The Last Three Months Were The Warmest Ever

Posted: July 15, 2014 by watsonthethird in Climate Change, Conservative Idiocy
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From Slate:

The Japan Meteorological Agency said June 2014 was the warmest June globally since at least 1891, when its dataset begins. This follows May 2014, which was the warmest May globally on record, which follows April 2014, which was the warmest April globally on record.

Also on Monday, NASA released its monthly global temperature numbers for June, with nearly identical results that were reached by a different method. According to NASA, June was the all-time third warmest, May was the warmest, and April was tied for second, with 2010 nudging out 2014 by an imperceptible 0.003 degrees Celsius in the three-month average. The two datasets are among the gold standards for keeping track of Earth’s escalating fever.

Meanwhile, Wingnut Pond in Indiana gets left in the cold and still isn’t warm enough to swim in. The obvious conclusion of the local citizenry is that directly observable data (with their own eyes, no less!) trumps globally collected data every time. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  1. meursault1942 says:

    Also, Al Gore is fat, science is just a fancy name for liberal bias, climate science is a Trojan horse for SOSHULIZM!!!!!!!!!, and global warming has totally paused for the past 15 years! OK, so maybe that global warming pause thing is a total lie, but doesn’t it seem like it could be true? And isn’t that just as good as actually being true? Therefore, if you don’t consider it true, then you’re just trying to shut conservatives out of the conversation while you trample on OUR FREEDUMZ!

  2. rustybrown2012 says:

    I kind of said the same thing on this site a couple of hours ago:

    We’ve been over this, but I’ll just note that the bfv idiots seem unaware that not all sources of information carry the same weight. For our contention that AGW is real and we’ve just experienced the 3 hottest months since they started keeping records in the 1800’s, we rely on the most prestigious scientific bodies in the world that cross-check independently gathered data using different methods. For their contention that this information is a grand hoax they use Rush Limbaugh, a regional cold spell, and reports on the temperature of Spook’s chilly pond. And then they wonder when we will finally admit we were wrong. Jesus.

  3. rustybrown2012 says:

    I don’t mind if you paraphrase my posts, but a hat tip would be nice!

  4. Did I paraphrase one of your posts? For the record, I posted this article about a half hour before your most recent comment in the B4V Sucks thread. I thought you had read this and were summarizing over there. 🙂

  5. rustybrown2012 says:


    Too bad all data presented by governments is suspect after they have been caught more than once faking data, models and conclusions.

    (his link, just to be clear)

    No, too bad you and your ridiculous source (hint: you might want to be skeptical about the scientific veracity of your source if they use ALL CAPS in their headlines) continue to confuse weather with climate. It’s well and good to point out that the EPA recorded an unusual heat trend in the U.S. in the 30’s, but your resultant hypothesis of conspiracy begs two questions: How and when has this information ever been deliberately covered up? And: What the fuck does this have to do with global temperatures?

    • Meanwhile, Spook needs to take a shower. I would suggest he just jump in the lake, but it’s probably still covered over with ice.

      • rustybrown2012 says:

        Polar bear clubs. They just confirm his theory.

      • meursault1942 says:

        You have to take it easy on poor Spook. While nobody at B4V is capable of hacking it in the real world (thus the protective bubble of B4V they cower in), Spook might just be the least capable out of any of them–quite an accomplishment when you consider he has competition like CSL and tired.

        Plus, as I’ve been noting for a while, he’s been losing his grip for a while and may finally be coming to the frayed ends of sanity. It might be some sort of degenerative thing he can’t help (which would be sad), or it might simply be the natural result of ensconcing himself in the bubble for so long (which is also sad, but his own stupid fault).

      • I have a little different take on Spook et al. Clearly, they _are_ able to hack it in the real world. We know that Spook was an analyst in the US Naval Security Group for 25 years, after which he ran a small business with no employees. Cluster appears to be reasonably successful at his business. If you called him up to discuss a deal, you’d never know that he has this outspoken conservative side. So it’s not that they can’t function in the real world.

        I also keep in mind that what we see of each other here on the Internet is just a sliver of who we really are. They remind me of some of my older conservative relatives. They frequently look back on the golden days of the fifties and lament that everything has turned to shit (ETTS). They seem to forget that they themselves fathered children out of wedlock as teenagers while they were still in high school–the kind of behavior they now complain about in other people.

        It seems that every generation complains about ETTS. I was in a museum in New Mexico and they had on display a book printed in the seventeenth century. The museum’s description of the book, which was written in Spanish, was that it essentially railed against the fact that the old traditions were being abandoned by the new generation. That is, everything was turning to shit.

