The Washington Post has a rundown on last night’s primary results. The title says it all: “The tea party isn’t just losing; it’s losing badly.”

Even the conservative Washington Times didn’t mince words with its headline: “Tea party on life support after brutal primary beatdown.”

Meanwhile, a CBS News poll out today indicates that support for the Tea Party has reached a new low.

All of this is good for establishment Republicans, and helps Republicans in their quest to retake the senate. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell behaved like a douche last night, giving a bizarre victory speech in which he promised that he will break the will of President Obama.

McConnell is very unpopular in the state, so his only strategy is to try to drag [Democratic candidate Alison] Grimes down by tying her to President Obama. The problem for Mitch is that President Obama is more popular in the state than he is. Hearing Mitch McConnell talk about how much he cares about regular people was especially nauseating when this the same man who laughed about throwing millions off of unemployment benefits.

Mitch McConnell promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. He promised a war on bureaucrats, and he dusted off talking points that probably worked in decades past. Sen. McConnell is a floundering candidate, and his victory speech did nothing to make anyone think that he deserves another six years in the Senate.

That will be a fascinating campaign. Grimes faces an uphill battle in red Kentucky, but you never know.

  1. The kids at bfv have a crush on famed neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carlson, Cluster going so far as to say he thinks Carlson could be a serious presidential candidate, and I’ll bet I know why. Aside from his odious political views Carlson is a Seventh Day Adventist, a literal six day creationist who doesn’t believe in evolution. He’s also on record displaying both his ignorance and his religious bigotry by claiming that people who believe in evolution have no basis for their moral codes and can “dismiss ethics”. Imagine if this was said about Jews. Looks like they have a real winner on their hands.

    Remember how the knuckle-draggers bellow “consensus is not science!” in response to the overwhelming consensus among climatologists for AGW? Well, Carlson is a prime example of the importance of scientific consensus. He’s living proof that a major talent in a scientific field, however brilliant and accomplished, can still harbor alarmingly ignorant and false ideas.

    • Funny, I posted the above before reading these recent nuggets from Cluster:

      “creationism and evolution are not mutually exclusive concepts “
      …not according to the majority of the worlds Christians, including your latest conservative dreamboat, Dr. Ben Carlson, he thinks they’re muy exclusive!

      “The only people who believe that (science is a scam) are the people who want to shut down science based on a consensus. Consensus is not science.”
      …read my last post, numbnuts. You really should have a grade school understanding of the scientific process before writing about it. You’re an embarrassment to our species.

      • Cluster’s the type, when he wants some science, he goes to the Creation Museum. He takes comfort in seeing the dinosaurs frolicking with humans.

        By the way, what on earth is he babbling on about at the bottom of that thread?

      • Shit if I know. Cluster should try frolicking with a textbook one of these days.

      • meursault1942 says:

        “By the way, what on earth is he babbling on about at the bottom of that thread?”

        He’s responding (poorly) to posts of mine that Amazona–who totally isn’t a moderator, watson, and why would you think she even speaks to moderators so shut up!–deleted to protect him.

        The nutshell version: He posted up that strawman version of me and, when pressed on it, proclaimed that even if I don’t actually believe those things, they are “the dominant rhetoric of the ideology [I supposedly] support,” so I believe them regardless of actual belief. To show him just how stupid that logic is, I informed him that he must therefore believe that the Earth is 6000 years old, that science is all a big scam, that gay people are subhuman, that poor people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and that black people should go back to being slaves because they were better off that way. After all, that’s the dominant rhetoric of the ideology he supports, so according to him, that’s what he believes regardless of whether or not he actually believes it.

        He is, naturally, doing everything he can to resist having to admit that he’s been lying; Amazona, naturally, has been helping him by protecting him from those mean, truthful posts of mine. I consider it a small step of progress with him that I was able to get him to argue my point for me–see how he’s now saying, “Yeah, well, *I* don’t believe that stuff, so it doesn’t apply to me”?– simply by turning his logic against him.

      • Got it. I figured some posts had gotten deleted. It’s hilarious how he felt the need to go through it point by point. It’s always amusing when they get all wound up.

    • mitchethekid says:

      How can this person be a surgeon??

      • meursault1942 says:

        “How can this person be a surgeon?”

        Because he’s quite good at it. Unfortunately, that ability doesn’t necessarily transfer to other aspects of life.

      • mitchethekid says:

        I was being sardonic. He’s been on MSNBC a lot lately. I recognize the surgical skills he has. Conservatives have tried to exploit his race and his profession.

      • Yeah, and not just any surgeon but and extraordinarily brilliant one, can’t take that away from him. But as I said, he epitomizes the value of relying on scientific consensus among scientists working within their own field of expertise for true knowledge and progress. Conservative robots just can’t wrap their head around that concept in relation to climate change, but then we all know they’re intellectually challenged rubes who are committed to slavishly following the GOP playbook.

