Ari Fleischer “live tweets” 9/11

Posted: September 11, 2015 by watsonthethird in 9/11

As he has for at least the previous two years, Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush’s White House Press Secretary, is “live tweeting” his day on September 11, 2001. The tweets are being posted roughly at the same as events unfolded during the day, and it makes for riveting reading.

You can go to Fleischer’s Twitter feed here. They appear in reverse chronological order, so you’ll have to scroll down to the tweet posted on September 10 at 7:11 p.m.:

Then start reading back toward the top.

  1. rustybrown2014 says:

    Off topic and just throwing this out there, but any thoughts on why none of the Gulf states are taking ANY of the refugees fleeing from the region? Bonus question, why are Western countries seemingly obliged to pick up the slack?

  2. meursault1942 says:

    Apparently Carly Fiorina “won” that horrendous shitshow they called a GOP debate last night. Most noteworthy, though, is the fact that she “won” it in the most quintessentially conservative way: by lying about everything. Sure, to the dimwitted, she sounded like she knew what she was talking about. But in point of fact, she didn’t.

    And that’s exactly why conservatives love her. Facts don’t matter the slightest bit to conservatives; what matters is that they like what you’re saying. That’s it. That’s all. Truth is highly unwelcome in such an environment. No wonder they’re eager for Fiorina to do to the country what she did to Lucent and HP.

    • The deep bench gets a little shorter. So as non-conservatives, who the heck do we want as the Republican nominee? On the one hand, I’d go for the one who seems easiest to beat. On the other hand, he or she could actually get elected! To me, maybe Kasich is the only one who doesn’t come across as batshit crazy. Trump is a egomaniac. Fiorina is a pathological liar. Carson? Good Lord, the more we learn about his the more it becomes clear that he’s the leader of the batshit crazy pack. Is there a conservative conspiracy theory he doesn’t believe in?

  3. 02casper says:

    Carson will never be make it because he is black and the base is racist.. Trump might make it because he touches the base. mean while, my posts at B4V are being deleted by CSL even though they support Mark. Maybe it’s because they support Mark.

  4. rustybrown2014 says:

    Watson, I agree that Kasich is the least insane of the bunch. Although I don’t agree with many of his views he might not actually be bad president, maybe something like the elder Bush.

    Casper, Thanks for providing more evidence of what constitutes “attacking” over at bfv. Their skin is as thin as their ideas. Regarding the Pope, I still don’t understand the liberal obsession with him. I would be much more impressed if he wasn’t covering up and enabling a global ring of child rapists, but maybe I’m quibbling.

  5. 02casper says:

    Wow. The members of B4V really are scared of me. They are purging anything I post no matter how benign.

  6. rustybrown2014 says:

    Well color me surprised. The Pope has praised high ranking child rapists for their “courage”, “sacrifice”, and “generosity”. What an inspirational moral leader (at least pedophiles will be inspired):

    “the church has continued to spend millions of dollars fighting lawsuits and refused to open its records naming thousands of priests who have been accused.

    According to, at least 6,400 U.S. priests have been accused of abuse, but only about 4,000 of those have been named. Dioceses across the U.S. have paid out more than $3 billion in settlements.

    The Los Angeles Archdiocese agreed in 2007 to pay more than 500 abuse victims $660 million. Later settlements pushed the archdiocese’s tab to more than $740 million.

    While California and some other states have made it easier to file criminal and civil lawsuits against clergy members, others, such as Pennsylvania, have rejected such proposals under heavy pressure from the church.

    “This is a pope who has refused to take steps to expose one predator or punish one enabler,” he said. “He could simply defrock, demote, discipline, or even clearly denounce just one complicit bishop. He refuses, not one.”

    • It is a terrible stain on Catholicism. I have a hard time understanding how anyone can defend, justify or rationalize it in any way.

      • rustybrown2014 says:

        No doubt. Think about this: name one other field of human endeavor where this type of systemic abuse and cover-up would be tolerated. If any other organization behaved the way the church does whether it be political, business, charity or a bird-watching club they would be justifiably held in the lowest contempt by every decent person and forced to comply with harsh justice. Francis does it and everybody just smiles at the kindly old pederast. Strange indeed. The hypocrisy and irrationality of organized religion will never cease to amaze me.

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