The conservative response to global warming: “Who Cares?”

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With the recent confirmations by NOAA, NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency that 2014 was the hottest year on record, conservatives have gone through a few stages of dealing with that reality. First, they tried to impugn the data. Second, they claimed that global warming is so minimal that it doesn’t matter. Third?

Well, every once in a while, conservatives express themselves with such candor that it is actually refreshing, if not revealing. Such was the case when our favorite retired Naval intelligence officer said this, in response to the fact that 2014 was the hottest year on record:

Who cares? The Left doesn’t care if my descendants live in a less free, less prosperous world. Why should I care if their descendants live in a slightly warmer world. Besides, in the over all scheme of things, warmer is better than colder. You want to watch a Liberal’s head explode? Ask them how much colder they’d like it to be, and what scientific principles they propose using to get to that temperature. Better yet, ask them what significant changes they’ve made in their personal lives and how much of their income the’ve voluntarily donated to help address the problem.

Wow. At the heart of his statement is what motivates conservative thinking these days, which is, “I’ve got mine, now fuck off.” It’s a desire, more than anything, to just maintain the status quo, which is not surprising coming from individuals are already well off and taken care of. Disrupting the status quo is perceived as a threat, and that, ultimately, is the emotion that guides their thinking. (It’s also worth pointing out that, in stating that he doesn’t care about the climate that will confront “their [liberals’] descendants,” he tacitly admits that he also doesn’t care about his own descendants. That is truly breathtaking. It is sad that such individuals can’t look beyond themselves.)

But then he moves on to acceptance that the world is warming, and states with impunity that, not only does it not matter, it will actually be better for humanity. “Warmer is better than colder.” This is truly ignorant. Since this conservative lives on Frozen Pond, Indiana, the direct experience he has recently had is actually colder temperatures. This is because the easter part of the United States is one of the few places on earth that was actually colder than average in 2014, as can be seen in this map.

As far as “warmer is better,” it’s such a simplistic and superficial analysis that it strains credulity to believe that an intelligent person would make it. Since residents of Frozen Pond consider themselves to be a part of the heartland of the United States — the “real Americans” –– perhaps this analysis from the State of Wisconsin will help:

On the plus side, a warming climate during the first half of this century could mean lower winter heating costs, a longer frost-free growing season and better yields of some crops. It is also expected to improve forest growth, and enlarge resident populations of birds, warmwater fishes, reptiles and small mammals, especially nuisance animals like mice, bats, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and opossums. Waterborne commerce will enjoy longer ice-free shipping seasons on the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi River. Winter recreation may suffer, but summer recreation could enjoy a boom.

On the minus side, as the climate continues to warm, it will bring higher summer cooling costs, more frequent ozone alerts, and longer, more intense heat waves. Over time, the benefits of a warming climate for agriculture will likely be outweighed by the adverse effects of declining soil moisture and more frequent droughts, severe storm and erosion damage, and a northward invasion of various warm-climate crop and livestock pests and pathogens. The need to irrigate crops and greater urban demands for water will strain groundwater supplies in some areas. Warmer, damp conditions will cause populations of disease-carrying insects to swell and spread, and outbreaks of infectious diseases like West Nile virus may increase.

Greater evaporation due to generally warmer temperatures and less winter ice cover are expected to cause Great Lakes water levels to decline several feet, threatening coastal drinking water supply systems as well as waterborne commerce, and causing shipping, dredging and harbor maintenance costs to rise. Barge and train traffic through the Upper Mississippi River Valley could be interrupted alternately by low summer-autumn stream flows and winter-spring floods. Warmer water temperatures and increased stormwater runoff will reduce the water quality of many inland lakes and rivers as well as Great Lakes coastal waters.

Longer, hotter, drier summers and increasing evaporation will result in warmer and shallower rivers, shrinking wetlands, and dried-up streams, flowages and wild rice beds. Algal blooms will create anoxic conditions for aquatic life in ponds and many lakes. These conditions will reduce the amount of suitable habitat available for trout and other cold-water fishes, amphibians and waterfowl. A two-degree rise in temperature could wipe out half of Wisconsin’s 2,700 trout streams. Hot dry conditions, coupled with more frequent thunderstorms and lightning, will increase the chance of forest fires. Red pine, aspen and spruce trees will disappear from our northern forests.

And that’s just Wisconsin, which would be impacted less by global warming than other regions. And a lot of food is grown in other regions –– like California, whose prolonged drought certainly threatens the food supply of the country. (California has been the top food and agricultural producer in the United States for more than 50 consecutive years, and produces more than half of the nation’s fruit, nuts, and vegetables.) But cloistered conservatives on Frozen Pond can’t think beyond their porch — even ones who should know better.

Finally, he asks, “what significant changes [liberals have] made in their personal lives and how much of their income the’ve voluntarily donated to help address the problem.” The implication, of course, is that he knows the answer, which is that liberals have done nothing. And he’s wrong again. And again, it’s because he is unable to look any further than Frozen Pond. No electric or hybrid cars in Frozen Pond? Must mean that no one is buying them anywhere. No solar installations at Frozen Pond? Obviously no one is using solar anywhere. I personally know a lot of people who have bought electric cars in the last couple of years. And I know a lot of people who have installed solar panels on their homes. But that doesn’t count in Frozen Pond because they can’t see such people from their porches.

And we haven’t even gotten to the government policies that liberals support with their own tax dollars, which comes from their own pockets. And here the conservative argument falls apart again, because they already know that there are government policies that have been put in place by so-called liberals, which conservatives abhor. So therefore they know that liberals do support changes that will affect their personal lives and their own pocketbooks. After all, who put these “liberal” elected officials into office? Conservatives? I don’t think so.

I can respect a thoughtful argument questioning the effects of global warming and the policies that should be undertaken in response. But ignorant responses motivated solely out of fear need to be called out.

  1. 02casper says:

    Finally, he asks, “what significant changes [liberals have] made in their personal lives and how much of their income the’ve voluntarily donated to help address the problem.”

