GOP finally comes up with plan to replace Obamacare

Posted: July 29, 2015 by watsonthethird in 2016 Presidential Campaign, Current Events, Donald Trump, Health Care, Politics, The Freak Show
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After years and years of claiming they were working on a plan to replace Obamacare–but never actually coming up with one–conservatives have finally come forth with their “plan.”

Actually, it took Donald Trump to finally articulated it. Leave it to Trump, the man who gets things done, to present a plan so concise that it embodies everything we love about the modern Republican party.

Yes, The Donald was on CNN today, where he declared, “It’s gotta go. Repeal and replace with something terrific.”

That’s the plan! Replace it with “something terrific”! It perfectly describes the Republican plan for, well, pretty much everything. No details, just an empty promise that it’ll be “something terrific.”

I can’t wait for the debate next week.

  1. rustybrown2014 says:

    Donald is a gift that just keeps on giving. I pray for him to go third party and split the nutbag vote, insuring a Democrat in the White House.

  2. 02casper says:

    I would rather see Trump win the nomination outright. It would be a landslide for the Dems.

  3. rustybrown2014 says:

    Great article on just how dangerous and unserious the clowns in the clown car are. These cretins must be kept out of office.

    ”If Republicans win the White House next year, they’ll almost certainly control the entire federal government. Many of them, running for president or aspiring to leadership roles in Congress, are trying to block the nuclear deal with Iran. This would be a good time for these leaders to show that they’re ready for the responsibilities of national security and foreign policy. Instead, they’re showing the opposite. Over the past several days, congressional hearings on the deal have become a spectacle of dishonesty, incomprehension, and inability to cope with the challenges of a multilateral world.”

    • Good article. This phrase stood out: “It’s his intellectual confidence in the face of his own ignorance.” That was in reference to Ted Cruz, but it could sum up a lot of conservatives, including his Republican Congressional colleagues.

  4. By the way, can anyone remember even one time that Retired Spook has written “I never looked at it that way before” in any post or comment at B4V? Didn’t think so.

    • rustybrown2014 says:

      Spook strikes me as one of the least inquisitive people I’ve ever encountered. Not only that, he’s a babbling old fart. In a single paragraph he says,

      “I wasn’t always intellectually inquisitive, but I came to a time in my life when I began examining what I knew and what I believed. I suspect it was the Internet that triggered that curiosity and allowed me to jump around and read different viewpoints on various issues in a very short period of time. I began to find myself saying, “I never looked at it that way before.””


      “over the last year or two, I’ve quit having discussions with Liberals.”

      Yeah, I guess ones’s left to assume it was a REALLY short period of time that he read “different viewpoints on various issues” before he declared “enough of that shit!” and crawled back into his bitter, paranoid bubble. What a horses ass.

  5. mitchethekid says:

    How about his defense of the dentist who butchered Cecil. His sadism is unmatched by even the Marquis himself.

    • Hi Mitch. 🙂 I get it that most of us eat animals and all. But I really don’t understand the appeal of hunting down an animal like that just for the fun of it. Weird way to get your kicks, if you ask me.

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