A day in the life of politics, 2016

Posted: October 28, 2016 by watsonthethird in 2016 Presidential Campaign, Current Events, Donald Trump, Politics
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Ah, just a day in the life of the 2016 election campaign:

  • FBI Director James Comey feels the need to put out a statement that the FBI is reviewing more Clinton emails because they now have a device used by Anthony Weiner and his wife. They may be among the exact same emails they’ve already reviewed, who knows? Certainly Director Comey doesn’t. I’m sure pretty much no one ever wanted to hear from Anthony Weiner again–kind of like we hope the same for Donald Trump after November 8–but isn’t this perfect for 2016? Weiner seems to be intent on proving that they were right all along: excessive masturbation really is bad for ya!
  • National Review Senior Editor Jonah Goldberg tweets, “When Wikileaks releases the emails at the DNC/Clinton campaign from today, they’re going to make for some fantastic reading.” I’m sure it would be to Goldberg. But let me ask: Does Goldberg think everyone’s emails, including his and National Review‘s, should be made public? That’s what he’s implying. I mean, why the pretense that it’s only fair game if a hacker does it (to people he doesn’t like)? And why stop at emails? Heck, if wikileaks or some other hacker gets ahold of any of Goldberg’s private information, then I guess his attitude is, “Hey, have fun with that!” I personally think that all official government business should be conducted with government email accounts. But the DNC and the Clinton campaign are not a part of the government anymore than National Review is.
  • What would a day be without yet another example of Donald Trump humiliating a woman coming to light in the form of a video recording? Before he get’s to the humiliation part, he first tells an audience that his personal philosophy is, “Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe that.” Sounds like a good person. Then he hauls one of his former Miss Universe winners up in front of a live audience for a does of Trump-administered humiliation. He tells the audience that he intended to embarrass her (this is to get even because of a minor misunderstanding) by lying that she was stupid when in reality she is not. Then Trump makes a sexual pun, and lingers on it until the audience gets it: “And you know what? She came tonight, she came — came, she came, she came.” Once the audience finally laughs, Trump adds: “See, so they have the same filthy minds in Australia.” Stay classy, Donald. Finally, Trump abruptly grabs Hawkins around the waist and goes in for a kiss. She turns away and puts her arm between them, and the kiss lands on her cheek. No one can blame her for not wanting to be kissed by Donald Trump. What an asshole.
  • Donald Trump throws out a supporter at one of his campaign events today because he’s black, so naturally Trump assumed he was a “thug” protester.
  • Trump supporters attempt to commit voter fraud, probably because they’ve heard how easily it can be done. Sadly, they got arrested. Where were the Oath Keepers to keep an eye on these people?!
  1. Tim says:

    I can see why Rusty left. Half information. Disinformation. Downright false information permeates your site now Watson. It is too bad he fell in with the crowd that he did but the fault for that lays mainly with you and this place.

    Que Sera.

    You still have no understanding that hrc, your master, has even less use for people like you than she does for people like me. At least with people like me, she can confiscate my wealth to help pay for your ebt.

    Que Sera again.

    Thought I would just drop by and say Hello.


    Have a very good day!

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