So analyzed Sen. Ted Cruz’ speech yesterday at Liberty College, where he formally declared his candidacy for president of the United States, and basically found that nothing he said was true. Ironically, the 30-second video announcing his candidacy begins with, “It’s a time for truth.” Yes, indeed. Stop by for a heaping helping of truthiness.

  1. 02casper says:

    Cruz is in it for the same reason Palin was. To make money off the base. I’m sure theTireds of teh world will be throw donations his way.

  2. meursault1942 says:

    Given that conservatism is just a pack of lies these days, Cruz’s speech isn’t exactly surprising, but still, you’d think he’d at least try to put some patina of truth on things. I guess not.

    Also, I don’t think the Palin comparison is correct. At least not yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruz ended up going the Palin route, but right now, he’s more of a true believer, and he definitely wants to be able to grab a lot of levers of power. I’m betting that in his heart of hearts, he knows he’s not going to win the nomination, much less the presidency, but his campaign is just a gigantic audition/demo reel for other ways for him to bring his unique brand of idiocy into play.

  3. I think Ted Cruz has grandiose aspirations and truly believes he _should_ be president of the United States. He is much smarter than Palin, though that’s not saying much since most people are smarter than Palin.

    And BTW, have you seen some of the stuff Cruz’s daddy spouts? The guy’s a genuine crackpot and the inspiration for Ted’s worldview.

    • meursault1942 says:

      Oh yeah, Papa Cruz is bugfuck crazy–and the direct source for Tailgunner Teddy’s “I am the Chosen Savior” outlook.

  4. Cluster, your preoccupation with race is unhealthy. Get a life.

    • meursault1942 says:

      Wasn’t sure what you were talking about, so I figured I should drop in on the ol’ asylum and see. Cluster’s doing the same old boring shit–the only racists are a couple black Democrats, racism isn’t racism, but identifying racism is racism, etc. Ridiculous twaddle from a person whose political outlook demands it.

      Much more interesting, though, is this beauty of a post from Noonan, which he gave in response to poster Tryvasty, who did an excellent job pinning down both the general tenor of “talking points uber alles!” of B4V and the particular foolishness of what was being posted. After Tryvasty posted the findings of the Ferguson investigation–you know, the ones that painted a very clear picture of endemic racism–Noonan had this to say:

      There are vast injustices being done but they aren’t being done because cops are racist. You can always cook any set of books to find a disparate racial impact – any statistician worth his salt can make the stats say black is white, if he wants to. All you’re doing here, however, is falling for it – what is easier: curbing the bloated pensions of public sector employees, thus removing the necessity for harassing fines, or saying that racism is the problem? If you say racism is the problem, then you don’t have to reform anything…you don’t have to provide justice…all you got to do is hire some diversity consultants (at high salaries, and with great pension benefits!) and call it a day…meanwhile, the problem goes on. Haven’t you noticed that the police forces most often accused of systemic racism are the police forces of large cities largely run by liberals? Run by liberals for decades on end? Run by liberals who have made ethnic diversity into a totem? If the cops in these cities are racist, then who the heck other than liberals are hiring and training them?

      For crying out loud, look at what is happening – not at what the Ruling Class wants to distract you with.

      So in Noonan’s world, racism doesn’t exist; it’s nothing more than a dirty little bookkeeping trick. If you are at all aware that racism is a real thing, then you are “falling for it” because racism–again, just a dirty little bookkeeping trick and not an actual problem real people face in the real world–is a distraction from the real insidious, longstanding problem society has, which is its need to cut public-sector pensions. Of course. And then, after all that jaw-dropping stupidity, Noonan admonishes the one guy who’s actually looking at what’s happening to “look at what is happening,” which is almost, but not quite, as clueless and funny as Noonan later telling the one guy who’s actually dealing with reality that he needs to “live in the real world.” Does anybody think Noonan could even give a vaguely accurate description of the real world? He’s been divorced from it for so long, its memory may have completely faded for him.

      • i almost responded to him today. he is such a martyr. The indiana law was written terribly and big companies are saying we do not want to do business in Indiana if this law is passed (aka tim cook and other big companies). Of course it is about christains being persecuted. His needs a good therapist. I do not even care about this issue but he is like teenager thinking it is the biggest thing in the world and nothign else matters. I would hate to live in his world where he hates everyone. Who is left in his world that is right wing? People who go to church and do office work but make ok incomes or what the hell is it anymore?

      • No matter what the issue, conservatives are always the victims. I have never seen such a victim complex as these guys have.

        Meanwhile, the temperature has been touching triple digits on Cluster’s porch. And it’s only March. lol

  5. meursault1942 says:

    While it probably gives more attention to ridiculous joke Ted Cruz than he deserves, this piece is hilarious and brutally true. It’s really the only Ted Cruz piece anybody ever needs to read. Of course, “Liberty” “University” doesn’t exactly get off scot-free, either:

    The university’s name alone fits with Cruz’s tendency to invoke problems and then rhetorically combat them with “liberty” and “freedom”, which rain federalism and deregulation pixie dust upon them until they disappear.

    But the real goodies are the funny-because-they’re-true summations of Cruz himself:

    Cruz talking about energy policy is a lot like asking a little boy to describe the working of a steam locomotive: Coal goes in, and everything moves forward really fast.

    For example, Cruz touted his “American Energy Renaissance Act” on Hannity, a bill he will probably cite a great deal on the campaign trail because he’s passed zero meaningful legislation. The AERA will, he said, “unchain the private sector” and “create millions of high-paying jobs.” The former is just code for “completely deregulate fracking, coal mining and oil drilling, while crippling the EPA”, and he doesn’t have an explanation for how that creates millions of good jobs. Oil companies in particular are already shedding workers due to low energy prices, and Cruz’s plan relies on the Keystone XL, whose long-term job numbers – 35 – Republicans have consistently overestimated by about 42,000.

    Then there’s ol’ Teddy’s inability to ever offer anything besides gauzy platitudes for the lowest of low-information voters:

    We apparently have to repeal Obamacare and replace it with insurance “competition” that keeps government from “standing between you and your doctor”. Cruz has been saying this since 2012; the specifics of his plan are still pending. We need to abolish the IRS, a frequent Cruz assertion that at least this time didn’t come with bogus statistics, and replace it with an insanely regressive flat tax that Americans can fill out “on the back of a postcard.” We need a balanced-budget amendment, which every economist who doesn’t work at a think tank with a name like Well Armed Traditional Family Freedom Flag Yurt will tell you is dumb as hell.

    He’s had three years to take his obvious Ivy League intelligence and fluency in political texts to deliver a comprehensive policy speech, and yet he always returns to the same melodramatic material: Abolish the IRS, repeal Obamacare, Obama is an outlaw, deregulate all energy production, kill whatever it is overseas that needs killing most this week, break the government, religious quotes, look like he’s about to break down from so many emotions. Repeat.

    (I’m definitely going to be stealing “Well Armed Traditional Family Freedom Flag Yurt,” by the way.)

    And finally, there’s the fact that Cruz’s entire schtick is pointless masturbation:

    Cruz’s real schtick is moving to the extreme right of his own party, condemning party leaders as feckless RINOs and then holding the entire US political process hostage until his own party leaders have to compromise with Democrats to accomplish anything and ultimately prove Cruz’s point. This internecine fighting routinely culminating in failure is something he describes as having “the courage to lead,” and all the fallout merely confirms his necessity on the national stage.

    The rubes absolutely believe that Cruz is “demonstrating the courage to lead.” Part of being a rube is not knowing that you’re a rube, after all.

  6. 02casper says:

    Looks like Cruz has hired a real winner to help his bid.

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