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In the same week that we have one of Fox’s news blondes reviving the Bill Ayers story with an “exclusive” interview, we have much more recent news of a sitting Republican Governor pallin’ around with terrorist, as the Quitta from Wasilla would put it. Maine’s Governor LePage met with Sovereign Citizens, a domestic terrorist organization last year. LePage tried to pass it off as just meeting with constituents, saying he listened and agreed with some things, but not others. He also lied about several aspects of the meetings in his defense.

Gov. LePage insinuated that it was a single random meeting by saying that he has never refused a meeting with any group of people. In reality, it was 8 meetings over a 9 month period, according to documents released pursuant to a FOIA request. LePage also said that a 5-page memo from his legal counsel concerning the Sovereign citizens didn’t exist, but the reporter who broke the story has the memo posted on his blog. LePage stated he avoids using email for the specific reason of thwarting FOIA requests, but that people can have copies of his notes, which are coded so only he can read them.

The Sovereign Citizens are recognized by the FBI as a domestic terrorist organization. Sovereign Citizens believe the US government is illegitimate and have been involved in the murder of several police officers. One has to ask why Gov. LePage met with them so many times over such a short period, since it has been shown by his legal counsel’s memo that he knew who they were. What were they conspiring about? I’m sure Caribou Barbie will be asking those questions anytime now.