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From David Frum:

Here’s the part of the 2016 story that will be hardest to explain after it’s all over: Trump did not deceive anyone. Unlike, say, Sarah Palin in 2008, Trump appeared before the electorate in his own clothes, speaking his own words. When he issued a promise, he instantly contradicted it. If you chose to accept the promise anyway, you did so with abundant notice of its worthlessness. For all the times Trump said believe me and trust me in his salesman patter, he communicated constantly and in every medium that there was only thing you could believe and trust: If you voted for Donald Trump, you’d get Donald Trump, in all his Trumpery and Trumpiness.

The television networks that promoted Trump; the primary voters who elevated him; the politicians who eventually surrendered to him; the intellectuals who argued for him, and the donors who, however grudgingly, wrote checks to him—all of them knew, by the time they made their decisions, that Trump lied all the time, about everything. They knew that Trump was ignorant, and coarse, and boastful, and cruel. They knew he habitually sympathized with dictators and kleptocrats—and that his instinct when confronted with criticism of himself was to attack, vilify, and suppress. They knew his disrespect for women, the disabled, and ethnic and religious minorities. They knew that he wished to unravel NATO and other U.S.-led alliances, and that he speculated aloud about partial default on American financial obligations. None of that dissuaded or deterred them.

They all know Trump would be an alarmingly bad president. So why do they support him? Today someone suggested, “It’s white people’s O.J. verdict.”

Speaking of O.J. The documentary “O.J. Made In America” is phenomenal. I’m not talking about the miniseries that garnered Emmy awards recently. I mean this one. It is a riveting piece of documentary filmmaking, and highly relevant to current events.

Well, gee, this isn’t creepy at all.

“Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”

–Omarosa (Donald Trump’s director of African-American outreach and past winner of The Apprentice)

The quote is from a PBS Frontline episode due to air on September 27. You can watch her make the statement starting at about 4:47 in the video. You really need to watch her say it to get the full effect.

I kinda thought the Founders fought a war two hundred and some-odd years ago so we wouldn’t have to bow down to a supreme leader. But times change, I guess. This seems to so embody conservative principles.

I suppose I’m being over-emotional again in assuming that a constitutional ignoramus like Omarosa will have a role in a Trump administration, should that come to pass.

Welcome Blogs For Victory Readers

Posted: September 21, 2016 by watsonthethird in Blogs For Victory, Current Events

Welcome Blogs For Victory readers. You may be wondering why Cluster linked to this mostly dormant blog this morning. It’s because we all have a shared history, which I am going to tell you about.

Four years ago B4V was a somewhat more robust place. You had many authors besides Mark Noonan, including Cluster. There were long, winding discussion threads representing diverse points of view, unlike what you see there now. The keepers of B4V never liked views that came from the opposite political spectrum, so they took to editing and deleting comments and blocking people from participating. Often comments would be suddenly deleted in the middle of threads, with the responses to them left intact, making for inadvertently hilarious and confusing reading. But hey, it’s their blog, they can do what they want.

Around that time, Cluster, largely disgusted with Amazona, got the idea to launch his own blog. He called his place All Polytics Now. His idea was a blog in which the authors would come from a variety of political spectrums, and he enlisted a few banned B4V contributors in his venture, including myself. I suppose in this polarized state of the world, his idea was doomed to failure from the start. Cluster also had trouble getting another conservative voice to contribute, and after a while he felt ganged up upon. Rusty also joined in the conversations, and after several heated exchanges, eventually Cluster had had enough of him. In the dead of night, he deleted the entire blog without bothering to inform his colleagues. In the aftermath, we started this place. Most of the people who contributed here were banned from contributing at B4V, and hence migrated here for occasional conversation. Rusty, who was also banned from B4V, migrated over here, too.

Sometimes we would talk about B4V blog postings. Not only did the folks at B4V not like having their politics challenged in their own blog, they didn’t even like being challenged in other blogs, so they took great pains to eradicate any mention of this place over there.

Mostly we all got tired of sniping at each other, too, and this blog drifted off into a moribund state. It was awakened the other day by two things. One, I noted Rusty and Amazona’s newfound cozy relationship, which is ironic if you know their history. Two, a banned B4V contributor noticed Rusty’s B4V comment on September 16, 2016 / 4:25 pm in this B4V thread. In it Rusty said,

I don’t think the alt right as a false construct but a very real groundswell; I think it’s a somewhat nebulous group of people organized around several basic principles: Immigration (secure borders, reduction and discouragement of illegals, tightly controls or at perhaps temporary bans); race realism; anti-PC; anti-identity politics; anti-social engineering; anti-globalism; anti-multiculticulturalism; support for Donald Trump who gives expression to these things.

Meursault wanted to know what “race realism” is. Unable to ask Rusty directly at B4V (because they don’t allow him to), he asked it here. This led to a round of discussion about it. This is the basis for Cluster’s silly claim that we have “have boundless sympathies for radical Islamists and of whom are in full support of Black Lives Matter, know a hell of a lot more about racism than any one of us.” Rusty has brought up race realism a couple of times at B4V. I encourage you all who are allowed to comment there to engage him in a discussion about race realism at B4V, as we clearly are not up to the task. I’m sure it would be enlightening. Furthermore, Rusty linked himself to the alt-right in his own words. He didn’t need us to do it for him.

Anyway, we don’t much blog around here anymore. I haven’t reviewed Mark Noonan and Matt Margolis’ new Obama book, but if you’re interested, here’s my review of its predecessor: A Review of 150 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Worst President In History. At first Mark Noonan claimed I didn’t read it; I had to prove it to him. Kinda like Trump claiming Barack Obama didn’t have a birth certificate.