    I’ve driven a Prius for the last 6 years. I recycle. I’ve put in new windows and doors that are more energy efficient. I take reusable bags to the grocery store. The good news is that much of this saves me money. My late wife and I have donated thousands of dollars and our time to help elect people who are reality based.

    • Indeed, Toyota has sold move than 6 million hybrid vehicles. But that won’t count in Spook world because he’ll just say, well, you were going to buy a car anyway. That’s no sacrifice. No, he insists that you must punish yourself in the name of combating global warming. He can’t conceive of the idea that you can both do something about global warming _and_ not be punished for it. Those of us with solar certainly don’t feel punished when we don’t have to pay an electric company.

      • 02casper says:

        You certainly don’t have to punish yourself to be a responsible citizen. You also aren’t losing any freedoms either.

  2. 02casper says:

    I checked out several of tired’s sources and they all are receiving big bucks for big oil or other conservatives.

  3. meursault1942 says:

    Wow. Ol’ Spook really stepped in it, didn’t he? You’ve already disassembled him as far as the science of warming and the response to it, but this line of his really jumped out at me and deserves some unpacking:

    “The Left doesn’t care if my descendants live in a less free, less prosperous world.”

    Shockingly enough, Spook has made an assertion that doesn’t hold water!

    First of all, “less free” is a joke. Any time liberals do something conservatives don’t like, the conservative response is that their “freedom” is being taken away. But the thing is, they can’t point to any actual freedom that they’ve lost; at best, they offer up paranoid delusions about what freedom they might possibly lose in some future dystopia, but actual freedom? Nope, not lost. Conservatives, however, are actively cracking down on voting rights, actively attempting to curtail gay rights, and so on. So if Spook is concerned about his descendants living in a “less free” world, perhaps he should stop championing the loss of freedom.

    And as for prosperity, well, the facts speak quite loudly for themselves–and they directly contradict Spook’s assertion. Conservative policies are hugely damaging to prosperity, and we’ve seen that over and over. Bush took a healthy economy from Clinton and promptly destroyed it. Obama has taken the smoking wreckage that Bush gave him and gotten it working again–and all the while, conservatives swore that Bush would create prosperity and Obama would destroy it. They could not possibly have been more wrong about both of those things. On the state level, we that Brownback has trashed Kansas, that Scott Walker has crippled Wisconsin, and that Bobby Jindal (surprise surprise) has done the same to Louisiana. Red states are perpetually mired in poverty. Meanwhile, blue states are succeeding–again, squarely in the face of conservative predictions to the contrary. So if Spook is so concerned about his descendants living in a “less prosperous” world, perhaps he should stop championing policies that are blatantly obvious failures and that are hugely destructive to prosperity.

    Poor old guy just can’t seem to get anything right, can he? Bless his little heart.

  4. 02casper says:

    Tired just posted a thread about all of the promises that Obama made that haven’t happened. What he failed to mention was that the reason they haven’t happened is because the assholes in his party hav done everything they can to keep our first black president from succeeding. He also doesn’t list the things Obama has accomplished.