        What’s baffling is that someone like Spook, who presumably spent the bulk of his adult life analyzing and interpreting data, can so easily dismiss facts, alternative opinions, and counterarguments. It’s as though his ideology prevents him from employing the very techniques that we assume made him a successful member of the American intelligence community.

      • meursault1942 says:

        “What’s baffling is that someone like Spook, who presumably spent the bulk of his adult life analyzing and interpreting data, can so easily dismiss facts, alternative opinions, and counterarguments. It’s as though his ideology prevents him from employing the very techniques that we assume made him a successful member of the American intelligence community.”

        That’s really the crux of it: He’s gone through foxification. Lots of people have talked about seeing this happen, typically with their parents. Once smart, intellectually curious, rational people, said parents started watching nothing but Fox News–and, slowly, more of it per day–and gradually lost touch with reality as they transformed into deranged teabaggers, constantly spouting the wingnut talking points du jour.

        Spook’s done the same thing, though it seems like he had wingnuttish tendencies all along. He’s cocooned himself in that closed information loop wingers have set up for themselves, and the unceasing barrage of lies, craziness, conspiracy theories, and brazen hypocrisy is having quite deleterious effects on him to the point where he’s lost the ability to even recognize what facts are and instead spends his days fantasizing about a treasonous rebellion against his country.

      • rustybrown2012 says:

        I agree that Spook shows all the signs of Foxification and is undoubtedly crazier than he used to be, but I wouldn’t discount the very real possibility that perhaps he has always been somewhat of a moron. I certainly see no reason to think otherwise. Supposedly he was in the military and was self employed afterward. So what? The world is filled with incompetent mediocrities skating by at their jobs, who’s to say Spook wasn’t one of them? As I say, I’m just going by the facts available to me, and all of Spooks writing clearly indicates he’s an idiot; I have no reason to speculate that he was ever different.

      • mitchethekid says:

        If you want to read the musings of an ex-military intelligence officer, I highly recommend Jim at Stonekettlestation. The guy is brilliant and a fabulous writer.

      • rustybrown2012 says:

        I’ll say one thing for Spook, he seems basically honest and straightforward. He’s a straight shooter who can’t shoot straight. I generally put him and Mark in the Earnest Simpleton category, although Marks fanaticism sort of puts him in a class by himself. Cluster, Ama, and Tired are much worse for not only are they simpletons, they’re also deeply dishonest and mean spirited.

      • mitchethekid says:

        Mean is right. Although their attempt at cruelty falls short, it’s their meanness that motivates them.

    • 02casper says:

      Interesting link. You link to a story written by someone who normally writes about food and health (and as far as I can discern has no education in either subject), who links to an article written by another non scientist and confuses weather with climate and you consider it a “good source”. Not everything on the Internet is true and this is one of the worst links you have ever come up with.

  6. 02casper says:


    “Dismal reading comprehension as usual there cappy. This was just one of many sources that showed the government agencies altering temperature data.”

    And yet you only list one and a flawed one at that.

    “You want to talk links? You brought up a link awhile back showing the success of obamacare exchanges. The government did not track this data, but posted a link from some guy that knew how to use Excel and he stated his limitations and knowledge on the subject. You posted it as gospel and the source of obamacare successes.”

    You are right. And the link I used has been validated many times over.

    “It is amazing. Australia has a cold snap and out trots Algore with his usual sky is falling crap and you drones swarm to it. There he is, not a expert, his “documentary” is riddled with errors and you drones hold him as an authority. He confuses weather with climate as he did with Australia’s cold snap.”

    I’ve never considered Al Gore an expert on anything.

    “Cappy as usual you make fool of yourself. Again since teacher tenure is in danger by recent legal precedence, you should seek a new career. Your intelligence level is on full display and it does not look good.”

    You are the one making a fool of yourself. And I don’t have tenure. I have a continuing contract. Different thing. I can and will teach as long as I am doing a good job and I enjoy it.

  7. casper says:

    I believe this covers the subject fairly well.

  8. don’t you cluster’s newest prediction. There will be crisis somewhere in the world. To predict a fight in the middle east is so laughable. There is always a fight in gaza every 6 months. Now it is obama’s fault

  9. 02casper says:

    Cluster is having a hard time finding someone to have a conversation with. The Moderator (Ama) keeps banning anyone who disagrees with her. Which proves, yo should never give that kind of power to someone w.ith Narcissistic personality disorder.

  10. I am very pro-israel but to predict there is going to be some sort of terrorism somewhere in the world is ridiculous. It is like saying someone is going to win the lottery in the next month or there will be presidential election. It is going to happen. They are just getting more and more demented

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