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Posted: September 21, 2016 by watsonthethird in Blogs For Victory, Current Events

Welcome Blogs For Victory readers. You may be wondering why Cluster linked to this mostly dormant blog this morning. It’s because we all have a shared history, which I am going to tell you about.

Four years ago B4V was a somewhat more robust place. You had many authors besides Mark Noonan, including Cluster. There were long, winding discussion threads representing diverse points of view, unlike what you see there now. The keepers of B4V never liked views that came from the opposite political spectrum, so they took to editing and deleting comments and blocking people from participating. Often comments would be suddenly deleted in the middle of threads, with the responses to them left intact, making for inadvertently hilarious and confusing reading. But hey, it’s their blog, they can do what they want.

Around that time, Cluster, largely disgusted with Amazona, got the idea to launch his own blog. He called his place All Polytics Now. His idea was a blog in which the authors would come from a variety of political spectrums, and he enlisted a few banned B4V contributors in his venture, including myself. I suppose in this polarized state of the world, his idea was doomed to failure from the start. Cluster also had trouble getting another conservative voice to contribute, and after a while he felt ganged up upon. Rusty also joined in the conversations, and after several heated exchanges, eventually Cluster had had enough of him. In the dead of night, he deleted the entire blog without bothering to inform his colleagues. In the aftermath, we started this place. Most of the people who contributed here were banned from contributing at B4V, and hence migrated here for occasional conversation. Rusty, who was also banned from B4V, migrated over here, too.

Sometimes we would talk about B4V blog postings. Not only did the folks at B4V not like having their politics challenged in their own blog, they didn’t even like being challenged in other blogs, so they took great pains to eradicate any mention of this place over there.

Mostly we all got tired of sniping at each other, too, and this blog drifted off into a moribund state. It was awakened the other day by two things. One, I noted Rusty and Amazona’s newfound cozy relationship, which is ironic if you know their history. Two, a banned B4V contributor noticed Rusty’s B4V comment on September 16, 2016 / 4:25 pm in this B4V thread. In it Rusty said,

I don’t think the alt right as a false construct but a very real groundswell; I think it’s a somewhat nebulous group of people organized around several basic principles: Immigration (secure borders, reduction and discouragement of illegals, tightly controls or at perhaps temporary bans); race realism; anti-PC; anti-identity politics; anti-social engineering; anti-globalism; anti-multiculticulturalism; support for Donald Trump who gives expression to these things.

Meursault wanted to know what “race realism” is. Unable to ask Rusty directly at B4V (because they don’t allow him to), he asked it here. This led to a round of discussion about it. This is the basis for Cluster’s silly claim that we have “have boundless sympathies for radical Islamists and of whom are in full support of Black Lives Matter, know a hell of a lot more about racism than any one of us.” Rusty has brought up race realism a couple of times at B4V. I encourage you all who are allowed to comment there to engage him in a discussion about race realism at B4V, as we clearly are not up to the task. I’m sure it would be enlightening. Furthermore, Rusty linked himself to the alt-right in his own words. He didn’t need us to do it for him.

Anyway, we don’t much blog around here anymore. I haven’t reviewed Mark Noonan and Matt Margolis’ new Obama book, but if you’re interested, here’s my review of its predecessor: A Review of 150 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Worst President In History. At first Mark Noonan claimed I didn’t read it; I had to prove it to him. Kinda like Trump claiming Barack Obama didn’t have a birth certificate.

  1. rustybrown2014 says:

    It seems like you and M. are the ones who want to talk about race realism since he was the one to bring it up on this blog and you can’t stop yammering about it. I would hardly say we had a “discussion” about it as you claim; M. asked for a definition, I provided one, and you both proceeded to scurry for cover. Do you have any questions about it? Comments?

    Btw, I have no problem being linked with the alt right provided it’s understood I don’t endorse every personality or position associated with the movement. There are many views of the alt right that I think are spot on.