  5. 02casper says:
    Here is the list. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Perhaps you would like to mention what he has done. Here’s What He’s Done Returned The Executive Branch To Fiscal Responsibility Within his first week, he signed an Executive Order ordering an audit of government contracts, and combating waste and abuse. Created the post of Chief Performance Officer, whose job it is to make operations more efficient to save the federal government money. On his first full day, he froze White House salaries. He appointed the first Federal Chief Information Officer to oversee federal IT spending. He committed to phasing out unnecessary and outdated weapons systems. To that end, he also signed the Democratic-sponsored Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act, which attempted to put a stop to waste, fraud and abuse in the defense procurement and contracting system. Through an executive order, he created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Prevented a Bush Depression and Improved the Economy Pushed through and signed the Democratic-sponsored American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as “the stimulus package.” The bill passed, even though only three Republicans voted for it. In a major departure from the previous administration, he launched, a website that allows taxpayers to track spending from the Act. The Bush-led Great Recession was costing the economy nearly 800,000 jobs per month by the time President Obama took office. But by the end of his first year, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created and sustained 2.1 million jobs and stimulated the economy by 3.5%. Not only did he completed the massive TARP financial and banking rescue plan, he also leaned on the banks and others, and recovered virtually all of the bail-out money. He created the Making Home Affordable home refinancing plan. Oversaw the creation of more jobs in 2010 alone than Bush did in eight years. Along with Democrats, and almost no Republicans, implemented an auto industry rescue plan, and saved as many as 1 million jobs. Many are of the opinion that he saved the entire auto industry, and even the economy of the entire Midwest. resulted in GM returning to its place as the top car company in the world. Doubled funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which is designed to improve manufacturing efficiency. Signed the Democratic-sponsored Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act giving the federal government more tools to investigate and prosecute fraud in every corner of the financial system, and create a bipartisan Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to investigate the financial fraud that led to the economic meltdown. Signed the Democratic-sponsored Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act, which was designed to to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive credit card practices. Increased infrastructure spending after years of neglect. Signed the Democratic-sponsored and passed Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, expanding on the Making Home Affordable Program to help millions of Americans avoid preventable foreclosures. The bill also provided $2.2 billion to help combat homelessness, and to stabilize the housing market. Through the Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009, he and Congressional Democrats provided tax credits to first-time home buyers, which helped the U.S. housing market recovery. Initiated a $15 billion plan designed to encourage increased lending to small businesses. Created, which allows for online collaboration between small businesses and experts re managing a business. (The program has since merged with Played a lead role in getting the G-20 Summit to commit to a $1.1 trillion deal to combat the global financial crisis. Took steps to improve minority access to capital. Signed an Executive Order instructing federal agencies to review all federal regulations and remove any unnecessary and/or burdensome regulations from the books. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, saved at least 300,000 education jobs, such as teachers, principals, librarians, and counselors that would have otherwise been lost. Dismantled the Minerals Management Service, thereby cutting ties between energy companies and the government. Along with Congressional Democrats, provided funding to states and the Department of Homeland Security to save thousands of police and firefighter jobs from being cut during the recession. Used recovered TARP money to fund programs at local housing finance agencies in California, Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Michigan. Crafted and signed an executive order establishing the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability to assist in financial education for all Americans. China’s largest manufacturer, Foxconn, is building a large plant in Pennsylvania Worked with Apple Computer to get them to build more product here, and thecompany is building two large plants to manufacture products here; one in Texas and one in Arizona Oversaw increase of manufacturing jobs by more than 500,000 since 2010, and created an institute to invest in more manufacturing jobs in the technology fields of the future. Ordered all federal contractors to pay a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour, leading the way to a national increase. Ordered the completion of the International Trade Data System, a digital trade record book, by 2016. This move will streamline and simplify the process through which small- and medium-sized businesses set up the export of US goods. Created a climate in which there have been 55 consecutive months of job growth, totaling more than 10 million jobs, which is roughly 10,000,000 more jobs than Bush created in eight years. is also the longest stretch of private-sector job growth in US history. Led the country to 64 consecutive months of economic expansion, eclipsing Saint Reagan’s record, by far. Oversaw a reduction in the dollar amount of the federal budget deficit by two-thirds since taking office. Reduced the federal budget deficit from 9.8% of GDP in Fiscal Year 2009 under Bush, to 2.9% of GDP in FY 2014. Under Obama, the stock market has reached record highs, restoring most of the economic losses felt during the Bush Recession, when it reached record lows, adjusted for inflation. Brought Much-Improved Transparency and Better Government Signed an order banning gifts from lobbyists to anyone in the Executive Branch. Signed an order banning anyone from working in an agency they had lobbied in previous years, and put strict limits on lobbyists’ access to the White House. Held the first-ever first online town hall from the White House, and took questions from the public. Became the first to stream every White House event, live. Established a central portal for Americans to find service opportunities. Issued an Executive Order on Presidential Records, which restored the 30-day time frame for former presidents to review records, and eliminated the right for the vice president or family members of former presidents to do the reviews. Provides the public with greater access to historic White House documents, and severely curtails the ability to use executive privilege to shield them. Improved aspects of the Freedom of Information Act, and issued new guidelines to make FOIA more open and transparent when processing FOIA requests. Proposed rules that would streamline the Department of Education’s procurement policies and make them more transparent. Provided the first voluntary disclosure of the White House Visitors Log in history. Wall Street Reforms and Consumer Protection Ordered 65 executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until they paid back all bailout money. Along with Congressional Democrats, pushed through and got passed Dodd-Frank, one of the largest and most comprehensive Wall Street reforms since the Great Depression. By signing Dodd-Frank legislation, created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Created rules that reduce the influence of speculators in the oil market. Fashioned rules so that banks can no longer use YOUR money to invest in high-risk financial instruments that work against their own customers’ interests. Supported the concept of allowing stockholders to vote on executive compensation. Endorsed and supported the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009 that would close offshore tax avoidance loopholes. Negotiated a deal with Swiss banks that now permits the US government to gain access to the records of criminals and tax evaders. Signed the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act, which closed many of the loopholes that allowed companies to send jobs overseas, and avoid paying US taxes by moving money offshore. Established a Consumer Protection Financial Bureau designed to protect consumers from financial sector excesses. Oversaw and then signed a Democratic bill constituting the most sweeping food safety legislation since the Great Depression. Through the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, extended the False Claims Act to combat fraud by companies and individuals usingmoney from the TARP and Stimulus programs. Set up rules for banks in handling legal marijuana money. Signed Executive Order to add a number of further protections to consumer financial transactions, to further limit instances of identity theft. Took steps to prevent pirate fishing and protect fish populations, and ordered stricter labeling requirements on labeling of seafood products in stores. Enhanced Civil Rights and Anti-Discrimination Along with Congressional Democrats, advocated for and signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which made it a federal crime to assault anyone