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Biden Being Biden

Posted: January 6, 2015 by watsonthethird in Current Events, Just For Fun, Politics
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Ya gotta love it. This video cracks me up. Highlights of today’s swearing in ceremony. I actually met Joe Biden once. We talked for about five minutes. He really is a genuine people person. Even if you don’t like his politics, it’s hard not to like him personally. But maybe that’s true of all good politicians when you meet them in person.

For your New Years levity…

Oh dear. Elisabeth Hasselbeck of Fox News’ Fox & Friends (one of the worst shows on television, along with Fox News’ The Five), has decided to start a Twitter campaign to celebrate the end of 2014. She asks people to share what they are “over” from 2014, using the hashtag #OverIt2014. Hasselbeck started things off with this tweet:

Ah, the old attack on Christianity. Personally, I’m pretty over people who complain that there is an attack on Christianity. Christ. (Oops.) They don’t get to force the entire school into treating creationism as a science, so it’s an attack on Christianity. For God sakes. (Oops, again.)

Apparently, a lot of people are “over” Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her ilk. Have a look for a few laughs before moving on to more important stuff, like college football games! Happy New Year!

These tweets are hysterical.



Beyond words. Beyond a thousand words.

So as public service to one and all, including our conservative followers (and you know who you are), I hereby present a few items that caught my attention this week.

First up, Zach Baron writes at GQ about his days hanging out at the Bundy Ranch when the second revolutionary war was fought against the dirty federal agents. My favorite part of the article:

“I will warn you,” Cooper says, when I ask where exactly I might find those latrines, “they’re kind of full.”

I wander out to them. The latrines are indeed kind of full. My eyes water with the smell of freedom.

Yes, the Bundy Ranch was full of shit. A good read, nevertheless.

Second, Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker takes a look at the recently unveiled platform of the Republican Party of Texas. “[M]ost everything Texan tends to be exaggerated,” writes Hertzberg, “But if you want a glimpse of what a nontrivial and apparently growing segment of one of America’s two great political parties believes in its heart of hearts, and what it says when it is essentially talking to itself—well, you’ve just been given one.”

We learn that the Texas Legislature should nullify—indeed, “ignore, oppose, refuse, and nullify”—any old federal laws it doesn’t like. Unelected federal bureaucrats should all be eliminated because, you know, we don’t actually need to run the government. And of course, the favorite of outraged conservatives everywhere: All federal “enforcement activities” within the borders of Texas “must be conducted under the auspices of the county sheriff with jurisdiction in that county.” Because, as we all know, the county sheriff is the highest authority in the land.

We also learn that Republicans are deep, philosophical sorts. The platform includes this gem that will have you pondering the role of government in our lives for days:

Socialism breeds mediocrity. America is exceptional. Therefore, the Republican Party of Texas opposes socialism in all of its forms.

There’s much more where that came from. This isn’t the work of a couple of crackpots in the deepest, darkest part of Texas: This is the official platform of the Republican Party of Texas. Apparently, this nontrivial and growing segment of America is batshit crazy, and felt the need to put it in writing.

And finally, thirty-nine years ago this weekend the movie Jaws became a summer blockbuster. In honor of that, Mother Jones has a chat between Emily Dreyfuss and Ben Dreyfuss, the children of actor Richard Dreyfuss, who portrayed Hooper (or is it Hopper? Even his children get confused.) A fun read leading into a holiday weekend.

Happy Fourth everyone!