Ben Shapiro at Breitbart:

Why did Obama choose to change the name now? Presumably because Obama has now solved all the world’s problems, and decided against his second choice, Mt. Trayvon.

Joking about a dead child. Apparently this is what passes for conservative wit and wisdom.


  1. mitchethekid says:

    This is NOT religious freedom and this horseshit has gone on long enough
    THIS is tyranny.
    THIS is theocracy.
    THIS is what a dictatorship looks like.
    This is one person, one religion, deciding what others can and cannot do by fiat. This, right here is precisely what the Founders of this country intended to prevent. This. Right here. No more. No less.
    This woman is not exercising her rights, she is using the power of government to impose her will on others and to deny her fellow citizens their legal and constitutional rights.
    She took the job voluntarily. It was not forced upon her. She was not conscripted and impressed against her will into service. She swore an oath to uphold the law, likely before her God. Religious freedom means she has the right to resign in protest. Freedom of speech means she has the right to resign in protest. If she opposes gay marriage, she has every right not to get gay married. But that is the extent of her freedom, her rights do NOT include the right to deny others theirs. Period. End of conversation, there is NO gray area.
    Her position is a legal contract between government and citizens. God has not one damned thing to do with it.

  2. On the other hand:

    The Kentucky standoff is a dramatic story whose resolution is very much up in the air, and it suggests that in some pockets, at least, resistance to the Supreme Court’s declaration of a Constitutional right to marry may continue.

    But if anything, the more important story here is how little of this sort of resistance we’re seeing, which suggests that the continuing cultural shift on gay rights is only continuing — and is swamping whatever backlash has greeted the ruling.

  3. Also, this Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk, is an elected official, meaning she can’t simply be fired for not doing her job. She would have to be impeached. Personally, I hope the judge holds her in contempt and throws her in jail.

    • casper says:

      “I hope the judge holds her in contempt and throws her in jail.”

      That makes her a martyr. Better to hit her in the pocketbook although the wingnut welfare will make it up.

  4. rustybrown2014 says:

    She’s an appalling bigot who should be thrown in jail and fined–ANYTHING to remove her from her post for which she’s clearly not qualified. The problem with religion is that it poisons everything and allows insanity like this to flourish. Thankfully, she’s on the losing side of history.

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