based on his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Pushed through, signed and demanded the Pentagon enact a repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that forced soldiers to lie in order to be eligible to fight for their country, and put our troops at risk by disqualifying many qualified soldiers from helping. Extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. Appointed more openly gay officials than anyone in history. Appointed first openly transgender Cabinet Official in History. Changed HUD rules to prohibit gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination in housing Changed his mind and publicly expressed support for same-sex marriage. Issued a Presidential Memorandum reaffirming the rights of gay couples to make medical decisions for each other. Wrote and signed an Executive Order establishing a White House Council on Women and Girls to ensure that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies evaluate the effect of their policies and programs on women and families. Signed the Democratic-sponsored Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which restored basic protections against pay discrimination for women and other workers. This was after the GOP blocked the bill in 2007. Only 5 Republican Senators voted for the bill. Signed two executive orders that mirror provisions of the Paycheck Fairness Act, because the GOP Congress refuses to pass it. It makes is possible for employees to talk about their salaries without retaliation, and orders salary data collection. These measures will make it harder for employers to pay women less. Expanded funding for the Violence Against Women Act. Under his guidance, National Labor Relations Board issued final rules that require all employers to prominently post employees’ rights where all employees or prospective employees can see it, including all websites and intranets. Advocated that United Nations adopt a policy supporting gay rights worldwide. Issued an order requiring hospitals to allow visitation by same-sex couples. Appointed Kareem Dale as the first ever Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy. Helped Democrats in Congress pass and signed the Civil Rights History Act. Established the White House Council of Native American Affairs, to improve government-to-government relations with Native American nations. Formed a commission to examine and make recommendations for fixing the broken voting system. As soon as the Supreme Court invalidated the Defense of Marriage Act, he moved to extend federal benefits to same-sex couples. At a press conference August 9, 2013, gave up a small measure of executive power, promising to create adversarial process in FISA regarding NSA surveillance. Proposed new HUD rules that would enhance Fair Housing Laws, to give HUD and other enforcement agencies more teeth in enforcing them. Shattered another glass ceiling by naming Janet Yellen chair of the Federal Reserve beginning Feb. 1, 2014. Appointed several prominent gay athletes and others, and plans to show US government’s commitment to gay rights to anti-gay Russia. Ordered a review of capital punishment policies after several botched executions. Obama’s Department of Agriculture propagated new rules designed to better enforce nondiscrimination when it comes to USDA investigations. These rules also extended nondiscrimination to gender identity. Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission clarified and strengthened rules prohibiting discrimination against pregnant workers. Banned all federal contractors from discriminating against gay workers. Created a requirement in which companies who bid on federal contracts of more than $500,000 must publicly disclose all previous violations of labor law, including unpaid claims for back wages. Made it illegal for federal contractors with more than $1 million in contracts to force employees into arbitration to settle workplace discrimination accusations. The Obama Department of Justice made significant reductions in drug sentencing guidelines for current prisoners, thus releasing thousands from US prisons. This is the first step in 30 years toward reducing the US prison population, which is the highest in the world. Thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, inflation in the healthcare sector dropped to its lowest point in 50 years. Through a Presidential Memorandum, changed the rules to concentrate immigration enforcement on those who commit crimes, and voed to stop breaking up families. Through another Presidential memorandum, President Obama streamlined the visa process, to make it more responsive and humane for those who want t be here legally. Major Improvements in Foreign Relations, American Status Around the World Visited more countries and met with more world leaders than any previous president during his first six months in office. As he promised, he gave a speech at a major Islamic forum in Cairo early in his administration. Helped to restore America’s reputation around the world as a global leader that does the “right thing” in world affairs, at least according to the rest of the world. Re-established and reinforced our partnership with NATO and other allies on strategic international issues. Closed a number of secret detention facilities. Improved relations with Middle East countries by appointing special envoys. Pushed forward the first realistic Middle East peace strategy in more than a decade, without abandoning the two-state solution. Pushed for military to emphasize devlopment of foreign language skills. Offered $400 million to the people living in Gaza, called on both Israel and the Palestinians to stop inciting violence. Refused to give Israel the green light to attack Iran over their possible nuclear program, and thus avoid another war that Republicans wanted. Ordered the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay. It was Republicans (and, unfortunately, progressive Democrats) who prevented follow through. Ordered a review of our detention and interrogation policy, and prohibited the use of torture, or what Bush called “enhanced interrogation.” He ordered interrogators to limit their actions to the Army Field manual. Ordered all secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and elsewhere to be closed. Released the Bush torture memos. On his second day in office, he signed a detailed Executive Order that banned torture, reversed all Bush torture policies, and put the United States in compliance with the Geneva Convention. In response to the emerging “Arab Spring,” he created a Rapid Response fund, to assist emerging democracies with foreign aid, debt relief, technical assistance and investment packages in order to show that the United States stands with them. Ended the F-22 program, saving $4 billion. Though the single-seat, twin-engine, fighter aircraft cost $358 million each, and the military had 187 built, the F-22 never flew a combat mission. as an aside, that “fiscally conservative” Republican Party fought to keep it.) Passed the Iran Sanctions Act, to prevent war and encourage the Iranian government to give up their nuclear program. Ended the Iraq War. Worked to keep our withdrawal from Afghanistan on track, despite GOP opposition. that commitment in 2014. Authorized and oversaw a secret mission by SEAL Team Six to rescue two hostages held by Somali pirates. Through United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, helped negotiate a peaceful split of Sudan into two countries, this allowing for the creation of an independent South Sudan. Worked with Democratic Congress to make donations to Haiti tax deductible in 2009. Established a new U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Issued Executive Order blocking interference and helping to stabilize Somalia. Established new, more reasonable policies in our relations with Cuba, such as allowing Cuban-Americans to visit their families and send money to support them. A More Realistic Approach to “Defense” and National Security Created a comprehensive new strategy for dealing with the international nuclear threat. Authorized a $1.4 billion reduction in Star Wars program in 2010. Restarted nuclear nonproliferation talks and built up the nuclear inspection infrastructure/protocols to where they had been before Bush. Signed and pushed through ratification a new SALT Treaty. Negotiated and signed a new START Treaty that will lst until at least 2021. Through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), reversed the Bush Administration and committed to no permanent military bases in Iraq. Developed first comprehensive strategy with regard to Afghanistan and Pakistan designed to facilitate the defeat of al Qaeda and the withdrawal of most troops, as well as the rebuilding of Afghanistan. Returned our focus to Afghanistan, stabilized the country, and began the process of withdrawing our troops from the country. Negotiated a deal with Afghan govenment, to withdraw troops and military support, while assisting in rebuilding and modernizing of the country. Took steps to severely weaken al Qaeda and limited their ability to terrorize the world. Negotiated and signed a nuclear nonproliferation treaty with India. Took decisive action to use NATO to limit the slaughter of innocents in Libya, so that the Libyan people could topple the despotic Khadaffy government and determine their own fate. Got Egyptian President/dictator Mubarak to leave the Egyptian government to the people, to determine their own fate. In 2011, reoriented American focus from the Middle East to the Asian-Pacific region by simultaneouly engaging China and crafting new alliances with Asian countries uncomfortable with Chinese behavior. Restored federal agencies such as FEMA to the point that they have been able to manage a huge number of natural disasters