  2. mitchethekid says:

    The timing of this post is interesting. Alow me to clarify a few points. Allpoliticsnow now was my idea and the name was a play on Apocalypse Now. The blog came into being because during one particularly heated exchange with Cluster I suggested that we “take this fight out side” I knew that he, as an administrator had access to my personal email address and that he should contact me.
    It turned out that we had more in common than not and to this day we are still FB friends. At the time, he was excoriated by the B4V crowd for befriending the devil. That put a devilish smile on my devil face.
    With that said and being a good voyer, I too occasionally visit their blog just to wittness the current griping and deranged lunacy they debate like they are Supreme Court justices.
    That’s when I saw Rusty’s post and Cluster discussing Clinton murder conspiracies as if it were fact. As her want, Amazona chimed in with her cloud reading diagnosis of Clintons health.
    I like Cluster. I think he’s a good guy but I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if there is no point of entry, there is no point in talking about anything more deep than the weather. As far as Rusty, at first I thought he was playing them. I was mistaken. So. I’m going to post of few things in the hopes that someone will open their eyes to reality or hummilate themselves trying to refute the words.

  3. rustybrown2014 says:

    Nice protest going on there in Charlotte, hmm? Black Lives Matter going strong. Down with rule of law, up with burning down and terrorizing entire neighborhoods.

    • Rusty, I have to say: Why are you asking us, after making it clear that we don’t have the ability to respond to you in an adult fashion?

      • rustybrown2014 says:


        Are you capable of having a conversation? Or does your endless obsession with microaggresions circumvent that? You’re wounded, hurt, we get that. Are you capable of talking about something other than that?

      • Micro-aggresssions? Good grief, Rusty. It was a serious question, which you failed to answer and turned back on me. I was genuinely curious, but you don’t have to answer. No shame in that.

        As for the protests in North Carolina, I haven’t watched TV or listened to the radio or really read the news all day, so I am not aware of the details other than they are protesting another police shooting and one protestor has died. I condemn violence.

      • rustybrown2014 says:

        Oh, so your question was “why are you asking us”? My answer is because I was interested in your answer. And What’s on second.

        You’ve pulled the full Cluster and are now officially trolling your own blog. Congratulations.

      • Oh for God’s sakes. We’re done.

      • Yes, Rusty, I did see your comment at B4V. You said it yourself the other day: YOLO. I’ve got better things to do than go around in circles. I’m happy for you that you found a group capable of hanging with you.

  4. rustybrown2014 says:

    Gee, I don’t think we have enough racial unrest in this country. What we need is to import hundreds of thousands more ethic third world peoples raised on values completely antithetical to our own. That’s the pathway to a better America.

  5. Cluster says:

    Well I feel compelled to chime in and have to say that the recent treatment of Rusty is all too typical of progressive liberals. Truth is Watson that I am sure you and Rusty have a lot more in common on a number of issues than Rusty and I do, but Rusty did express an opinion different than the progressive narrative on the immigration/refugee crisis and for that he was taken to the wood shed. Why is that? Is the left now that intolerant of divergent views? I always thought the left fashioned themselves to be open minded and tolerant of others opinions but I guess that is just for the brochure and not practiced in reality. As Obama is fond of saying “that’s not who we are”.

    In my opinion this country needs more independent thinkers like Rusty and I have even challenged my own views over the last couple of years. I think the recent announcement that George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary says a lot about the evolution of our politics and really exposes the divide which is not left vs right anymore but rather the elite vs the proletariat. Think about it, every American President for the last 24 years, Bush’s Clinton and Obama have been supportive of a new world global order to the detriment of our working class and our country as a whole. I think Rusty, myself and millions of other Americans are now seeing that and becoming quite concerned. Unchecked immigration and unvetted refugees have direct negative impacts on the lower and middle class and we cannot allow that to happen. In my opinion, the riots in North Carolina have a lot more to do with the hopelessness many inner city kids feel than it has to do with racism.

    On a side note, Mitch is a great guy and quite the character but our politics don’t mix and that is ok. Sometimes I don’t even agree with myself.

