From Politico:

TALLAHASSEE — In a private gathering during last month’s Republican Party of Florida quarterly meeting, state Rep. Janet Adkins told a group of North Florida GOP activists that the key to defeating Corrine Brown, a black Jacksonville Democrat, is boosting the number of black prisoners in her district.

“You draw [Brown’s seat] in such a fashion so perhaps, a majority, or maybe not a majority, but a number of them will live in the prisons, thereby not being able to vote,” said Adkins, a Nassau County Republican, referring to black residents.

Those comments came during a closed-door meeting of the North Florida Republican caucus. POLITICO Florida obtained audio of her comments.

She called it the “perfect storm” for being able to defeat Brown, a liberal firebrand who has been in Congress for 23 years.

Her comments came after making sure no reporters were in the room.

“Let me give you inside ball game. Are there any reporters in here?” she said. “Any reporters? OK. So, inside ball game.”

Adkins directly addressed Danny Norton, the state GOP committeeman from Baker County, which includes a large prison population.

“You can actually, Danny, you — you can be the person that will help get rid of Corrine Brown,” she said.

There’s more in the article.

Conservatives can always be counted on to take the high road…

  1. meursault1942 says:

    Always a good time when conservatives say the quiet part loud, as they so often do when it comes to race (as when GOP officials admit that they don’t want black people voting). They’re also starting to do it with religion, which is good. Disturbing, but good; it strips away their utterly dishonest pretenses. Take, for example, a little nugget buried in this poll:

    only 49% of Republicans think the religion of Islam should even be legal in the United States

    Isn’t that amazing? Not even half of the GOP thinks that Islam should be legal! And you can be absolutely sure that the ones claiming that Islam shouldn’t be legal (or “don’t know,” like, how the fuck can you not know?) 1) believe themselves to be the only ones who truly understand and defend the Constitution, and 2) are very concerned about “Obama’s assault on religion.”

    Again, it’s nice of them to say the quiet part loud so as to strip away their utterly dishonest pretenses. They don’t care the slightest bit about religion; they just want their religion to have special privileges that nobody else gets. And they are, of course, a neverending wellspring of hatred for Muslims (which we already knew, but still…nice of them to say it out loud).

    This is the derangement that defines contemporary conservatism. Sad, isn’t it?

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