successfully. Authorized Navy SEALS to successfully secure the release of a US captain held by Somali pirates and increased patrols off the Somali coast. Has repeatedly beefed up border security Ordered and oversaw the Navy SEALS operation that killed Osama bin Laden. Established the Homeland Security Partnership Council, which will attempt to enhance the nation’s ability to “address homeland security priorities, from responding to natural disasters to preventing terrorism, by utilizing diverse perspectives, skills, tools, and resources.” Signed agreement with Afghanistan to end war, turn security over to Afghans. Breaking with presidential tradition, especially recent tradition, instead of just attacking Syria in the wake of chemical weapons attacks on Syrians, Obama ordered a full report on the decision-making process, should he decide to order one. Instead of holding hearings and trying to create a political football, quietly captured a suspect who actually committed the Benghazi terrorist attack. He is also getting a lot of useful information from the suspect. Returned Government to Treating Soldiers and Veterans with Dignity and Respect Provided active combat troops with better body armor. Created Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record program for military personnel, in order to improve the quality of their medical care. Put an end to the Bush-era stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan beyond their enlistment date. (personal note: my son will be in harm’s way for six fewer months with Obama as president, so you know I love this one.) Along with Congressional Democrats, supported and signed Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act, which made more money available to enable better medical care for veterans. Along with Congressional Democrats, ushered through largest spending increase in 30 years for Department of Veterans Affairs, with money to go to improved medical facilities, and to assist states in acquiring or constructing state nursing homes and extended care facilities. Created the Green Vet Initiative, which provided special funding to the Labor Department to provide veterans with training in green jobs. Initiated and signed a recruitment and employment plan to get more veterans into government jobs. Oversaw a $4.6 billion expansion of the Veterans Administration budget to pay for more mental health professionals. Signed the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, which ensures that spouses of military personnel who are forced to move because their spouse is posted for military duty will be able to avoid state taxes in their temporary residence. Issued an Executive Order to improve access to mental health care for veterans, military personnel and their families. was able to get Syria to dismantle its chemical weapons without military firing a single shot or dropping a single bomb. Along with Congressional Democrats, not only reauthorized families of fallen soldiers to be able to visit when the body arrives at Dover AFB, but also provided funding for it. Ended the media blackout on coverage of the return of fallen soldiers. Funded Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with an extra $1.4 billion to improve veterans’ services. Refocused the Federal Government on Education, Made Rational Reforms Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act , invested heavily in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. Created the Race to the Top program, which encouraged states to come up with effective school reforms and rewards the best of them. Oversaw major expansion of broadband availability in K-12 schools nationwide. Oversaw major expansion in school construction. Also through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, he put $5 billion into early education, including Head Start. Signed the Democratic-sponsored Post-9/11 GI Bill, also known as GI Bill 2.0 Oversaw expansion of the Pell Grants program, to expand opportunity for low and middle income students to go to college. Along with Democratic Congress, passed and signed Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which provided an extra $12.2 billion in funds. Took major new steps to protect students from ineffective for-profit colleges through “gainful employment” measures, whereby schools have to demonstrate that its students actually find work to get federal aid. Repeatedly increased funding for student financial aid, and at the same time cut the banks completely out of the process, thus us creating greater accountability. Reformed student loan program, to make it possible for students to refinance at a lower rate. Created a rating system for colleges, so that those applying for student financial aid know better what they’re paying for. An Adult View on Science, Technology and Health Care Created a Presidential Memorandum to restore scientific integrity in government decision-making. Opened up process for fast-tracking patent approval for green energy projects. Eliminated Bush-era restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, and provided increased federal support for biomedical and stem cell research. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, committed more federal funding, about $18 billion, to support non-defense science and research labs. Signed Democratic-sponsored Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, the first comprehensive attempt to improve the lives of Americans living with paralysis. Expanded the Nurse-Family Partnership program, which provides home visits by trained registered nurses to low-income expectant mothers and their families, to cover more first-time mothers. Obama EPA reversed research ethics standards which allowed humans to be used as “guinea pigs” in tests of the effects of chemicals, to comply with numerous codes of medical ethics. Conducted a cyberspace policy review. Provided financial support for private sector space programs. Oversaw enhanced earth mapping, to provide valuable data for agricultural, educational, scientific, and government use. Along with Democrats in Congress, ushered through and signed a bill authorizing FDA to regulate tobacco. As a result, the FDA has Ordered Tobacco Companies to Disclose Cigarette Ingredients and banned sale of cigarettes falsely labeled as “light.” Through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, provided $500 million for Health Professions Training Programs. Increased funding for community-based prevention programs. Oversaw a 50% decrease in cost of prescription drugs for seniors. Eliminated the Bush-era practice of forbidding Medicare from negotiating with drug companies on price. Two weeks after taking office, signed Democratic-sponsored Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act, which increased the number of children covered by health insurance by 4 million. Urged Congress to investigate Anthem Blue Cross for raising premiums 39% without explanation. Democratic Rep. Waxman responded by launching a probe, and Anthem Blue Cross put increase on hold for two months. Ushered through and signed Affordable Care Act, which expanded health insurance coverage to at least 30 million more people, ended many common insurance company practices that are often detrimental to those with coverage. He also established, so that taxpayers could keep up with developments. Through ACA, allowed children to be covered under their parents’ policy until they turned 26. Through the ACA, provided tax breaks to allow 3.5 million small business to provide health insurance to their employees, and 29 million people will receive tax breaks to help them afford health insurance. Through the ACA, expanded Medicaid to those making up to 133% of the federal poverty level. Through the ACA, health insurance companies now have to disclose how much of your premium actually goes to pay for patient care. Provisions in the ACA have already resulted in Medicare costs actually declining slightly this fiscal year, for the first time in many years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The increase in 2011 was 4%, which is very low compared to the average 12% annual inflation rate during previous 40 years. Since passage of the ACA, health care inflation is at its lowest level since 1960. Created the HIV Care Continuum Initiative, to strengthen the government’s ability to respond to the continuing domestic HIV epidemic, after years of Republicans weakening the government’s ability to deal with the crisis. Expanded space exploration and discovery options to include more players. Through the Connect America Fund, pushed through and received FCC approval for a move of $8 billion in subsidies away from telephone landlines to assist lower-income rural families in accessing broadband. In the wake of the West Fertilizer tragedy, in which an entire small town was devastated by an explosion at a fertilizer plant, in part because Republican negligence let the company do whatever it wanted, formed the Chemical Safety and Security Working Group, to work on measures to prevent another such event. By 2014, the Affordable Care Act dropped the number of uninsured Americans by 22.3%, which amounts to more than 10.3 million people with insurance who didn’t have it before. Only 13.9% of Americans are uninsured, a drop from 18.9% in 2013. The Affordable Care Act has increased the life expectancy of Medicare greatly. Strengthened the Middle Class and Families, and Fought Poverty Worked to provide affordable, high-quality child care to working families. Cracked down on companies that were previously denying sick pay, vacation and health insurance, and Social Security and Medicare tax payments through abuse of the employee classification of independent contractor. