Weekly B4V Sucks Thread

Posted: August 1, 2014 by Marner in Open Thread

Because you guys get unruly when you don’t have one.

  1. meursault1942 says:

    Thought I’d check in on the ol’ funny farm, and the unraveling of Mark Noonan continues apace. His latest? Conservatives should just plain make up shit and demand that it be accepted as fact. To wit:

    Don’t agree that they want a solution to the immigration problem – announce that their whole plan is to ensure that criminal gangs on the border can continue to rob, rape and murder the illegals. Say it – on TV: “the President’s plan is that poor, Central American kids be abused by criminal gangs”.

    Sure, they’ve been demanding that their made-up shit be accepted as fact for years now–it’s the entirety of the conservative project these days, the only way it can sustain itself (remember: one cannot find a contemporary conservative position that is not based on lies). But Noonan insists that they not even try to give it a sheen of plausibility. He just wants them to express their hatred and derangement as bluntly as possible (he says this, by the way, in a post that ostensibly is about how “immoral” liberals are–pretty funny, huh?).

    So for those keeping score at home, here’s what the B4V’s brain trust has come up with as The Surefire Path To Victory for Righteous Conservatives:

    Noonan: Refuse to debate; just make shit up and stick with it
    CSL: Refuse to address any issues people care about; just mindlessly chant “limited government”
    Cluster: Refuse to debate; just be a dick and people will love it

    Maybe they really are trying that Pure Remnant Theology tactic.

    • 02casper says:

      I’ve noticed that Mark has been making up a lot of things lately. His last post had more strawmen than all the fields in Iowa.

      • meursault1942 says:

        Also, Mark has said a lot of remarkably ignorant things over his blogging career. Most of them are more on the funny side than the sad side, but this post of his might just be the most ignorant thing he’s ever said, and it’s definitely on the sad side:

        my guess is that she means that if black people in 1953 had the same opportunities as white people then all would be well. Thing is, that was pretty much the case – as is proved by Jackie Robinson in sports, both General Davis’ (father and son) in the military, Thurgood Marshall in law, etc, etc, etc. There was racism, of course – but by mid-20th century, it kept no enterprising African-American down…and as year after year went by, it became less and less an obstacle…until, just recently (or, so I’ve heard) we even managed to elect a black President.

        It’s almost impossible to know where to start with what’s wrong with that. And remember: Mark considers himself unbelievably well-informed about history. Like, he thinks he knows more than historians. Yet somehow, he managed to miss the systematic exclusion of blacks from property ownership, the systematic exclusion of blacks from business ownership, the systematic attacks on blacks by financial institutions, the systematic (and ongoing) attempts by conservatives to keep blacks from voting. And on and on and on. But, you know, Jackie Robinson made the big leagues andThurgood Marshall made it to the Supreme Court, therefore there was no racism at all.

        It’s hard to imagine being as ignorant as Mark. But it’s not just that he’s so mind-bogglingly ignorant, it’s that he’s so sure he’s right about everything. He reads the above quotes and sees flawless logic and pure facts. That type of ignorance is just sorry. And it’s pathetic that he labors so hard to maintain that ignorance, but hey, if he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t be a conservative.

      • 02casper says:

        Mark reads a lot, but is scared to take a college history course. He’s scared a professor might see through his crap and call him on it. He would rather pretend he knows more about everything than those who studied it.

      • mitchethekid says:

        Mark Noonan is the embodiment of a combination of emotional issues. An inferiority complex compensated by a stunningly massive sense of self worth. Projection, resentment, moralizing and most of all blaming. He has a very low opinion of humanity and his religious beliefs are the well-spring of his world view. I think he is a sad an lonely person. A Walter Mitty if there ever was one. I think he has blurred the line between his personal fantasy and cold reality.

  2. 02casper says:

    Wow, Mark is ready to recycle Romney as a candidate in 2016. considering he was one of the worst candidates for president ever, it shows how bad the other candidates are.

  3. Cluster:

    “I would be thrilled if Romney ran a second time.”

    He already ran a second time, idiot.

    • 02casper says:

      That was me not cluster and I know he ran in 2008 and 2012. What I would like to see is him as the Republican candidate once again.

      • Sorry Casper, I’m used to such errors coming from Custer. Although you misspoke, you’re not an idiot, for you’re not wrong 99% of the time, like Cluster.

  4. 02casper says:

    Thanks. I want Romney for several reasons. He is a serial liar, a one percenter, a man who doesn’t care for almost half the citizens of the country and a person who generally comes off as a dick. The only reason anyone wants him is because the rest of the field is so bad.

    • meursault1942 says:

      Romney will forever remind people of their full-of-shit boss who skates through life while they have to work for a living. And he forever reminds people of that guy because he is that guy. Hilarious that the wingers are talking themselves into him again. It’s like a dog licking up his own vomit.

  5. rustybrown2012 says:

    Oh, I don’t know about that. After all, Rick Perry is running again!

  6. rustybrown2012 says:


    “the message of the far right simply does not resonate with a girl who was 14 in 2008 and will be a voting woman in 2016 and these people must be appealed to by any GOP candidate to avoid a blowout.”

    Oh, I don’t know about that. Most twenty-four year old women are much more concerned with whether America is currently aligned with their personal interpretations of the intent of our country’s founding documents than with safe, legal abortion and access to birth control as basic preventative health care. Most twenty-four year old women are much more concerned with comparing and contrasting abstract political systems than with workplace protection, childcare, and not having to worry about transvaginal ultrasounds. Right Ama?

    • Oh, and I forgot states’ rights. Years ago, when I was in the dating pool of twenty-four year olds, I can’t tell you how valuable a thorough spiel on states’ rights was. I would start my preamble, and babes would gather round like moths to a flame.

  7. meursault1942 says:

    Yet another wingnut BENGHAZIIIIIII!!!!!!one!!!11 investigation comes up empty. Poor wingnuts. They’re 0 for…how many now? I’ve lost track.

  8. rustybrown2012 says:

    Cluster queries Sarah:

    “Does it offend you at all to know that (Rusty) obviously thinks the most important issue to a woman when voting is what is between her legs, and who will protect her? And of course that “babes” are not at all interested in intelligent political discourse?

    Gee Cluster, I guess it might offend her if I’d expressed anything remotely close to those sentiments, but I hadn’t, you moron.

    “Why do you continue to vote for an ideology, and particularly males within that ideology, who have very little regard for your intelligence and capability?”

    I can’t put words in Sarah’s mouth, but probably because we have much more regard for women’s rights than conservatives do and we’re not lying shitbags like you.

  9. rustybrown2012 says:

    Ama on 8/4:

    ”It was once said that the GOP was a “big tent”. It was, and it still is, though some people in the tent want to exclude people who do not think exactly as they do. There are some who want to be gatekeepers, telling those with differing views on some issues that they are not welcome….Within this huge tent there will be factions, factions with disagreements with other factions about all sorts of things….There will be, in this tent, a lot of squabbling and even name-calling, and a lot of disagreement.”

    Ama on 8/6:

    “You people crack me up. You don’t even know what a party IS, what it MEANS. To you politically illiterate, there is nothing bizarre in claiming that two people have completely different political beliefs but JUST HAPPEN to be in the same party, indicating abject ignorance of what it means to BE in a party.”

    In her defense, I guess a lot can happen in the course of two days to make one contradict oneself so thoroughly. Traumatic brain injury, for instance.

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