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What I’ve been saying for years.

Posted: October 13, 2016 by mitchethekid in Current Events

Trump, the GOP, and the Fall

Well over a year ago, I lost interest in attempting to have any dialog with the people who commiserate with each other over at B4V. It’s pointless because there is no point of entry. They; and by that I mean all 5 of them that are left, are so terrified of being challenged that they have cocooned themselves behind a wall of denial wherein they sulk and complain and reinforce each others opinions. I say opinions because what they proclaim as foregone conclusions in reality are devoid of fact. A common trait that they share is one of sullenness and this idea that they are somehow intellectual superior to the rest of humanity. Mark Noonan reminds me of Jabba the Hut. Pontificating in these long oratories as if he has any influence over anything, other than his own miserable life. You can find people like him in an insane asylum or a street corner, ranting away and scaring people off.

When they started in 2003, as a pantheon to GWB and Christian American domination of the middle east, they had over 100 respondents. Perhaps even more. But when faced with facts that challenged their school marmish admonitions they deleted and banned any threats to what they tried to proclaim. We now see what’s left and it’s pathetic. And how’d that war turn out for ya?

The stereotyping and the derisive, snide comments they make about progress, liberalism, science, you name it is truly astounding. The combination of projection and a lack of self-awareness is awe inspiring. Today I read that this is an “anti B4V” blog. Gee Retired, ya think? Gun humping, paranoid Retired lives in a bunker in his basement replete with posters of Tedd Cruz and other right wing lunatics. Hell, Cruz isn’t even qualified to run for President is he? Being born in Canada and all. I got a challenge for you Retired. Why don’t you take on a fellow retired spook. Like this guy

In the meantime, if you have the balls, lets debate. You sad, mad old man.

These tweets are hysterical.



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And about using BUK by “rebels”. Here’s a control panel. Go on, sort it out. @lennutrajektoor


The hate from the fanatical right has permanently destroyed any rational, objective point of view about anything our President does. They are so blindly biased that even when reality is screaming in their collective faces, they still refuse to accept it.  At the expense of broken ear drums. So here all you Teabagging B4ver’s. If it were up to you would kill the world to prove an easily  falsifiable point. Courtesy of Andrew Sullivan. My conservative hero.

It’s been a study in contrasts for quite some time. One global leader whips up nationalist sentiment to get sky-high ratings at home; the other glides through another summer of Tea Party dyspepsia with imperturbable equanimity. One leader acts on the world stage by annexing a neighboring country and then threatening it some more; the other slowly and painstakingly ratchets up sanctions, whether it be on Iran or Russia, and keeps his options open. And it all came to a fitting climax yesterday. In the morning, no-drama Obama announces new, tougher sanctions because of intelligence showing deeper Russian assistance for the slowly fading separatists in east Ukraine; and only hours later, Putin’s hot-headed goons, using weapons they clearly are not fully in control of, shoot down a civilian airliner. So who, Mr Krauthammer, looks weak now?

Putin has lost Ukraine, its trade pact with the EU is now signed, and its Russophile separatists exposed as fanatical, fantasizing idiots, while Ukraine elected a new president to chart its future. The Russian economy, already hobbled, could face increasingly strong headwinds, if Merkel decides to press the West’s advantage or finally leverages a real climb-down from Moscow over Ukraine. Obama, on the other hand, has a wide noose around the Russian economy and just increased the odds of deeper EU tightening.

And if the missile that shot down the plane can be traced to Russia itself, then the consequences dramatically widen. And that seems possible this morning. Austin Longpoints out that a Buk missile launcher would not have been easy for Ukrainian rebels to capture from the Ukrainian government and that the operation of such weaponry is complicated. This leads him to suspect that “the Buk was provided by Russia along with any necessary training”:

This is supported by U.S. and Ukrainian reports last month that Russia had provided tanks and other heavy equipment to the separatists. Notably both the tanks alleged to have been provided (T-64s) and the Buk are older Soviet-era equipment that Russia would not miss but would also be plausibly present in Ukrainian arsenals. This allows the Russians to retain a figleaf of plausible deniability about the equipment.

If Russia is directly involved in this way, it seems to me that Putin has now over-reached in such a way that all but destroys what’s left of his foreign policy.”



Posted: July 12, 2014 by mitchethekid in Current Events

I don’t know if these conservatives are suffering from group psychosis, a new strain of denial or if they are reenacting the Monty Python bit The Black Knight.

This is the punchline.

More sub-human brilliance from a teaist.

I won’t participate for reasons I won’t bother to explain, but if anyone else might want to engage in a pointless cage match, have at it.  I think the odds are in your favor.