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act , cut taxes for 95% of America’s working families. Tax rates for average working families are the lowest since 1950. Extended and fully funded the patch for the Alternative Minimum Tax for 10 years. Extended discounted health coverage under the COBRA health insurance law for the unemployed from 9 months to 15 months, and he’s also extended unemployment benefits more than a few times. Provided a $20 billion increase for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps). Signed an Executive Order that established the White House Office of Urban Affairs. Included the Buffet Rule in his 2014 budget proposal, thus trying to fulfill a campaign promise, to make sure tax rates are fair between the rich and the middle class. Used the fiscal cliff negotiations to extend for five additional years the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which provides tax credits to families for college-related expenses, thus saving those families up to $10,000. Increased protections for those who are unemployed and are seeking a government job. Updated and modernized overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) With First Lady Michelle Obama, passed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which will improve nutrition in schools and make children healthier. In his continuing effort to make college more affordable and accountable, will begin rating colleges with regard to affordability and value. Initiated a reform of federal job training programs, to make them more relevant to the current economy and the job market. Under Obama, the bottom 95% of taxpayers are paying lower federal income taxes than at any time in the last 50 years, including under Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Concrete Steps to Improve The Environment and Address Our Energy Needs Doubling federal spending on clean energy research. Pushed through a tax credit to help people buy plug-in hybrid cars. Created a program to develop renewable energy projects on the waters of our Outer Continental Shelf that will produce electricity from wind, wave, and ocean currents. Reengaged in the climate change and greenhouse gas emissions agreements talks, and proposed one himself. He also addressed the U.N. Climate Change Conference, officially reversing the Bush era stance that climate change was a “hoax.” Fully supported the initial phase of the creation of a legally-binding treaty to reduce mercury emissions worldwide. Required states to provide incentives to utilities to reduce their energy consumption. Under Obama, our dependence on foreign oil has dropped to its lowest rate since 1985, and continues to drop. Meanwhile, consumption is way down because of reduced driving and higher mileage standards. Improved siting, review and permitting stations for power plants, in an attempt to seriously improve the nation’s electric grid. Following the neglect of Bush’s eight year reign, he reengaged in a number of treaties and agreements designed to protect the Antarctic. Created tax write-offs for purchases of hybrid automobiles, and later he and Democrats morphed that program into one that includes electric cars. Established a quadrennial review of our energy infrastructure, to encourage a modernization of the grid, and to encourage the transition away from fossil fuel use. Mandated that federal government fleet purchases be for fuel-efficient American vehicles, and encouraged that federal agencies support experimental, fuel-efficient vehicles. Got BP to cough up $20 billion to establish Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, to reduce the need for taxpayer funds to be used for compensation and clean up. (Note: it took 20 years to get $1.3 billion for the Exxon Valdez spill. ) Oversaw and pushed through an amendment to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 authorizing advances from Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Actively tried to amend the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 to eliminate the liability limits for those companies responsible for large oil spills. Became the first President to simply say “Climate Change is a fact,” and set up the first federal government protocols for dealing with the impacts of climate change. Initiated Criminal and Civil inquiries into the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Asserted federal legal supremacy to bar Texas from authorizing new refinery permits on its own. Set up new, stricter standards limiting power plant emissions. Strengthened the Endangered Species Act. Strengthened protection for wildlife, and expanded enforcement of laws against wildlife trafficking. Obama EPA improved boiler safety standards to improve air quality, and save 6500 lives per year. Through the EPA, attemped to take steps to severely limit the use of antibiotics in livestock feed, to increase their efficacy in humans. Through new EPA regulations, he created a pretext for closing the dirtiest power plants in the country, by limiting emissions of mercury and other toxic gasses. Increased funding for National Parks and Forests by 10% Announced greatly improved commercial fuel efficiency standards. Announced a huge increase in average fuel economy standards from 27.5mpg in 2010 to 35.5mpg starting in 2016 and 54.5 starting in 2025 Issued an Executive Order to facilitate investments in industrial energy efficiency that will help create jobs, while strengthening US manufacturing. Increased efficiency could save businesses $100 billion over the next decade. Through an executive order, set up the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council, which will to oversee Gulf Coast restoration efforts in the wake of the 2010 BP oil splll. The money to fund the restoration efforts comes from fines against BP. Through executive actions and bypassing the ineffectual Republican Congress, announced the most comprehensive plan to combat climate change in a generation. Ordered energy plants to prepare to produce at least 15% of all energy through renewable resources like wind and solar, by 2021. (Republicans are trying hard to kill it.) Oversaw the creation of an initiative that converts old factories and manufacturing centers into new clean technology centers. guided the country into a 418% increase in solar power capacity between 2010 and 2014. Bypassed Republican opposition in Congress and ordered EPA to begin regulating and measuring carbon emissions. Oversaw a tripling in the use of wind power to generate electricity. For the third year in row, the United States led the world in increased wind power capacity. Ordered the federal government to incorporate climate resilience and climate science into all international development in which the United States engages. Fast-tracked regulations to allow states to enact fuel efficiency standards that exceeded federal standards. Fast-tracked increased fuel economy standards for vehicles beginning with the 2011 model year. It was the first time such standards had been increased in a decade. Oversaw establishment of an Energy Partnership for the Americas, to create more markets for American-made biofuels and green energy technologies. Obama EPA reversed a Bush-era decision to allow the largest mountaintop removal project in US history. Ordered the Department of Energy to implement more aggressive efficiency standards for common household appliances. Obama EPA ruled that excess CO2 is a pollutant. Closed a deal with China to limit carbon emissions to perhaps slow down climate change. Blocked all oil and gas drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska, one of the most pristine environments in North America But That’s Not All… Nominated Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor is the first Hispanic Justice in the court’s history, and the women represent only the third and fourth women to serve on the court, out of a total of 112 justices. Appointed the most diverse Cabinet in history, including more women than any other incoming president. Eliminated federal funding for abstinence-only education, and rescinded the global gag rule. Loosened the rules and allowed the 14 states that legalized medical marijuana to regulate themselves without federal interference. Signed national service legislation, increasing funding for national service groups, including triple the size of the Americorps program. Signed an Executive Order that will speed up deployment of a more comprehensive broadband infrastructure. Signed an Executive Order creating jobs immediately by instructing them to reduce the time needed for review and permitting of infrastructure projects. Signed a bill that provided $4.3 billion in additional assistance to 9/11 first responders. Signed an Executive Order pledging support for efforts to end the global problem of violence against women and girls. Signed the Claims Resolution Act, which provided $4.6 billion in funding for a legal settlement with black and Native American farmers who had been cheated out of government loans and natural resource royalties in the past. To help those communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy, issued an executive order setting up the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, and asked Congress to approve $60 billion in supplemental assistance to aid in storm recovery. Produced 23 Executive actions designed to make it easier for law enforcement to identify those who shouldn’t have guns, thus helping them enforce the law. Expanded trade agreements to include stricter labor and environmental agreements such as NAFTA. Oversaw funding of the design of a new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History, which is scheduled to open on the National Mall in 2015. He protected the funding during the recent budget negotiations. Oversaw and passed increased funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.
  6. mitchethekid says:

