at his common sense logic.

    ” ”

    Guess he did get a spanking after all.

  10. 02casper says:

    I also love how Mark considers Holder a racist for pointing out that voter ID is being pushed to deny Blacks and others the right to vote.

    • meursault1942 says:

      Well, wingnuts have been pushing the “racism isn’t racism; only noticing racism is racist!” line for years now; Mark is just pushing it even further and mixing it up with his mindless hatred of Eric Holder. The line hasn’t gotten any less stupid, and its use by wingnuts isn’t going to be abating anytime soon, as the alternative would be for wingnuts to actually address their racial issues.

      It’s instructive to note that the religious right, whose talking points wingnuts have been parroting for decades, didn’t coalesce around the issue of abortion, as so many seem to think. No, the big issue was desegregation of religious schools like Bob Jones University. It was a “violation of their religious freedom” (sound familiar?) to tell them they had to treat black people as full-fledged human beings. That was the root of their moral outrage. No surprise, when you consider that conservatives have been on the wrong side of the race issue from slavery (which conservatives fought a treasonous war against this country to preserve) to Jim Crow to desegregation to now trying to suppress the black vote (cue tired whining that “Lincoln was a Republican” etc. Note to the educationally impaired such as tired: I said “conservative,” not “Republican,” and you really need to be educated as to the difference). They’ve been this way for centuries; why would anybody think they’d suddenly disavow that heritage?

  11. what is also really funny is how they talk about what is happening in GAZA as the world coming to an end. I am jewish and this has happened at least 20 times in the last decade. This is nothing new. Thank you for spanking those idiots. They are getting weirder and weirder.

    Their lack of understanding on contraceptives is so alarming. It is such an economic issue.

  12. Shorter Cluster:

    I read the news today, oh boy……….It’s all Obama’s fault!

    Who could argue? Remember what great shape we were in the last time a two-term Republican President left office?

    And Cluster, you needn’t whine to the censors at bfv; if you ever feel like trying to debate like a man again, you can come here.

    • Don’t you just love it. Now they’re “debating” by making up words for Bozo’s deleted post. Can’t have the real thing, you know! Cluster’s other bold prediction: There will be another terrorist attack. Really going out on a limb, there, Cluster! It is impossible to prevent every possible attack. Of course, if Cluster’s right, it’s Obama’s fault. If he’s wrong, then he’ll just predict the same thing for the next year.

  13. 02casper says:

    They have two threads where they are arguing with Bozo, without Bozo’s words. What a hoot.

    Cluster, you might want to take your arguments elsewhere.

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