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Since the latest Republican lies about Obamacare have blown up in their faces in the last couple of weeks, the Republicans are scrambling to find something to run on for the November elections. They could have gone with a positive message about what the e Republicans will do for the American people, but in order to do you that you need to have a positive message. Telling prospective voters the truth about how you are going to restrict their freedoms and make sure poor people receive less pay and less health care doesn’t win elections. So what’s a Republican going to do? I know…BENGHAZI!

In a last ditch effort to save his Speaker job, John Boehner has caved to the Teahadist wing of his party and will create a select committee to investigate BENGHAZI! This announcement comes on the heels of a “smoking gun” email that was released and testimony from a retired Brigadier General before Darrel Issa’s witchunt committee. Boehner is seeing an assault coming from his right flank, led by Eric Cantor, and he is doing what he can to strengthen his defenses. This special committee is pointless and will go absolutely nowhere, but the truth isn’t Boehner’s concern. This will allow him to say he gave the Teahadists what they demanded and allow the grandstanders to be named to the committee so they have a platform to continue spreading lies and disinformation. Go below the fold for the rest of the story.