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Weekly B4V Sucks Thread

Posted: June 27, 2014 by Marner in Open Thread

It’s all yours.

AllPolyticsNow: Out of Business

Posted: April 12, 2014 by watsonthethird in Blog Administration
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I see that Cluster has put up a closed sign at AllPolyticsNow and he’s back commenting at B4V, just like the old days. This was his plan all along, even though he denied it when it was suggested to him.

AllPolyticsNow was born of noble intentions, as a place where there could be a free exchange of ideas from across the political spectrum. But as time went on, Cluster stopped participating. Then earlier this week, he reappeared from his sabbatical to suddenly declare a new day at AllPolyticsNow, unilaterally stripping his collaborators of the ability to post articles there. Hence, this place. Now it appears he’s closed up shop for good and has retreated to the comfortable confines of B4V, where he doesn’t have to mix it up with “the other side.” Just like we predicted he would. Adios, Cluster.

AllPolyticsNow Is Closed

An Empty Vessel

Posted: April 9, 2014 by Marner in Free Speech, Politics
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Recently Mark Noonan at Blogs for Victory wrote a post titled, When Fighting the Left, Never Give an Inch. While the version he posted on his web site was disturbing enough, the early version that went to his RSS feed was even more so. Mark displayed his true character in this post. He is not the virtuous man acting on heart-felt principle, as he has portrayed himself to be. He is nothing more than an extreme partisan hack utterly lacking in principle.

Mark starts off saying that seeing Cindy and Meghan McCain in the NoH8 ad campaign let him know that the “liberal fascists” used it to show that anyone who supports gay rights believes him to be a hate-filled bigot. In Mark’s mind, the McCains are liberal fascists, and the purpose of the NoH8 campaign was the exact opposite of what it advertised. To him, it was to foment hate against those who oppose equal rights for gays. In the original version of his post, Mark wrote:

I bring this up because in the Mozilla case, we can now all see what I perceived years ago – that hatred and a desire to suppress dissent is the motivating drive behind the left’s campaign for same-sex marriage. And that is always what motivates all leftwing activities: hatred and a desire to suppress.

Mark believes that attempts to gain equal treatment for people are driven by hate, while denigrating and relegating that group to a second-class citizen status are actions ordained by God.

The next part that Mark replaced in his post was this:

It would be one thing, for instance, if you got a Republican governor and Republican State legislature to enact same-sex marriage, quite another if you blithely allowed a leftist pressure group to find a leftist judge to impose it on a State.  In that case, if you want to be a Republican and still want to be in favor of same sex marriage, then your actual task would be to immediately propose a State Constitutional amendment specifically voiding such a judicial decision.  This would, of course, immediately get you labelled by the left as a homophobic bigot, no matter how often you protested that you are in favor of same-sex marriage.  This is because, once again, the left isn’t in it to get gay people married, but to get people they hate suppressed – and this very much includes you, Mr and Mrs Conservative same-sex marriage proponent.  They might not direct hate at you at the moment, but that is only because you are helping the haters advance the cause to the point where everyone they hate can be suppressed.  Just because they are attacking Evangelicals and Catholics as homophobic bigots and lauding you for your advanced thinking doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you in the Gulag. Your space is already reserved – and they’ll get you there all the easier once all those troublesome social conservatives are forced into silence because they are, in the public mind, hated as much as the segregationists of yore are hated today.

If a person is in favor of same-sex marriage, they generally believe it to be unconstitutional to deny gays that right. For Mark, it is virtuous for a Republican to act in direct contradiction to this belief by proposing a state Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage even if you believe that amendment would be unconstitutional. He also believes it is one thing for a Republican governor and legislature to pass a law approving gay marriage, but makes no mention of the validity of that law if passed by a Democratic governor and legislature. Mark believes laws are only valid when passed and enacted by Republicans.

Mark finishes his original posting with this gem:

Never give an inch. If a leftist wants to do something, immediately refuse to do it. Even if you think its a good idea. Find something else to do, instead. Put the onus on the left – demand of them that in return for your assistance in advancing a leftist ideal that they help you advance a conservative or libertarian ideal. Lots of luck with that, of course – but it at least allows you to still proclaim your support for this or that non-conservative cause while also not helping the left to destroy part of conservatism in preparation for destroying you. Fight the left. Fight them all the time. Fight them on every issue. Concede nothing. Because if you don’t, then you are partnering up with people who will destroy you.

This shows Mark’s true character. He does not believe in acting on principled beliefs, because he has none. He believes a man’s highest calling is to simply oppose anything a liberal does or says. This man is a hypocrite who laments a company removing their CEO, while calling for a purge of all liberal government employees. This is a man with no character, no principle, and a bit of delusion. He uses this canard that liberals are evil and driven by hate to foment hate among his own side. These are the declarations of a man who believes in nothing more than his own political party. In other words, an empty vessel.