Star Trek, the motion picture. The Stockholm Syndrome, cognitive isolation and other metaphors that describe B4V

Posted: August 18, 2015 by mitchethekid in Current Events

Well over a year ago, I lost interest in attempting to have any dialog with the people who commiserate with each other over at B4V. It’s pointless because there is no point of entry. They; and by that I mean all 5 of them that are left, are so terrified of being challenged that they have cocooned themselves behind a wall of denial wherein they sulk and complain and reinforce each others opinions. I say opinions because what they proclaim as foregone conclusions in reality are devoid of fact. A common trait that they share is one of sullenness and this idea that they are somehow intellectual superior to the rest of humanity. Mark Noonan reminds me of Jabba the Hut. Pontificating in these long oratories as if he has any influence over anything, other than his own miserable life. You can find people like him in an insane asylum or a street corner, ranting away and scaring people off.

When they started in 2003, as a pantheon to GWB and Christian American domination of the middle east, they had over 100 respondents. Perhaps even more. But when faced with facts that challenged their school marmish admonitions they deleted and banned any threats to what they tried to proclaim. We now see what’s left and it’s pathetic. And how’d that war turn out for ya?

The stereotyping and the derisive, snide comments they make about progress, liberalism, science, you name it is truly astounding. The combination of projection and a lack of self-awareness is awe inspiring. Today I read that this is an “anti B4V” blog. Gee Retired, ya think? Gun humping, paranoid Retired lives in a bunker in his basement replete with posters of Tedd Cruz and other right wing lunatics. Hell, Cruz isn’t even qualified to run for President is he? Being born in Canada and all. I got a challenge for you Retired. Why don’t you take on a fellow retired spook. Like this guy

In the meantime, if you have the balls, lets debate. You sad, mad old man.

  1. casper says:

    I was on B4V almost from the beginning and it’s sad to see what has happened to it. I always felt I could have reasonable discussions with most of the members, but now that isn’t possible. The last couple times I’ve tried to post, it was deleted within hours without comment, even though neither post had anything insulting in it. Sad.
    I think what really changed the blog was when they let Ama be one of the moderators. Suddenly any one who challenged her was kicked off. She was attacking Trump the other day which is ironic because she is just like him.

  2. mitchethekid says:

    I have come to believe that she suffers from some sort of personality disorder. Didn’t you call her CSL or some such? She’s a viperous bitch. I can’t count how many times she tried to discount the content of what I was saying by isolating my spelling and or grammar. Those people are truly lost in the world and the world has moved on. At least Noonan recognizes that his battle is lost. But he still won’t accept that maybe his approach is what’s at fault.

  3. she is just not that smart of a person i feel bad for her. I truly want to think about ideas and debate something. She wants to prove liberals are evil and she is the smartest person in the room. It shows an insecurity and craziness about her. Kind of like Mark with higher education and children passing the bar in brazil as a way to defame lawyers. They just want to be proven right. I truly believe fox news has destroyed republican party and nobody wants to seriously debate ideas. The perfect example is what would you rather have: abortions or more contraceptives. The answer is never let’s have neither. What do you want food stamps or higher minimum wage? Both are “evil” but there is a lesser of two evils. They cannot comprehend that and that is what their problem is. For amazona- nobody can live up to her standards and she is the smartest person ever even though i am worth 100 times more than her and probably more successful than her with two incredible children and i am happy

  4. mitchethekid says:

    It’s more than Narcissism. That’s to pedestrian. Palin is a Narcissist. So is Trump. Hell, to some degree so am I! No, there is a well honed meanness to her. A misery that she is compelled to share. Her smug,dismissive attitude. Her insistence on being an expert on every subject under the sun. Her refusal to engage in debate but instead attacks her opponent with an uncalled for viciousness. And then claims she is poor Polly Purebred when in reality she is a slimy cunt. Can you imagine being in a social setting with her? The tiny lot of them are incapable of debating open minded liberals, progressives, what ever we are, period because facts trump (pun!) opinion.