    Last paragraph “….That really should worry Republicans, no matter how many seats they have in Congress. Our politics is becoming about one big thing on which the Republicans have nothing to say. Actually, they do have something to say, and it’s “No!” They looked ridiculous, sitting on their hands, refusing to applaud simple and obvious things that have 60, 65 percent public support. I have a feeling more such moments await them.”

  7. rustybrown2012 says:

    Just when you think Tard can’t be any more juvenile, he links to a ridiculous list like this. You know they’re getting desperate when they fault Obama for not curing cancer. They forgot that Obama also failed to take action to prevent our sun from developing into a red giant and swallowing the earth several billion years from now. Worst. President. Ever.

  8. mitchethekid says:

    Did you know that recent events have proven WMD’s existed and therefore Bush’s invasion was rightious and justified? Those people are pitiful. No wonder I stay away.

  9. 02casper says:

    Interesting. Tired posts a list of broken promises by Obama without a single link. He also fails to mention that most of the things Obama wasn’t able to accomplish was because of Republican obstructionism. I post a much longer list of Obama accomplishments all of them sourced and I’m the liar? Willful ignorance.

  10. tiredoflibbs says:

    “Tired posts a list of broken promises by Obama without a single link.”

    Wow cappy, at the top of the thread you will find the following:

    In it, you will see the original list PLUS A VIDEO of obame’s SOTU speeches stating them, so it is well sourced. Unless, obame is not a good enough source for you.

    Obviously, you did not click the link or watch the video.

    Or, you really are that fucking stupid.

    Based on your track record, definitely the latter.

  11. rustybrown2012 says:

    Vote Republican! The party for the advancement of contagious diseases! As a bonus, revel in the sweet freedom that comes from not having to wash your hands after taking a shit before you make someone else’s sandwich! Republicans: the party of stupid.

  12. rustybrown2012 says:

    Noonan has a nausea inducing post on religion and atheism that’s wrong in so many ways I‘m not going to bother listing them all here. The post is so full of egregious stupidity that I honestly wouldn’t know where to start. Maybe with “Hitler was a product of the Enlightenment”? Or with the inference that Hitler was an atheist (he wasn’t, he was a Christian)? Or that “the complete autonomy of the individual in determining morality is the bedrock of modern thought”? I’m just scratching the surface.

    But I’d like to dissect just one thing here:

    “What is the atheist argument against ISIS? That because ISIS does it in the name of religion that they have got it wrong? Suppose ISIS started saying they were chopping off people’s heads in order to reduce population pressure on the environment in the Middle East? Once again, only an appeal to God’s law allows us to firmly and without equivocation say that ISIS is wrong and must be stopped…”

    ONLY and appeal to God’s law? Really? Does it escape him that ISIS is operating under their interpretation of their God’s law? Talk about your muddled thinking. And the fact that Noonan can’t even imagine a rational moral case to be made against the atrocities of ISIS without invoking an imaginary deity tells one all one needs to know about Noonan’s own personal lack of humanity and his tenuous grasp of reality, nothing else. Personally, I have no problem arguing very logical, compassionate and convincing reasons for not torturing and killing innocent people without resorting to unproven mythical beings, but that’s just me. He continues:

    “Anti-religious folks are often on about how bad Christians are. I plead guilty. Here I am, a baptized Catholic who goes to Mass and confession on a regular basis and I’m often greedy, mean, dishonest and foolish. That’s me with the lid on – the lid of Catholic dogma. I can only shudder about how I’d be without it.”

    Indeed. I’m already shuddering at Noonan with the lid ON. Hard to believe this mentality exists in the 21st century.

    • rustybrown2012 says:

      In short, his argument:

      “We must appeal to the ultimate authority of God in order to defeat those acting under the ultimate authority of God! It’s the only way!!”

      That is, quite literally, insane.

  13. 02casper says:

    It gets harder and harder to follow Mark’s rants. His ‘history lesson” on the crusades was unbelievable. He will find a way to justify anything bad that is done as long as it was done by a Christian.

  14. meursault1942 says:

    Geez, I go offline for a while, and you guys play a nice game of Denialist Whack-a-Mole! Tired’s forehead must still be hurting from all the smacking it absorbed.

    Anyway, there’s been all sorts of funny stories about the ongoing failure of conservative governance (hi, Piyush Jindal!), but I think we should instead turn to this story for some good laughter: wingnuts figuring out that conservatism–teabaggery in particular–is just one gigantic grifting scam. Those of us out here in the real world have known that for a while, but it’s amusing to watch wingnuts figure it out and get all upset about it. Of course, in the wake of Citizens United and the wingnut screams that any sort of investigation of the myriad PACs that sprouted like weeds post-CU is “OBAMA USING HIS IRS-GESTAPO TO TARGET POLITICAL FOES–BLAARRRRRRGH!11!!!” I think we can all agree: It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of rubes.

