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From the Weekly Standard:

House speaker John Boehner told President Obama at a White House meeting last Friday to give the House “one more chance” to pass a bill on immigration. Boehner referenced this conversation at the House Republican conference meeting Thursday morning, according to sources in the room.

Geez, he sounds like a child. Or maybe a bully who, when finally confronted, begs everyone to be cool because he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Speaker Boehner’s been sitting on a bill for year that he refuses to put up for a vote, because he knows that it would pass if he did.

One House member in Thursday’s GOP conference meeting says Boehner said his message to the president was: “Just give us one more chance to pass an immigration bill.” Another member says those weren’t the House speaker’s exact words but confirmed Boehner mentioned requesting the president hold off on taking executive action.

Give them one more chance? Seriously, why would anyone believe them?

Now Republicans are talking about government shutdowns and impeachment. That’ll go over well. Republicans act like they’re powerless to do anything else–like actually taking up legislation, the thing they were voted into office to do. But nah, that’s antithetical to their true intentions, which is to reject anything President Obama might agree with because, you know, it would give him some legitimacy. And if there’s one thing Republicans have worked tireless at for six years, it’s to deny President Obama legitimacy.

On the other hand, you might almost think President Obama was baiting them into stupid behavior, but nah, conservatives know he’s just not very smart; certainly not smart enough to do that.

in the meantime, the thought of John Boehner begging (probably crying, too) does make me chuckle.

Mr. President, I promise I'll do better if you just give me one more chance. This time I mean it.

Mr. President, I promise I’ll do better if you just give me one more chance. This time I mean it.