  5. rustybrown2014 says:

    Horrible people, what can you say? That blog is veritable snake’s nest of cognitive and personality disorders, that’s why it’s so fascinating, but what stands out above that is their rank hypocrisy and cowardice. It’s clear they can’t win a debate of ideas, so they rely on Ama to goad and insult until one of us finally reciprocates whereby we’re immediately banned. She’s like a cunty schoolyard bully who constantly torments someone and then runs crying to the teacher when stood up to.

    And what about Spook:

    “This blog is and has always been about discussing ideas and which side has the best ideas. This blog has always been about presenting ideas in such a way that other readers first reaction is, “wow, I’ve never looked at it that way before,” When was the last time any Conservatives here ever heard a Liberal say that? They are wired to contest everything Conservative say or do, regardless of the logic and/or merit, and by any means necessary.”

    WTF? That’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what’s going on here. Has anybody ever seen one of them say anything remotely like: “wow, I’ve never looked at it that way before”, especially to a liberal poster? Yet in our very last debate, where I was banned for being an insufferable troll, in closing a post (to Spook, btw) of my views on state v. federal powers I said:

    “BTW, this is a very complex issue with a lot of grey area. I think there can be reasonable positions all along the spectrum here. I’m not claiming absolute authority here, just stating my opinion.”

    That’s how grow ups debate. Have you ever seen any of them be that gracious to their opponent?

  6. mitchethekid says:

    No. And it was the above quote from Spook which motivated me to retort. The reference to Star Trek was because in that movie they mistook Vger for Voyager. Maybe I should have quoted Rosanne Rosannadana .

  7. casper says:

    Since Tired and CSL don’t know want Projection is let me provide this:

    “Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

    According to some research, the projection of one’s negative qualities onto others is a common process in everyday life”

    That fits cluster’s rant to a T. Of course CSL is the projection queen so it’s not surprising she can’t see it.

  8. mitchethekid says:

    They are manning the verbal battle stations! I’m a troll! Who knew! What’s sad and pathetic is that if what they posit was reflected in society as a whole, they would have thousands of followers. Not 3 or 4. Their misery is palpable.

    • rustybrown2014 says:

      I’m sure you’re all aware of the latest AGW milestone: last month was the hottest month in earth’s recorded history. Read the attached article for the latest in the undeniable truth of global warming. I’ll ask yet again, Cluster? Where are you? How’s that theory of global cooling working out for you? I thought you wanted to debate this down the road as the facts came in. Now that the facts don’t fit your retarded ideology you tuck your head further up your own ass.

      It’s amazing, the right has been definitively proven wrong on nearly every issue they advocate but that doesn’t sway them in the least. From global warming to trickle down economics to the Iraq war to creationism to contraceptives–the list of issues that are verifiably and objectively wrong is endless yet is still championed by the party of stupid.

  9. casper says:

    On the other blog soon to be deleted:

    August 21, 2015 / 9:43 pm
    Except that the second article doesn’t contradict the first. In the first article, he’s analyzing the role public debt plays in the economy. In the second quote, he’s merely talking about to whom the debt created during the Bush administration can be attributed (and differentiates between debt and deficit–something conservatives seem to have trouble with), as some readers apparently took issue with him attributing Bush debt to, well, Bush.

    So in order to call somebody else “deceitful,” you told a pretty obvious lie. How embarrassing for you.

    Also embarrassing for you: You couldn’t refute the point made in either post–which, again, are not contradictory points. You’re just mad that he made the point that A) public debt is not the economy-destroying monster conservatives say it is (though they only say so when they’re not in power–funny, there’s that deceitfulness you’re after!), and B) debt accrued by the Bush administration should be attributed to the Bush administration.

    And even more embarrassing for you: You have to run and hide behind Amazona to protect you from basic facts. You’ve already done it twice today, and the third time is coming soon. I’m sorry you think pointing out the truth is a “personal attack,” and I’m sorry that you are in no way, shape, or form man enough to face the truth, but remember: You’re the only one at fault for those things.”