    Speaking of rubes, there’s probably an interesting sociological investigation to be made into why, exactly, conservatives are so much more likely to be rubes for these sorts of scams.

    • Good to hear from you , meursault. And here an article for the files about Rudy Giuliani’s outstanding character:

      • meursault1942 says:

        Continuing the theme of wingnuts starting to realize that they’ve been scammed this whole time, mass resignations at the Tea Party News Network. This is good stuff:

        “You regularly show contempt for the people who make all your financial success possible,” the group said in a letter to site owners Todd Cefaratti and Kellen Guida. “The staff who work around the clock to produce timely and breaking content is regularly reminded that ‘writers are cheap.’ The audience is regarded as unsophisticated simpletons.”

        As to showing contempt for the people who make all your financial success possible, have they not been paying attention to their own rhetoric this whole time? Conservatives hate workers–the people who, yes, make financial success possible–and regard them as mere parasites who deserve as little as possible. Only rich people matter–duh! They are your Galtian superiors, and you will thank them for whatever scraps they throw you!

        As to the audience being regarded as unsophisticated simpletons, well, this is the Tea Party news network. That means the audience is unsophisticated simpletons, for the most part: The lowest of the low-info, the angriest of the angry, the most deranged of the deranged. Of course the site holds its teabagger audience in contempt; so does most of the country.

        And then there’s the scam part:

        But the group accused TPNN management in its resignation letter of steering money raised “using non-profit dollars and resources” into a for-profit company without any transparency, while posting “increasingly vile and unacceptable” content.

        Yeah, that’s the conservative scam, alright, just like the WaPo article above discusses. You’d think the IRS should look into such fraudulent practices. Oh, but that would hurt wingnuts delicate fee-fees even more than it hurts them to be smacked across the face with the fact that they’re suckers. Bless their poor little hearts.

  15. This won’t come as a surprise to those of us in the reality based community, but may dismay the handful of circus clowns who are still climate change deniers, should they have any integrity that is:

    “For years, politicians wanting to block legislation on climate change have bolstered their arguments by pointing to the work of a handful of scientists who claim that greenhouse gases pose little risk to humanity.

    One of the names they invoke most often is Wei-Hock Soon, known as Willie, a scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who claims that variations in the sun’s energy can largely explain recent global warming….

    …He has accepted more than $1.2 million in money from the fossil-fuel industry over the last decade while failing to disclose that conflict of interest in most of his scientific papers. At least 11 papers he has published since 2008 omitted such a disclosure, and in at least eight of those cases, he appears to have violated ethical guidelines of the journals that published his work. The documents show that Dr. Soon, in correspondence with his corporate funders, described many of his scientific papers as “deliverables” that he completed in exchange for their money. He used the same term to describe testimony he prepared for Congress.

    Don’t the rubes always say “follow the money” while impugning the vast majority of climate scientists? Yet they are never able to show any evidence of nefarious financing to support their paranoid suspicions. I wonder if they’re interested in following “Willie” Soon’s money, as well as his multiple violations of common ethical standards?

  16. 02casper says:

    Why am I not surprised about Soon. I’m betting there are a few others with similar ties.

    • rustybrown2012 says:

      It’s depressingly predictable when a wingnut’s esteemed hero turns out to be a craven grifter; see Palin, Sarah. They’re easily led by powerful special interests, which is why they’re called rubes.

  17. rustybrown2012 says:

    There’s an old, bigoted florist in Washington state who risks financial ruin because apparently discriminating against gays is one of her most cherished values. Too bad for her it’s also against the law. Here’s hoping the fag-hatin’ granny loses everything and has to rely on the welfare state!

    Reminds me of the pediatrician who recently refused to care for a six day old infant because it belonged to a same sex couple. The discrimination’ doc arrived at her decision after “praying on it”. I can just imagine how that prayer went:

    Doc: “God, should I use my skills to protect the health and well-being of this lovely, innocent child?”

    God: “Fuck no! Don’t you know it’s parents are homos?! Why do you bother me with this shit?”

    Aren’t Christians lovely people?

  18. rustybrown2012 says:

    Is my comment awaiting moderation on account of the two links?

  19. meursault1942 says:

    It’s been a hell of a week for conservative stupidity, and I was going to post some highlights–one GOPer thinks if a woman swallows something, it ends up in her vagina! Another GOPer thinks cancer is a fungus!–but the always great Fred Clark has already rounded up the best of a vast pool in Republicans saying Republican things. Of course, this being Republicans saying Republican things, there’s plenty of racism mixed in with the ridiculous stupidity.

    • Speaking of stupid things conservatives say, we have this gem from Spook: “The big difference being that young Progressives aren’t willing to die to fight climate change, but it’s certainly every bit as much a religion for them.”

      What is his obsession with turning everything into a fight to the death? For God sakes, Spook, go fight someone and get it over with.

      But to your specific point here, the fact that progressives aren’t running around killing people in the name of climate change should tell you that it isn’t “every bit as much a religion for them.” Get a grip, Spook.

      • meursault1942 says:

        He’s right, though: How can I claim to love bacon when I’m not willing to die to get bacon? Check and mate!

        Spook, bless his heart, is on track to be found dead in his Doomsday Bunker of a self-inflicted wound if he doesn’t get his rampant paranoia in check. Maybe he’s just sad that he served all that time in the military and never got to kill anybody? Who knows, but he’s clearly not well. He sounds more and more like Ronnie from Observe and Report sitting in a psych evaluation detailing his apocalyptic delusion.

        I will also note how interesting it is that conservatives call non-religious things like science “a religion” as a means to denigrate them. Who knew that for all their Jebus-talk, they were so anti-religion?

      • rustybrown2012 says:

        “I will also note how interesting it is that conservatives call non-religious things like science “a religion” as a means to denigrate them. Who knew that for all their Jebus-talk, they were so anti-religion?”

        Ha, that’s a good one! I guess it’s their way of saying “see, you’re just as stupid as us!”.

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