        Carlson’s a great surgeon but far more ignorant than your average preschool teacher when it comes to understanding evolution.

  2. Why read a textbook when you can be spoon fed by Fox News? It’s so much easier.

    BTW, I noticed that Spook has, er, um, asked for input from “progressives.” Shall we all answer?

    I have a couple questions for any Progressives reading this; Assuming ObamaCare will eventually be fully implemented, how will it look any different than the VA medical system of today? If they can’t get it right for the small percentage of us who have laid their lives on the line for the cause of liberty, how can we reasonably expect them to get it right with the population at large?

    • Well, there are many differences between the VA and the ACA, and between the VA and Single Payer for that matter, but he could start with this:

      “We asked health care experts to assess the similarities and differences between the VA and the Affordable Care Act. The bottom line: it’s apples and oranges.

      Tom Buchmueller, who spent a year on Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors and teaches at the University of Michigan, said he struggles to see any similarity at all. “Coverage through the exchanges is private insurance,” Buchmueller said.

      Tom Getzen at Temple University said the VA is much like the institution that the veterans were once part of. “It’s an army,” Getzen said. “In contrast, Obamacare is a complex legislative creation (with) the exchanges, expanded Medicaid and regulation.”

      Getzen said, to call Obamacare the same as the VA “is kind of like saying your farm program is a post office.” They both have government ties, but they’re fundamentally different and are operated differently.

      Scott Harrington, an adjunct scholar with the conseravtive American Enterprise Institute and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, described the changes under Obamacare as a step in the direction of a government-run health care system. “But it’s a long way from getting there,” Harrington said.

      The idea that the Affordable Care Act was a “government takeover of health care” was named as PolitiFact’s 2010 Lie of the Year.”

      • But, but, Rusty. ObamaCare _is_ a takeover of health care! PolitiFact is probably owned by George Soros or it’s part of the lame stream media. Or something.

        How about Spook actually lobby his Republican congressman to, you know, actually providing funding for VA medical facilities and the like.

      • meursault1942 says:

        Funding for the VA? That’s just another big gummit boondoggle union slush fund anti-freedom penalty on our jerb creators!

  3. Cluster’s practicing his shop worn “I’m rubber you’re glue” shtick again. According to him I’ve attacked Ben Carson on religious grounds by merely pointing out that he doesn’t believe in the theory of evolution, disparages those who do, and his strict bible literalism is kinda wacky by 21st century standards. Whoa, that’s some anti-religious crusade I got going on there, better alert the Anti-Defamation League. Cluster’s skin is so thin I’ll bet you can see his internal organs.

    Oh, and he also thinks my adding a letter to Carson’s name to make it “Carlson” is an incredible gaffe, as if every one of us hasn’t misspelled a stranger’s name countless times in our lives. Pretty lame gotcha there, Cluster old boy. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • mitchethekid says:

      No, you can’t and it’s pretty pathetic. That’s an old Ama play. Dissect spelling and punctuation and if a flaw is found use, that as a cudgel to undermine the the content of what’s being said. It’s a chicken shit defense. Did you notice her tactic in avoiding answering CO question? There really isn’t much more to do other than watch now. These people have succeeded in alienating themselves from the general populaton so much that it might be to late for the few who do get it. Everyday there is another laughable incident. The Evangelical Christian Louisiana Congressperson who was filmed making out with someone other than his wife today declared it was “inovative” to stop an oil pipeline leak with a plastic garbage bag and some duct tape. Then he made some inane comment about ducks shooting back!?! Or the Mississippi blogger who has been arrested for sneaking into the facility where the current congress persons wife has been: bed ridden for 14 yrs. The joke of the Benghazi investigations. Another shit time bomb that will blow up in the faces of these “conservatives”. Eric Cantor getting heckled mercilessly at his own town hall meeting. The expose of the Koch brothers. The lawsuit (which I predicted a long time ago would happen) that Farmers Insurance has filed because they realize that their exposure to claims is to great because of global warming. The irony is, after spending billions and billions of dollars trying to convince the public it was just a hoax perpetrated by some weenie liberal scientists, the basis of the suit is that the defendant failed to take the warnings seriously! Seriously! Wait until the try to sue Florida, where the water is already lapping at the door. Despite what Rubio declares to these conservative rubes. And lets not forget the Pope’s comments on it. The same Pope that pissed them off by talking about income disparity. The best part of all though, is these conservatives thinking they can sell all of the shit sandwich they worship to Millennials! Good luck with that! All of the social issues that these christianists sacrifice their children over are scoffed at by millennials. In fact, the promotion of them pisses them off even further. Maybe Ama ought to mozzey on down to Denver and stand on a corner and take a survey.

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