    Nice job Meursault1942. I was going to point that out but you beat me to it. Sorry cluster, Ama can’t protect you over here.

  10. 02casper says:

    A good read.

    “Both parties are drawn to populist appeals, but they come in different variants. The Democratic version tends to be both performative and substantive — they’ll rail against the top one percent, but also offer policy ideas like upper-income tax increases and minimum wage hikes that are intended to serve the interests of regular people. Democratic populism says that the problem is largely about power: who has it, who doesn’t, and on whose behalf it’s wielded.

    Republican populism, on the other hand, is aimed against “elites” that are decidedly not economic. It’s the egghead professors, the Hollywood liberals, the government bureaucrats whom they tell their voters to resent and despise. And part of that argument is that despite what those know-it-all experts would have you believe, all our problems have simple and easy solutions. All you need is “common sense” to know how we should reform our health care system, fix the VA, or control undocumented immigration. Understanding how government works isn’t just unnecessary, it’s actually a hindrance to getting things done.”

    You see this at B4V all the time. They attack anyone who might actually have some expertise in an area.

  11. rustybrown2014 says:

    Savor the sweet, sweet irony. Ama is constantly yapping about the sanctity of our Constitution. She burns many calories writing volumes about how the GOP needs to abandon talking about “issues” and focus solely on following the Constitution, the way our Dear Founding Fathers (except for Hamilton and many others) intended. How’s that plan working out for bfv’s resident genius? I’ll tell you how. The wildly popular GOP frontrunner, the populist firebrand of the no-nothing party, is specifically advocating TRASHING the Constitution (14th Amendment) for an ISSUE (immigration). Way to feel your party’s pulse, Ama!

    Hey, I guess she’ll vote Democrat now seeing that we’re the party that won’t violate the Constitution!

  12. 02casper says:

    The GOP is as fractured as I’ve ever seen it. Trump is defining the party.

  13. casper says:

    Nice posts Mitch.

  14. rustybrown2014 says:

    Jeebus, did ya’ll catch Ama’s latest screed in the Unraveling thread? More unhinged than usual, which is saying something. ‘Unraveling’ is an appropriate word for it. How are they not all embarrassed by such juvenile hysterical rantings? It’s so insane and nonsensical it really reads as parody. Really amazing.

    • casper says:

      I agree with you about Amazona’s latest screed. She’s nuts. Of course, i’ve known that since she went full birther with Obama. Now she seems to be buying into every other nutcase theory out there. I love the way all of the B4Vers rail against the establishment ever though they have supported it their entire lives.

      • rustybrown2014 says:

        You’re right about that. Remember the heady days of Blogs for Bush? Browner shirts you will never see. Back then, deficits didn’t matter, everyone who was against the disastrous Iraq war was labeled an appeaser who liked rape rooms, and Mark was sharpening his knives for the righteous crusade of transforming this country into a Christian theocracy.

      • rustybrown2014 says:

        Here’s something I posted at bfv thats bound for deletion any minute:

        So you people think it’s off limits to ask your candidates about their specifics on abortion and immigration. One has to wonder what questions would meet your standards. Oh I know–what were the Founding Father’s favorite colors?

        It’s also funny that they’re apparently fine with Megan Kelly asking the candidates if they’ve been receiving personal instructions from an invisible supernatural being on how to run the country but questions about abortion are out of bounds and irrelevant.

    • Speaking of Cluster’s “unraveling” post, I wonder if Cluster, who sells houses for a living, is telling prospective clients not to buy when the downfall is eminent. It would seem to be the only ethical thing he could do.

  15. mitchethekid says:

    It’s a daily pity party. They become gleeful when bad things happen so they can gloat and say “I told you”.

  16. mitchethekid says:

    Have you noticed the complete lack of recognition about the stock market rally at B4V? On Monday they were rubbing their hands in glee, relishing the demise of our economy. Now that their assurity has been dashed once again, silence. Like the All State ad says.

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