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Posted: October 15, 2016 by watsonthethird in 2016 Presidential Campaign, Conservative Idiocy, Current Events, Donald Trump, Politics
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From today’s Boston Globe:

Anger and hostility were the most overwhelming sentiments at a Trump rally in Cincinnati last week, a deep sense of frustration, an us-versus-them mentality, and a belief that they are part of an unstoppable and underestimated movement. Unlike many in the country, however, these hard-core Trump followers do not believe the real estate mogul’s misfortunes are of his own making.

They believe what Trump has told them over and over, that this election is rigged, and if he loses, it will be because of a massive conspiracy to take him down.

At a time when trust in government is at a low point, Trump is actively stoking fears that a core tenet of American democracy is also in peril: that you can trust what happens at the ballot box.

His supporters here said they plan to go to their local precincts to look for illegal immigrants who may attempt to vote. They are worried that Democrats will load up buses of minorities and take them to vote several times in different areas of the city. They’ve heard rumors that boxes of Clinton votes are already waiting somewhere.

And if Trump doesn’t win, some are even openly talking about violent rebellion and assassination, as fantastical and unhinged as that may seem.

“If she’s in office, I hope we can start a coup. She should be in prison or shot. That’s how I feel about it,” Dan Bowman, a 50-year-old contractor, said of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. “We’re going to have a revolution and take them out of office if that’s what it takes. There’s going to be a lot of bloodshed. But that’s what it’s going to take. . . . I would do whatever I can for my country.”

He then placed a Trump mask on his face and posed for pictures.

  1. meursault1942 says:

    Now now, insisting that minorities are collaborating to steal the election (with the assistance of the “elite media,” run by you-know-who) is just “race realism,” which is totally a real thing that is super-serious and not at all plain ol’ racism. Duh.

    This guy does sound like a blunter version of Retired Spook, who has been muttering darkly for 8 years now about an impending civil war/revolution/violent uprising/race war. Spook is just more careful about framing his paranoia in the language of an abusive spouse: “Look what you’re forcing me to do!” Speaking of Spook, I wonder if he knows those chuckleheads who just got arrested in Kansas for plotting to blow up a mosque and murder Somali immigrants…seems like he would run in the same “patriot” circles as them.

    Anyway, shifting over to non-crazy people, here’s a nice series of tweets from a longtime conservative about what this election has become. He’s dead-on about it.

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