    • Good to hear from you, Cluster.

      Rusty and I may well have a lot more in common on a number of issues than you and he, but clearly one issue has become paramount for him, and he has said as much himself. Of course Rusty is free to express a different point of view. No one claims otherwise, and he did so here over and over. But do you really think he was taken to the woodshed? How? No one is allowed to disagree with him in response? And if one disagrees, how should that be expressed without you feeling as though he’s being taking him to the woodshed? According to him, my arguments are childish and retarded. While he was arguing here, he was also running next door in order to badmouth us to the neighbors. If that’s the way he feels, it’s truly baffling that he would continue to try to raise a response here–invariably about racial issues, by the way. Doesn’t it seem odd to you? (And we’re the ones you claim are obsessed about race.) I asked about it and got nonsensical, bullshit answers. Enough. You, of all people, should appreciate that because you banned him not only from our earlier blog, but from B4V, too!

      You claim to be an independent thinker. Fine. I accept that. But why is it that you refer to anyone who disagrees with you in any particular way as part of “the left”? Apparently you reserve independent thinking for people who think like you. Everyone else is part of some amorphous blob that’s in on the new global order conspiracy, receiving daily talking points. And you’re one to talk about being “open minded and tolerant of others opinions.” You don’t tolerate it at your own blog.

      As far as substantive issues, I find the normalization of white nationalism, white supremacists, and the alt-right to be truly troubling. To throw a quote back at you, is that truly who we are? Here’s a question for you: Should we get rid of judges who are Americans but have Mexican heritage? Is that an ideal that you stand for? Go back and read the statements of the alt-right leaders that I posted in the previous thread and tell us which of them you agree with. Go back and read about what the so-called alt right leaders said themselves in their own press conference last week. Tell us which of these folks represent American ideals, and which ones you agree with. “Unchecked immigration and unveiled refugees” are just strawmen. Nobody is advocating either of those.

      Finally, I encourage you to engage Rusty about race realism over at B4V. It’s not just a term that Rusty made up, as Amazona supposes. Engage him about his views on black Americans. He has plenty to say about it. I’ve already done it. Now it’s your turn.

      • Cluster says:

        No I did not claim to be an independent thinker, I said I have changed some of my views. I am most definitely right of center and you are most definitely left of center, hence the description “the left”. I said Rusty is an independent thinker and he is, particularly on this issue which you take exception with. And when you begin by attacking someone for merely associating with someone you deem distasteful as you did on Sept 9 with Amazona and Rusty, I suppose you deserve what you get so stop complaining. And for the record I do like divergent opinions but I am intolerant of rigid stupidity and will ban that each and every time. All Politics failed because of rigid stupidity and a penchant to shame, ie: pulling an Alinksy, by many of the posters at the time. I have better things to do then to wallow in that sewer, or this sewer.

        Watson: I find the normalization of white nationalism, white supremacists, and the alt-right to be truly troubling

        You would but then again you’re over emotional about most issues. Was it the Alt Right that was rioting last night in North Carolina? Any objective rational person realizes that the last 8 years of leftist policies and race division brought on by emotionally stunted people like you have resulted in catastrophic failures on every level for this country and this world. Please do us all a favor and just sit this election out. I think you have all done enough damage.

      • You’re right. I read “more independent thinkers like Rusty and I” instead of “more independent thinkers like Rusty and I have even challenged my own views.” So you’re not an independent thinker.

        You still haven’t explained how I took Rusty to the woodshed. He’s had ample, ample opportunity to express his views on race over and over. As for Rusty and Amazona, you are truly going to tell me that you didn’t find their kumbaya moment ironic, if not amusing? You, me and Mitch had plenty of back channel communications back in the day. I know how you felt about your fellow blog participants. But you’re right; it was intemperate of me to mention it.

        Not only am I not sitting out this election, I am actively working it. I might even be coming to your state. If you believe in your candidates, you had better get off your butt, too.

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